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He's not remotely sorry, he's a sociopath who's about to lose his job. Usually sociopaths try to skirt the lines. They put people in two boxes: people they are above and people they are under. The people they're above are people they'll eternally try to game socially. The people above them they usually maintain an illusion of respecting. This guy couldn't keep track of his sociopathic people-boxes and for a moment thought everyone around him were so in love with him that he seriously thought he'd get applauses at the office for posting this shit. Don't buy it.
rip career https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/205123/d91d14a7-2efc-4ec1-a025-c7b9d94e2c8a/image.png
No watch as he blames TB for siccing his fans on him from the grave and not his own reprehensible behavior.
Idk about you man, but I had a dream of a floating Top hat commanding me to go forth and haras in a very stern british accent.
I'm sad to see him go, he was the first youtuber I "subscribed" to back when I didn't even have a youtube account - I simply bookmarked his channel and checked it daily. His game reviews were great since as a gamer I can get very nitpicky, so him tearing apart even the small faults in games helped a lot in making me figure out if I'd enjoy the game or not. He and Jesse also did the Terraria playthrough series, which probably is my favorite "lets play" series as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89fW4MTJvRs&list=PL56B73C4D478D9A49
These are some great videos too. Loved seeing the two of them happy together. https://youtu.be/GLfBODs-t04
I could always trust his reviews, the man had integrity and a fantastic voice. Im happy that i have so very much content from him that i havent yet watched/listened. It's gonna last me a long while. RIP
Someone had a meeting with their companies HR manager I see.
The aforementioned person who was celebrating TB's death fucking did so immediately after one of his good friends posted a massive "Fuck you if you do this" tweet. No fucking excuse.
Who is Lowtax and what problem does he have/did he have?
Lowtax founded Something Awful. Not sure what health issues he has but he had a notoriously massive drinking problem so it may be tied to that.
Nah you're right to think that. Only a spineless prick would say the things he said.
Dancing on someones grave just after they not only makes you a giant piece of shit but a massive coward as well that you're not going to even say what you have to say to their face.
http://puu.sh/AuLqQ/e039e0c713.mp3 Old school WoW radio stuff. Pretty sure this was the first episode of EPIC.
Im thinking he's more "Im sorry i got caught" than he is "im sorry".
He had a bone spur in his neck actually. He has been doing a lot of drinking streams though recently.
Man, I imagine that's going to emotally brutal to listen to.
I'm glad she is doing it, because out of all the people in the world, I'd love to listen to what she has to say. It is brutal, and it's been a few days and I'm still processing the fact that I won't hear another "Ladies and gentlemen I'm here to ask and answer one simple question..." but I'm looking forward to hearing what Genna and the duo have to say.
Genna is a lot more insightful and funny than people give her credit for, I think she'll be able to maintain the brand on her own should she want to. She's awesome.
Yeah this is the one good thing to come out of this. Genna has the same wit and humor as TB did (which is why they were drawn to each other), and seems to have as much knowledge of the games and the industry as a whole as well. TB may be gone, but she can continue his work and his legacy, and I'm honestly excited to see that happen. She has the support of the fans and the groundwork of the business already laid out so it just comes down to what she wants to do with it.
Memorial Co-Optional Podcast has started. https://www.twitch.tv/totalbiscuit
It's about 2 minutes in and I'm having something in my eye
this is already harder to watch than i anticipated...
He died peacefully in his own home, in his own bed, surrounded by loved ones, completely painless.
https://puu.sh/Avlk2/af1aebaaa2.png Jesse looks like he really really needs a hug
He was constantly having "micro dreams" which were very lucid. John always continued working even in his sleep, as we all know right before his death, he was doing a review of Fortnite in his sleep. Apparently John had issues telling the difference between being awake and being in these dreams. Genna gave him a little cartoon figurine of himself that he could look at and hold so that he could tell he was awake. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113327/67896cf9-430c-4086-9238-2dbae6b22de9/image.png
apparantly he complained about the framerate of his illness induced microdreams. Absolute legend. Really appreciate the thing about his ability to take that sort of thing with a sense of humor. everyone has to deal with tragedy sometimes and it's just really happy to hear people be able deal with it like that.
Bummed I can't be catching this live. Sounds really touching.
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