• Fortnite to be revealed on the Nintendo Switch as well as other games
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It looks like Fortnite is heading to Nintendo Switch | Eurogamer
It's a shame it will be tied to Nintendo's online service. Hopefully squadding with friends won't be as difficult as it is in Splatoon.
Unlike Sony, Nintendo allows crossplay so it'll probably use a combination of epic's service and Nintendos. You'll most likely be able to play alongside PC and Xbone.
It still amuse me that since Sony is being such huge ass about sharing their online experience that Minecraft on the PS4 is on a whole different branch since they refuse to be integrated into the Bedrock branch.
I wonder if it will make use of motion controls, that would actually be kind of neat and I would probably play it just because of that
Isn't Nintendo online for third party games an option by the third party developers to decide whether or not people should pay for the online service to play multiplayer on their game?
That'd mean I might actually give Fortnite a go this summer, hope I'm not too late to the party
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