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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134149/00f7e9e4-6a11-4739-9c74-ba5abeaa1f73/image.png Publisher Square Enix and developer Avalanche Studios management will be issuing a big sigh, groan, or be sitting with heads in hands this morning after Steam managed to leak an unannounced game. That game is Just Cause 4, and few will be sorry to hear (however prematurely) that it's being made. As Eurogamer reports, the leak came via Steam through an advert on its marketplace. For some reason, whoever put the ad images together decided to include a Just Cause 4 "Pre-Purchase Now" image. Those lucky enough to see the ad first-hand could click on the image, but it only loaded the Steam homepage. Square Enix and Avalanche have yet to comment officially, but as this is a pre-purchase image and Steam had the asset available to use, it's safe to assume an announcement wasn't far off. With E3 kicking off on June 12, expect Just Cause 4 to be unveiled as part of whatever forthcoming games presentation and showreel Square Enix has planned. Just Cause 4 Leaks in Steam Ad | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
Has Valve done anything of note in the last like year besides fuck up
JC2 was amazing but JC3 really didn't seem to do anything new enough to make it fresh it's like, its an amazing series, but it does one thing and one thing alone, nothing else. If you want to blow shit up, it's the best, but that gets repetitive.
Valve is too lazy to be involved it, this was surely Sqenix’s fault.
I can't put my finger on it but I really like Just Cause 2 more than Just Cause 3. I don't know why, but I put DAYS of time into JC2 while listening to podcasts and such. Just Cause 3 feels like it's missing something. Maybe it's the playing in slomo because a lot of modern computers suck running it.
They really didn't do much to change the core game, but they built on it a lot and improved the destruction and chaos mechanics. There's really no other game that does it as well as Just Cause 3, maybe Red Faction: Guerilla, but you can't reset bases and buildings like you can in Just Cause 3.
I loved jc3, but I kinda understand the gripes about preferring jc2. I defo spent more time in jc2 than i did 3 but with 3 out, I'm not sure I could go back to 2. that said, I'm curious what they'll do to make this different. 2 brought in the hook, 3 brought in the wingsuit, idk what 4 can do to make it unique. Hopefully its something good.
i remember being really disappointed by 3, namely the map beyond the first few islands you start in the city "biome" that's supposed to mirror the panau city from jc2 is about the size of a ski resort and uses copy / pasted prefabs from other, smaller cities, the snow biome hardly even feels like a snow biome at all (and it's pathetically small), and there's a complete lack of any desert region whatsoever. the rest of the towns that you have to liberate look pretty much exactly the same: http://puu.sh/AByvy.jpg http://puu.sh/AByy5.jpg and you liberate these towns ad nauseam, completing a checklist of objectives as you go. for a just cause game it's all just so... sterile. one of my favorite things to do when i got bored of just fucking off in just cause 2 would be exploring the map, but there's nothing really interesting to see in JC3
I enjoyed the shit out of JC3, so much so that Far Cry 5 left me disappointed. Still it feels to soon for JC4 there's no way they aren't reusing assets for this one.
I agree on all points. The variety in terrain (and the scale of the map) gave 2 something unique to break things up a bit, even though it wasn't breaking up the gameplay. However, I don't think the sameyness of the map was JC3's entire problem. Another part of the problem was that the gameplay just didn't evolve that much and it felt like the game was wallowing in stagnation. Sure the destruction was more impressive, but beyond that it didn't have much going for it. The gunplay was still pretty barebones and not terribly satisfying, the enemies were the same as they've ever been and their responses to your actions are still the same - sending a handful of jeeps at you and some helicopters and apc's at higher wanted levels, none of which is particularly challenging and stays the same no matter where you are and no matter how far into the game you get. Plus the open world just doesn't have much going on. For example, the only time you'll ever see fighter jets is when they're taking off from airbases, and they quickly despawn when they fly too far away. Why not have random jets patrolling the sky? That small addition alone would make it feel more alive and add a new enemy type to piss off if you want some fun. Or what about the whole conflict between rebels and the dictatorship? They only ever seem to do anything when you the player instigate it or lure them together. Having random fights between them dynamically occur would add so much to the world. My favourite parts of Just Cause 3 were the missions just before liberating provinces where the area you're in turns into a warzone. You had enemy landing craft dropping troops to storm beaches, AA fire lighting up the skies, paratroopers blotting out the sun, all sorts of cool shit popping off and feeling like stuff is actually happening for once... And then it was all over in a few minutes. Just Cause needs to have more happening in the world, more dynamic events and more opportunities for crazy shit to happen. Otherwise you're just going from base to base and going through the motions and all the crazy stupid antics just feel monotonous and boring because you've done the exact same thing in the exact same copy+pasted bases a million times already with little changing and nothing interesting happening in between that.
The DLC definitely improves the game but overall it's still not as fun as JC2. The problem with JC3 for me was that they improved everything about the tech except for the AI. I really like toying with AI and being chased but they were pathetically easy to shake off and never posed a threat
Panau was really compelling, I don't know how they'll ever recreate its appeal.
JC3 had better mechanics than JC2 (wingsuit, rebel drop, improved tethers, etc) but left a lot to be desired in the sandbox. Boats are even more useless, cars are outmatched by the wingsuit, motorbikes have awful handling, and there's not that much variety in vehicles. The DLCs, while fun, introduced so much bullshit OP stuff the game becomes a cakewalk. Really, they just need to focus on the sandbox and making the game not run like ass. I'd love to see shit like bulldozers and wrecking balls paired with destructible buildings, thruster mines that don't explode and exotic weapons that aren't just "press button to win" shit like the Lightning Gun.
Maybe this one won't run like shit.
They need to learn to fill the huge worlds with meaningful content. Even with JC 2 and 3 the maps were HUGE, but lacked anything of substance inbetween most towns and small areas.
Better include the jetpack by default
Filling vast open worlds with meaningful content is one of the biggest problems with the genre, one that few, if any games have managed to tackle. It's almost always either loads of nothing, or loads of recycling.
Judging from the background and Rico's younger appearance I'm guessing it'll be goiung back to a jungle environment, maybe to a younger Rico.
JC3 is easy to 100% while it's literally impossible to 100% JC2 checkmate for longevity
Watchdogs 2 actually did a great job with it. There's so much shit just lying around and exploring was neat due to finding random people just hanging out or doing stuff. The San Fran very alive and the set pieces were great in the story missions. Up until the end I was always getting distracted doing side stuff to unlock bonuses because they placed a lot of them on the way to other objectives.
jc4 needs to bring this back too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVLbd1gzD9g
They just need to add coop and I'll buy it, it's way more fun messing around in a sandbox game with friends.
I disagree with it being the best at blowing shit up, it might be not be as dense but Red Faction Guerrilla is the best for blowing shit up.
If I liked prototype would I like the Just Cause series?
assuming avalanche are developing this, that would mean they are currently developing three games how big are they? cus that sounds like a good way for them to spread themselves too thin
Can't wait for another Laguna Blast.
According to rumor, JC4 started development before JC3 was released. They've got three separate studios and over 300 employees.
Bring back the WOOSH WOOSH WOOSH effect when cars tumble through the air.
As fun as the wingsuit was, I think it would have been a better game without it. For the most part, once you knew how to use it in JC3, it basically invalidated driving. Which was a shame because it a fun part of the game
My biggest problem with Just Cause 2 and 3 is how empty the world feel. I am not saying there's not much you can do, but how little things there is in the streets. There are not much pedestrians or traffic on the street or anything like that, it feels like a ghost town most of the time.
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