• 2026 FIFA World Cup will be hosted across North America
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FIFA in US? Does that mean FIFA world cup will become FISA (Fédération Internationale de Soccer Association )wrold cup? lol
USA get it again so soon? fuck off FIFA.
Hope it ends up being Canada
I don't mind. Pretty cool to have it across several nations. Will further boost the (already improving) popularity of the sport in the US.
To be fair, there are six football confederations in the world. AFC (Asia) and UEFA (Europe) are excluded from applying because they're hosting it in 2018 and '22 CONMEBOL (South America) had it in 2014 CAF had it in 2010 CONCACAF (North America) hasn't hosted since the 90s, and the only other football confederation in the world is OFC, which consists of New Zealand and a few Pacific island nations.
By the time this World Cup rolls around, it'll have been over thirty years since the United States hosted and forty years since Mexico hosted. What are you even complaining about?
having to stay up late to watch matches is going to suck for europe
that there are more than enough countries who have yet to host it/haven't hosted in a long time? It's not nearly as bad as Qatar but come on. I understand the bidding situation this time around meant it was kind of inevitable but this is a problem with FIFA more generally.
The word "America" got cut off in the thread list and I thought this was going to be North Korea
At least the US won't fail to qualify.
That would make for a pretty fun road trip.
Trump will have ceded US sovereignty to the brave and strong leader Kim Jong-un by then, so you're not wrong
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