• French butchers seek police protection from 'militant' vegans
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Speciesism... really?
Human pride worldwide
Goddam human supremacists pigs will rule https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/516/571ca9bf-1200-41a8-a467-8e5fea68ec9b/image.png pictured: pigs using teamwork to overpower an apex predator
Whilst militant vegans are highly dangerous, they get tired extremely quickly.
So they think it's better violence and force their ideology upon people rather than change minds.
What does over-mediaisation of the vegan lifestyle mean?
I think they're saying that there's a lot of buzz/propaganda for the vegan lifestyle in media
Haven't you heard? Violence is the only way to spread your ideology these days.
I think it refers to how veganism and vegetarianism can often be presented in the light of being the morally just way of living whenever you see it out in the wild. At least one of my friends doesn't like vegans because it can easily feel condescending when a zealot wants you to feel like a monster for using animal products.
Shit like this is why a lot of people say they have a plant-based diet now rather than saying vegan to avoid being roped in with this crowd. Veganism is seen as more of a lifestyle (no animal derived products like leather or wool etc.) rather than just a dietary thing now. Yeah it's great you have a passion for animal welfare and stuff, but try non-intrusively informing/education people rather than this stuff.
There's plenty of evidence that points to eating more vegetables alone (not even just plants, just more plants) can make you healthier in the immediate as much as the long term But no, let's be violent since that's the best way to express your ideas
yeah but vegans don't want you to eat more veggies they want you to only eat veggies/fruits/nuts/etc And I don't see a strong reason as to why I should cut meat out of my diet all together, when I can just do careful, thoughtful and considerate reductions. Extremism is a problem in our society today, because nuance has died a slow and painful death.
Vegan is a thing a person chooses for themselves to do. So generally vegans don't want you to anything. One of the main reasons people don't like vegans are unfortunate generalisations.
unfortunate generalizations that are based upon the actions of vegans who try and put themselves into the spot light as representatives of the movement. They're not, but it's still how they've presented themselves in many ways. Every group that wants to be taken seriously has to do it's job of policing it's own extremists.
That doesn't really apply here since veganism isn't an organisation, for most it's just the diet they follow. The most one can do is distance themselves from the outliers but anything more than that is more the realm of actual groups trying to keep a unified goal; I think it's sufficient to be clear in one's own objectives and reasoning instead of trying to temper tangentially related people.
Even then, amongst vegans, there's a huge difference within the community. Like there are some who simply can't be happy even if you're vegetarian. Oh not even vegan. Oh you must be purely raw vegan. Like what the fuck? Why can't they just support one another?
I think if you see ridiculous comments from people presumably on your side, that fly in the face of logic, reason, or otherwise and might foster a sense of division between your group, and the people you're trying to persuade, it's your prerogative for the sake of the group to tamp down the ridiculousness of your own side. Discussions, debates, whatever you want to call them, have never been about the two speakers convicing each other. That won't happen really. It's about convincing fence sitters and moderates. I think a very endearing way to get people to your side, is to do your part to make sure discussion is reasonable, tamping down insanity where it arises if at all possible, and to lay out the most unbiased version of the facts you can in contrast to the ideological insanity that can be offered from inside your own group. This gives the impression that logic and reason are important values to many of the groups speakers, hopefully encourages other people to engage in similar "policing" and will hopefully result in civil debates that actually change minds.
Vegetarianism and veganism are quite different and have different moral stances on diary products. I've being a vegetarian for a long period of my life and have no problem eating diary however the same cannot be said for vegans who tend on the side of believing that it's morally wrong and spouting some bullshit about how you shouldn't be eating eggs that came from a chickens butt. I also see a lot less ideology driven zealots who are pushing vegetarianism as apposed to veganism so let's also give vegetarians some credit.
The active discussion with regards to how other similar-sided people may be tainting one's movement/opinions is fair, but the policing or tamping down isn't because they'll have fundamental disagreements with you, just like they have fundamental disagreements with the people you disagree with. They're only part of the same group in a veeery general umbrella descriptive manner; any disagreements would be dealt with like any other person outside said umbrella would deal with them - through discussion/debate or what have you. I think that's more of a semantic thing though. That's the more extreme people, yes, but veganism as it applies to every vegan is just a diet. Anything else is extra stuff bolted on that requires more precision than just saying they're a vegan - being vegan doesn't require any formal procedure or joining an organisation.
Because it’s 2018. Literally everything is this retarded now.
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