• Bethesda teasing a new Fallout?
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That's not counting the playerbase that doesn't own it on steam, and steam only makes up about 15% of total sales of ESO, and (going by google) the population between console and pc is roughly even, so that means that roughly 2x more people own ESO through the ESO website than on steam (everyone I know doesn't own it on steam). Now, that doesn't say anything about how many of those people are active on ESO, there's no way to know that, but it has to at the very least double that count, if not more going by steamspy. There's players everywhere. In every instance and zone I go into, in every city, and in every quest area. There's also constant chat going on in zone chat, and tons of guilds actively recruiting. I personally love the game even though I've only been playing it for a couple weeks, but for an MMO that isn't WoW, it's doing fairly well. It doesn't need 50k+ people to be considered not dead.
when was the last time any tes or even fallout game besides morrowind was accurate to how the land was supposed to look like there's ALWAYS only so much you can do in engine. plus i mean, generic is what i'd say dagerfall is, at least summerset is pretty af compared to generic plain also, https://esossl-a.akamaihd.net/assets/img/cms/media/f9f4571570f9bd4d6efa2acb01daafc3_the-brass-fortress-abode-of-the-clockwork-apostles_wallpaper-1920x1080.jpg
You probably wouldn't even notice. The reason Unity feels somewhat clunky and has a bad rap is almost entirely because of shitty developers. People who know what they're doing with the thing can make some really good stuff that'll make you not even realize it's on Unity until you check it out.
Hearthstone was made in Unity, and Blizzard is pretty big
I imagine it will be something like the birth of the raiders. The teaser was 5 years after the vault was set to open and it is empty. That means that everyone left, and now it is 5 years later. That being said, the vault is still pretty clean so clearly they either never returned, or actually made a peaceful start. I can only imagine that something terrible happens and drives the people into desperation, or isolation. The story will probably center around attempting to reunite them, or avenge them, something like that. "Find your town"
wasn't the crash bandicoot remaster made in unity?
Have they confirmed that because the new game has multiplayer elements there'll be no mod support? Frankly the only reason I've ever bought tes or fallout games so far is because new quests, textures, animations, model assets and scripted functionality can be added via mods. Take any of that away and I'm just not buying.
It uses Vicarious Visions' Alchemy Engine.
yo just a thought what if the co-op in this (if it DOES have it) is just a test bed for co-op in a new mainline elder scrolls
Some people already think FO4 is just the testing grounds for the settlement building feature before properly implementing it in the next ES.
I really hope they calm down with the generated content. There's a very good reason why "another settlement needs your help" is as mocked as it is.
The cover will have whatever new armor they have in the game. F1 has T-51, 2 has Enclave armor, 3 has T-45, New Vegas has riot gear, 4 has T-60.
But what about best Fallout : https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/199389/b0403760-0f1b-498c-8da3-0bcf9df1af5c/36660-fallout-brotherhood-of-steel-playstation-2-front-cover.jpg
Ever since player customization and the overall player story building got shafted in favor of a near completely fixed (and predictable) storyline and little to no actual customization, I've lost any and all interest in current and future Bethesda RPG titles. I'm still finding new things to do and see in Morrowind, whereas I've basically completed everything in Oblivion and Skyrim.
You can see it happening so clearly in their games' intros. You go from being a guy on a boat to being a husband/wife in an established family doing a very scripted and laughably short intro which is supposed to get you hyped up and emotional about the game's very strict story. The only real choice you can make with the story in Fallout 4 is really which of the factions you're going with, which sucked because I liked none of them. It's funny playing Fallout 4 and noticing how big of a disconnect there is between the writing and the player, especially when compared to other games from the same series (Fallout 2, New Vegas) or games from the same developer (Morrowind). The times in that game that I genuinely felt like saying one of the options I was given was staggeringly low, almost never actually happening. While the same happens with other games, I've never felt the same sensation of pointlessness in trying to roleplay. Not that I'm the first person to say or feel this way about this particular game. I really hope Bethesda has listened, but considering how people were bashing Skyrim already and things took a turn for the worse, I'm not exactly anticipating much. At the very least I hope Fallout 76 will actually host some sort of fun coop experience in the Wasteland if the rumours are true.
I believe we're officially past the point of no return, where Todd will continue to make whatever decisions he deems necessary to make his games as accessible to as many people as possible, rather than focusing in and catering to the actual fans who made Bethesda what it is.
Beth's writing won't get better until two things happen: They get an editor (seriously what the fuck Bethesda, the blatant inconsistency on synths wouldn't have happened had someone actually made the writers stuff mesh with each others') Pagliarulo stops being both lead writer and designer, he can stay designer I suppose (think I heard his background is in level design, made levels for Marathon or something)
This is not a thing This, however, is a thing
Someone earlier in the thread said F4 lists no lead editor in the credits, but Bethesda's like Valve, people are raring to speculate negatively about them (myself included)
there's a joke to be made that fallout west virginia and west virginia being already a wasteland but I'm not going to make that joke. I hope we see a coal mine full of MAGA Mr Handys complaining about automation taking jobs
You're not reading very hard. No, they don't have ANY editor, but Emile has a new job at Bethesda.
Thought you meant that their lack of an editor was false, but that it would be possible for Emil to stop being the writer.
Fallout 76’s multiplayer will let you nuke other people’s bases As promised, here come the diamonds
The Power Armor edition is already sold out on all three platforms, damn it.
Get the Pip Boy kit instead
Don't think the Pip-Boy kit includes the game. As from the looks of it, it is just a replica model of the Pip-Boy.
A build-it-yourself model in a fancy box, yeah. But it's $50 cheaper, so you can throw in just $10 and get the regular version of the game on the side, I guess.
thank you buddy <3
.. So Fallout 76 is essentially just Fallout: Rust?
you can also just buy them from thinkgeek if you want the kit itself
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