• Valve to make its own SteamSpy replacement
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I always love seeing posts that explains Valve's behaviour/actions from outsiders who aren't affiliated with Valve in anyway
more like 2008(5?) onwards.
More like 1996 onward.
Good thing you're here to be snarky without offering any constructive feedback so they don't continue making the same apparently inept mistake again, then.
software developer develops software, people are outraged more at 11
My experience of talking with such people on the other sites shows that most of them are people who were born after ~2002 and they think Half-Life is crap sorely because "modern games are better"
SteamRep is next
They've been criticized for the lack of communication for over 15 years at this point. It hurts being a TF2 fan. And I don't even need to say anything about Half-Life.
I'm ticked off that they slapped steampipe down and didn't even give a fuck about every mod that uses the old content system to mount content, effectively breaking them
If you bothered to try understanding my snarkiness instead of just writing it off a snarky comment, you'd understand that the "constructive feedback" I was giving in the form of a satirical comment was that if you're not affiliated with Valve in anyway,. you shouldn't really bother trying to explain their actions as if you know exactly what's going on. I can't believe I have to spell it out for you.
Valve makes some very interesting decisions in TF2 to say the least with no explanation at all (until summer last year when they started giving reasons for balance changes again) I don't understand why Valve does what they do either but sometimes they make such baffling decisions I guess I theorize just to try to make sense of it. Ultimately it's a waste of time and I shouldn't bother tbh
basically Valve is handling a lot of shit like garry handling Facepunch tbh
It was a shit post but you don't need to be a Valve employee to be able to take a reasonable stab at it, we don't know the exact inner workings but it's far more likely that it's yer boring/standard PR/communications requiring a time investment to do properly which is why there's generally jobs dedicated to it, and valve devs have jobs to do that they can't just dump to post on the internet. We don't know of course, but that understanding would be better than pinning it on anxiety or ego.
Tbh I got the ego idea from one of the most anti-Valve users on this site, probably not the best source.
maybe most people at valve consider themselves as artits and dont like doing grunt work such as customer service or other maintance related activities and rather experiment in vr.
You're close to right. Virtually everyone at Valve was hired for technical prowess. Their knowledge and ability in whatever their field is, or at least the strong potential they have in that regard. They are not hired to help form an effective business, they're hired to be the best they can at whatever they want to do in an environment designed to give them the freedom to do so.
Sadly they making an "AAA game" (more feel like mini-game) based Dota 2 universe that they made since months ago.
They confirmed multiple new games in the works, with Gabe saying 1-2 years ago that they were working on a full fledged singleplayer game.
Which is kinda really the problem. Because none of them do the grunt work it ends up making things worse overall. And they refuse to hire people to do that grunt work because flat management structure. It'd work out a lot better if they split into two departments with one being a standard management structure overseeing things that would benefit from that structure while leaving everything else to the other department which would keep the flat structure.
That actively works against basically their entire reason to exist and what I'm talking about. They want to develop talent, improve skills. They exist as a company to make this sustainable, but the objective isn't to just sell products. Like, the closest comparison might be like a circle of mages or something, people who are organized for the explicit purpose of growing their abilities. Everything else is incidental.
If valve was a school for programing and making games then this mentality would work just fine,but when there is a shop front to take care and with thousands of unvetted games coming and with some games being understaffed causing delays in updates then it shows the flaws of the flat management system. They would need to refine it and take action in dealing with all the issues steam and valve's games have.
Being a fan and being an outright apologist are two vastly different things.
You should understand that this means jackshit, esp. coming from Valve of all people.
And you should understand that they actually have it written on their official redesigned website that they are working on multiple new games and that it's not just deflections in interviews.
Okay I'm sorry for making a stupid post because I'm very conflicted with Valve.
I will believe it when I will see it, and so far we've only seen Artifact. Knowing Valve, hardly convincing, dumb me all you want.
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