• GTA V gets new physical edition focused on GTAO, MSRP $85 USD
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https://www.gamespot.com/articles/5-years-later-gta-5-gets-a-new-version-on-ps4-xbox/1100-6458515/ Should note, if you already own GTA V, the starter pack will retail at $40 instead if purchased digitally.
No thanks.
people play gta online?
Of course they did...
Many people play GTA:O and more confusing still, they keep pumping tons of money into it. Its the same same crowd that buys every call of duty, or every NBA2kXX game.
GTA Online confuses the shit out of me because it has seriously one of the fucking worst lobby systems I've ever seen. Finding servers sucks, starting jobs sucks and you have three fucking loading screens just to play one deathmatch map. And then people get dropped all the time. And no one is playing jobs or the matchmaking is fucking ABYSMAL. How do people put up with that?
Don't forget the large number of cheaters and greifers, then all the people who get banned for it, despite not cheating themselves. I completely got rid of GTA V after Rockstar banned me for two weeks and took away everything my character had (all money, weapons, cars, and properties). What did I do? Nothing, some other guy shot money at me, so of course, I was banned for something I had no control over.
yeah no fuck you
T2 have destroyed GTA for me, I love Rockstar but I have little hope for their future titles.
Main thing is that there's not a game like it that I can think of. There is no other game that has this much popularity and this many features. Just about everything you could think of, there is. Racing? Aircraft racing? Boat racing? Flying fuckfest car racing? All check. PvP with the quality ranging from "okay" to "what the fuck kill me now"? Check. Variations of said PvP to the point of absurdity? Check. Jousting on top of a high building with a bunch of low-powered, highly available cars in order to knock eachother off? Literally a gamemode. As is one where you use a car equipped with a hydraulic jump and parachutes in a massive game of darts over the ocean, landing on various sized platforms. A shitty Battle Royale mode with incompetent people and terrible balancing? Well, it came packaged with it, so there's that if that's what you're into. Like you said, the game has it's massive share of problems and the community is more toxic than Chernobyl. If you can get past that though, you'll be hard pressed to run out of things to do. Then again, that's if you're willing to forgive a 60$ game for such piss-poor quality assurance and such glaring flaws that would be barely considered acceptable in 2013 on last gen hardware, let alone today.
Honestly when I go into GTA I just drive my many hackerbux-bought cars around until someone annoys me, and then I start a campaign of urban warfare against them until they leave or I get bored. Then I go back to driving my cars and listening to music. It's a game I go into when I wanna turn off my brain and listen to a podcast, or an album, or something like that.
I got the game for cheap awhile ago and spent like 10 bucks on a mod menu. Spawned myself and a few friends money and we’ve had a blast. It’s sad though, every update just gets more and more expensive. This is the only game where I actually don’t feel like certain hacks are shitty because tbh the money is a total scam and I shouldn’t have to grind for weeks to get a simple car on a 60 DOLLAR GAME. i love going into lobbies with 2 friends, driving one of the multi passenger planes with guns on them and having dogfights. That and chasing a car down on a helicopter while they shot back was fun. Until they added the explosive sniper, anyway.
Legit. I wholly believe that money hacking in GTAO is the only way to have any fun in it whatsoever, otherwise you have to grind literally like you're working a dayjob.
No it's not, don't bundle people like me with those fucks, I actually enjoy Call of Duty which is why I bought them each year, World War II I got for free and I ain't touching Black Ops 4 because fucking Money Royale, just don't include people who spend money on Shark Cards as those who buy a game each year, it's not the same thing.
I'm still upset Take Two forced the FIveM developers to shut down the mod. T2 can go fuck itself.
I got infinite money in that game due to business opportunities and the only fun I had was ramming other players' air vehicles with the fully upgraded mobile operations base Osprey knock-off because it was fast, gigantic, nigh-indestructible and you could spawn it anywhere for free every 5 minutes.
No, I'm good thanks. What you should do is sell the GTA Online portion completely separately from single player. Hell you fuckers make so much money off of it you should just let people play it for free at this point. The grind is worse than Free to Play games, you'll make bank. I don't want it hogging up almost 100GB of space, though
Saw this in stores a week or so ago. Pretty sad, really
If It's not skyrim, I'm not buying it again
https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/uncyclopedia/images/7/7e/Toddthreatens.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20180426012141 Think you can muscle in on my turf, punks?
You just took that from the other thread, I'm reporting you to Todd, this is unbelievable. I can't believe you've done this.
No for real even when they updated the engine why didn't they fix the lobby system? Like I refuse to believe testers didn't put in hundreds of (admittedly low class) reports that there were superfluous loading screens when you start a job? Like someone decided three different settings screens preceding actually starting a job was okay.
This news is from April, actually. This has already been in effect for a while.
man... i know people who spends countless hours on GTAO daily... knowing them... they'll probably buy it... im so fucking mad...
imagine if GTA:O was moddable imagine how good the game could have been imagine
GTA V is first GTA I've never fully finished or even continued to play after a week or two. I played it a lot with my friends and once we realized the game was just a grind fest, filled with cheaters, and shitty servers/lobbying system we all slowly dropped off the radar.
GTA:O could have been the coolest "fuck around chill out have fun" sandbox out there but it's seriously cringy to log in and get 5 different calls from NPC's every time over absolute bullshit that you 100% cannot disable no matter what
Hey It's LJT Are you Ignoring my calls - Agent14 Email about getting the new Osprey helicopter. Madrazo calling you Simeon calling you And if Gay Tony is in the nightclub update, you can add him to the list of constant calls.
The inability to turn off phone messages fucking baffles me. Every time you start the game up and you don't have money it spams you with "EY BUDDY BUY THIS BUNKER" Or "BUY THIS SUPER SECRET HIDEOUT THAT IS ONLY USED FOR ONE MISSION TYPE AND ARBITRARILY FOR SOME VEHICLES". Seriously why are there two distinct bunkers. Why is one not like a secret sea base. What fucking morons work at Rockstar that thought "Yeah let's put in two explicitly different and mutually exclusive bunker types"
It is legitimately the worst online gaming experience I have ever had. I have no idea why people play that pile of garbage.
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