• Bethesda teasing a new Fallout?
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I would 1v1 you in eso to prove that I'm right but you're permabanned and I only play healer characters, so I don't think that works out for either of us.
I could ask someone to 1v1 you but I only know 900+ cp guys and they would eat your ass alive before you even cast one spell.
My dad works for Zenimax, he can kick your dads ass. He's a level 6969 stamden Hopefully the game dies in like 3 years and they make a new ESO. I'm sick of being stuck with only 5 classes.
If my dad worked for Zenimax I would still be banned because Zenimax gives 0 fucks about ESO in general.
did somebody who plays eso hurt you or something
Not at all guy. It's just how the game is at the moment. There are more people on this topic than there are people participating in the endgame of ESO.
Fallout is dead. True, can I never heard about earlier examples. Seems like it's a similar case for action games in TPP with cover mechanic - there was kill.switch and that TPP game for PSX (forgot the name now) but it was Gears of War that made this popular and still used even today.
Actually Mechwarrior for the Xbox was the first game to have DLC. You could buy new mechs for the game. Horse armour wasn't even the first DLC on the 360.
my real question is whether bethesda will be providing servers for the ps4 version or if I'll have to support their shitty online practices?
ESO just installed spyware on everyones computer and they said it was an accident. ZOS integrated spyware RedShell by mistake, will be deleted at M..
how did this thread get derailed so hard as to somehow become an e-peen fight over who plays a maybe-dead-maybe-not vidya gaem the best
The new Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI has the mascot from the original games instead of Vault boy.
ESO comes with spyware. Hellgate London, same thing. Wanted to play it badly but that pushed me off.
People are actually arguing this isn't going to be successful? I mean, I'm a little skeptical myself of how this is going to work on Gamebryo - but seriously, It's a fucking fallout game with multiplayer. Fallout 4 was and continues to be an absolute sales juggernaut, despite hardcore fallout fans largely considering it the weakest game in the series. Yes, its a sure thing Fallout 76 is going to have scores of bugs, but you know what, that hasn't stopped people from loving ever previous game Bethesda has put out. I expect this game to be one of the biggest sellers of 2018, without a doubt.
I heard that most of the blame for Bethesda game bugginess is actually on Bethesda, and that Gamebryo isn't really an engine but it just adds the cell loading system.
Gamebryo isn't a fully fledged game engine in the traditional sense, but the Creation Engine (Which is bethesda's most recent fork) is fairly feature complete. The bugginess in Beth games come from all over, being a side effect from how Bethesda handles QA and feature deadlines. They never move release dates once announced and they have barebones QA department that only care about getting the game past Microsoft/Sony certification.
I hope this isn't the last of Bethesda's big game announcements for E3. I'm avoiding BGS games like the plague and while RAGE 2 looks really fun, I'd be unsatisfied if we don't get a DOOM 5 announcement plus I'd like to see brand new games from Zenimax developers I appreciate like Tango Gameworks and MachineGames.
The Elder Scrolls Online Steam stats says an active player base average of 10,000 with a relatively flatline population after September 16 2016. I'd say its mostly just hardcore elder scrolls fans and furries at this point.
That's not counting the playerbase that doesn't own it on steam, and steam only makes up about 15% of total sales of ESO, and (going by google) the population between console and pc is roughly even, so that means that roughly 2x more people own ESO through the ESO website than on steam (everyone I know doesn't own it on steam). Now, that doesn't say anything about how many of those people are active on ESO, there's no way to know that, but it has to at the very least double that count, if not more going by steamspy. There's players everywhere. In every instance and zone I go into, in every city, and in every quest area. There's also constant chat going on in zone chat, and tons of guilds actively recruiting. I personally love the game even though I've only been playing it for a couple weeks, but for an MMO that isn't WoW, it's doing fairly well. It doesn't need 50k+ people to be considered not dead.
when was the last time any tes or even fallout game besides morrowind was accurate to how the land was supposed to look like there's ALWAYS only so much you can do in engine. plus i mean, generic is what i'd say dagerfall is, at least summerset is pretty af compared to generic plain also, https://esossl-a.akamaihd.net/assets/img/cms/media/f9f4571570f9bd4d6efa2acb01daafc3_the-brass-fortress-abode-of-the-clockwork-apostles_wallpaper-1920x1080.jpg
Definitely this. The creation engine gets so much shit that it's unreal for me. The Engine itself is fine. In PS4 I've had TW3 and Deus Ex MD crash on me more than Fallout 4 (who, btw, crashed 0 times, with easily 20+ hours). It's become a meme to hate on the engine. There's definitely some bad things inherent to the engine itself but most of the bugs are due to Bethesda's team and not the Engine itself. If they changed over to Unity/Unreal we'd be seeing the same weird ass bugs.
I don't know how would i feel if a AAA dev used unity engine.
You probably wouldn't even notice. The reason Unity feels somewhat clunky and has a bad rap is almost entirely because of shitty developers. People who know what they're doing with the thing can make some really good stuff that'll make you not even realize it's on Unity until you check it out.
Correct, but you kinda expect big devs to have money to make their own game engine ( Rockstar, CD Projekt, Crytek, Dice ) but i maybe am wrong.
Hearthstone was made in Unity, and Blizzard is pretty big
I didn't know that, good to know. Anyways regarding Fallout, it still bugs me why game is called Fallout 76 instead Fallout: West Virginia ( Assuming the game will be set in West Virginia because of the song in the trailer ) probably the vault will be the biggest part of the game, which scares me a bit, but we will see, only 7 more days and we will know everything.
I imagine it will be something like the birth of the raiders. The teaser was 5 years after the vault was set to open and it is empty. That means that everyone left, and now it is 5 years later. That being said, the vault is still pretty clean so clearly they either never returned, or actually made a peaceful start. I can only imagine that something terrible happens and drives the people into desperation, or isolation. The story will probably center around attempting to reunite them, or avenge them, something like that. "Find your town"
wasn't the crash bandicoot remaster made in unity?
Have they confirmed that because the new game has multiplayer elements there'll be no mod support? Frankly the only reason I've ever bought tes or fallout games so far is because new quests, textures, animations, model assets and scripted functionality can be added via mods. Take any of that away and I'm just not buying.
It uses Vicarious Visions' Alchemy Engine.
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