• South Korean Carrier plans to sell off warehouse stock of new iPhone 3GS phones
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https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/06/14/iphone-3gs-returns-to-life-with-south-korean-carrier gonna buy 12 of these
Well they still work as phones and they still basically have every feature in them that is actually important so whatever.
FORTY DOLLARS A PIECE seriously, any SK bros willing to buy one and ship it to the US?
I simply knew that these things would be cheap as fuck.
Probably still better than those cheap $40 android phones
Pretty good for a "my first phone" for kids and OAPs since if it breaks - well, you aren't breaking the bank etc.
I wonder how they hold up to modern phones
Well for starters they are not comically huge.
Are you planning to stock them so you can resell them as antiques 10 years later
They'll make phone calls and texts im sure But you probably won't have imessage, and the web browser will be basically useless.
they don't though, I believe the 3G used 2g for the cell functions which has been dismantled. 3G data was really really expensive back then
Perhaps it could be possible to develop a converter thingie that changes the modern signal into local 2G that the phone could use or something.
I dunno, I kinda want that feeling of opening up an Apple thing from when Apple was cool.
Do keep in mind that the batteries will likely not hold much of a charge at all.
a battery changeout on a 3G isn't too bad though, looking at ifixit, it predates the multiboard construction of today's phones and most of it was screwed together. anyone familiar with fixing iphones today shouldn't have any trouble with it, other than getting a battery.
I'd love to get one of these just for the nostalgia. The 3GS was my first iPhone and it was so awesome at the time. Now it's nigh unusable because iOS 6 is so old and virtually no one is still supporting it. The cool thing about the 3GS though is that you can downgrade to any firmware, any time. There's an untethered (if I recall) bootrom exploit that lets you do whatever with the phone. You could even run Android, if someone updated the tools to do that for the 3GS (because that was possible on the iPhone 2G and 3G). It probably wouldn't be a great experience but it is possible. The worst part is tearing up the glue that holds the battery down. One bad move and you could potentially pierce the battery itself and obviously that would end badly. I successfully did this back in 2013 to fix my aging 3GS battery, wasn't hard at all, just a bit time consuming.
I always love to think back on how we used to think the original Galaxy Note was fucking massive, and now that's just the average size of phones.
Yeah, it got kind of ridiculous and it's barely even practical anymore. I am also not sure if I like the current obsession with having absolutely no physical buttons.
YES, THANK YOU fucking 6 inches phones nowadays
Iphone 4 is like the biggest smartphone size in dimensions that is not ridiculous, go any higher and everything starts to look like a movie parody. Everyone made fun of N-Gage for this exact reason like a gajillion years ago and now everyone are walking around with something even more absurd.
I always think about overstock of old video games. How many copies of rare games or movies or books or other collectibles are there sitting out there in storage units?
between 4 and 5 inches is a sweet spot imo got a 4.6 inches X compact, fantastic really
Paired with this operating system, this is a sweet deal for anyone that lives in SK or imports one
Why do people want to go back to having tiny phones anyways? I bought my phone because it had a 6.2in screen, that was one of the major selling points for me.
It's kinda nice to have a phone you can fully control with one hand. That's why iPhone SE is around, also because they're cheaper.
That's fair I guess, never thought if it that way, I have massive hands so I've always been able to use my S8+ one handed.
large phones are unwieldy as fuck big screens, especially good and beautiful screens, are well, good to have, but large phones are just so cumbersome to carry in the pocket and use
If I can't navigate the whole screen with my thumb on a phone, its too big. This used to be a design philosophy that Apple followed and one of the rather many good UX choices that Jobs enforced when he was still around. Since then everyone has moved to bigger screens and muh phones basically a fucking tablet with a mic on it which does phone calls. Like its getting stupid with some of these newer phones.
that said, I have no tablet, nor want one, my note 8 is pretty much big enough to watch stuff without feeling tiny and isn't too big that it can't be used as a phone. I just wish they'd ditch this moronic glass back. I cannot hold it at all without a case on it
That's basically what they are, "micro tablets". We should really be experimenting with alternative screen technologies. For example the phone itself could have a reasonably sized screen while making it possible to see a huge screen if you put on a monitor goggle really quickly. There are monitor goggles out there with a 1920x1080 resolution. It would also make everything loom more futuristic and cyberpunk-ish. The main issue has to do with the fact that no one wants to wear cheesy futuristic shit, so it would have to be carefully stylized somehow. Google Glass tried to do it but it ultra failed as fuck, it would probably be more effective as temporary thing you take out of your pocket and look into and then put it back in in order to not interrupt your own appearance too much.
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