• EA finds Star Wars fans want to be the number one Star Wars fan
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https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-11-star-wars-fans-want-to-be-the-number-one-star-wars-fan You have two games under your belt, EA, and a full shelf full of cancelled ones.
sounds like an Onion headline
Was their basis for this survey 8-12 year olds at the local elementary school?
Rich Evans is the ultimate star wars fan end of story
Mr Plinkett wants a word
What a boring motivation
Raymond, who manages EA's Motive studios as well as works on the overarching Star Wars video game strategy at the company AKA the biggest fuck up on planet earth who keeps making terrible decisions. This guy got banned from every dog shelter in the US because he cant stop screwing the pooch.
She went downhill after Assassin's Creed II TBH.
I mean that is the right mentality to study for Star Wars fans.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jade_Raymond After working on Assassin's Creed I & II as executive producer she worked on a few other meh games and now "manages EA's Motive studios as well as works on the overarching Star Wars video game strategy at the company" which judging by Battlefront and the loot box fiasco is a pretty shitty job so it's kinda disappointing. She's the "Raymond" mentioned in the article.
If I hear more star wars after the "last last" movie they are making I'm gonna jump into a hole as deep as possible.
Just give me a Metal Gear Rising style Darth Maul game you hacks.
Can't make EA a billion dollars. Lucasarts also tried making a Darth Maul game but old man Lucas wanted it to be a buddy cop story with Darth Talon, a character that didn't exist for another 160 years in the timeline, which derailed the whole project.
Remember, Lucas also tried getting the Force Unleashed team to name the main character Darth Icky or Darth Insanius. And he wanted to name the lead character of the Lucasarts game Fracture "B.J. Dart," because he moved really fast. Dude is basically a bad fanfic author who managed to get a big break because his wife saved his film in the editing room.
There will never be a violent or gritty star wars video game. Doesnt fit Disney's model of family friendly content and a baby darth maul game would suck. Keep dreaming
Dreams are all I have left.
they were literally making that game already and it doesn't require grit
Hey what happened to that game? Oh right, it was shit canned; and had it been in development at the same time as 1313, it would have been canned by Disney instead of Lucas Arts. A playful kid safe Darth Maul game would be fuckin lame. Just make a baby yoda adventure game at that point.
You mean one?
You're forgetting the most violent and gritty Star Wars game of all: Angry Birds™ Star Wars™.
Ok thanks
One Star Wars game was in fact cancelled
Damn she's pretty good lookin for a 42 year old
42 is not that old
Compared to all the older classic SW games out there, what they have are pretty much $60 shovelware garbage. That shit barely counts.
The Motive game is on hiatus, not cancelled.
"Why won't you die?" "Midichlorians, son."
Theyre not ever going to write it. The game was being developed by an indie studio and published by lucas arts pre-Disney acquisition. EA has a contract woth Disney to be the sole publisher and developer of Star Wars games. So all games being developed by Lucas Arts or otherwise before the Disney acqusition are effectively dead. The game isn't on hiatus, its canceled. Just like 1313. So unless EA buys that indie studio that Darth Maul game isn't coming out. But like I said, that wont happen because it doesnt fit the canon and doesnt fit Disney's family friendly motives.
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