• Todd Howard: Stop buying Skyrim, and we'll stop porting it
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/129/61b72722-4250-4c47-bd4b-7cce31744a41/800px-ToddHoward2010sm[1].jpg https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-07-05-millions-of-people-are-still-playing-skyrim-every-month
”You asked for this. Now show me your Skyrim receipt. Now.”
Super Skyrim Turbo HD Remix Arcade Edition only on the PC 2
heck, can you blame 'em
Where's my Ouya port, Todd?
If people keep buying it and playing it in the order of millions, then obviously there's still a market for it so I can't fault them for porting it so much. I imagine it will be the same with TES6 as well once that launches.
I have never played Skyrim and I don’t own it. I never even finished Fallout 4. Come find me Todd.
i love todd howard
Couldn't ask for a more meme-worthy statement form Todd "buy my game or you'll get the cane" Howard.
I mean, that's a pretty fair statement honestly
I was considering buying Skyrim on the Switch, since my daily commute is 1.5 to 2 hours long each way on the bus. Really shouldn't we want every game to come out on as many platforms as possible? I think rereleasing the game for full price every time isn't great but at least it's available to more people.
The thing that gets me is that they can keep on porting it to every console under the sun but can't manage to do crucial bugfixes, enhancements, engine tweaks, etc.
Honestly, I'll take dozens of versions of a single game on different systems than new game in the series every single year where the new game desperately tries to kill the last game. In my opinion, games as a medium face the possibility of being lost to the time the hardest so this is actually good in my opinion.
That's fair. I mean, yeah if people keep wanting it, why not release?
If it introduces new people to Skyrim what's bad about it? I mean, they could've been douchebags about it and charged PC users twice, and they chose not to. I mean, From Software delivered broken garbage and charged for a half-arsed '''''remaster''''' and Gearbox straight up charged full price for Buletstorm's GFWL removal patch that they insist on calling a 'remaster'.
i still have to pay $40 for Skyrim SE even after already owning Skyrim though
Reminds me of all those Marvel games that are just never going to be ported to new consoles or even PC, if emulation didnt exist all of that shit would eventually just be gone forever.
I think people forget how businesses work, loot boxes, DLC, season passes and ports all exist because they make money. You can spend all day in your tiny minority laughing about Skyrim coming to your tablet or mobile phone but it doesn't matter when the gaming majority is completely happy with handing out their cash.
reminds me with FO4 vr. Still 60$ for owners of FO4 for basically a 10 MB txt doc update.
and yet they had all this time and all this work poured into it to not fix any game crashing bugs or add any more content. okay todd
damnit he's true.
To be fair it's not just a txt. It's an ESM and a txt. That doesn't even work with the DLC you already own.
*Lockpicking increased to 100*
I mean... fair enough?
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