• Thieves steal $27K of tech in daring Apple Store heist in California
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http://6abc.com/thieves-steal-from-apple-store-in-daring-heist/3736718/ There's a video in the source you can watch. Just so you guy's know.
So like, 3 laptops?
26 items they say. What cheap stuff did they grab, seriously that could be 10 items or even less. Then again i don't think they have the Pro stuff just standing there.
26 chargers
Never been to an Apple store, do they not secure their products to those anti-theft cables?
I think they have an alarm that goes off if a cable is unplugged
I love that the thumbnail pic includes the standard-issue "5 identical looking white teen girls" that are invariably present at every Apple store, all the time
With everything being serialized it must be a nightmare to move this stuff for even half its value..
You'd think there would be security at apple stores since they just have open storefronts, I suppose that might change for this store at least.
Every apple store I've been too has 5 obvious security guards around the tables, doors and staff doors. Wondering why this store doesn't have that.
More like almost 2 customized iMac Pros: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109892/6f27422a-dce5-4a44-b1a6-c828ba73271c/iMacProCheap.png
Yeah in some Currys shops when you disconnect something - it starts beeping like crazy as well but otherwise you can just unplug it and leg it. But I guess when you storm in as 4 people to rob a shop - you don't really get intimidated by alarm
Or if we go by value of materials the entire shop and probably two or three more.
Who in their right mind would buy this? I doubt even the craziest of Apple fanboys would buy it.
Interestingly as far as I understand these prices are close to market standard if you were to buy the specs on their own. That CPU and the RAM alone comes to about 3.4k. Something like this would be a powerhouse workstation.
As far as I know most of the stuff you see in store will lock itself unless it's connected to store's wifi network. So basically the only thing you can do with those items is sell them for parts.
I suppose, but you could probably still build an equivalent PC for a fraction of the price. You could save even more if you swap the server hardware (Xeon and ECC RAM) for consumer parts. Then again there's probably a reason why you might want those in a workstation. Even as a longterm Apple laptop user I've never understood the appeal of their desktops. Especially so ever since they ditched this beautiful piece of hardware https://images.anandtech.com/reviews/mac/macpro/profile.jpg
Ecc ram and Xeon CPUs have error correction and are designed for integrity over speed. if you’re doing scientific calculations or anything mission critical you really don’t want a flipped bit to screw things without you even knowing.
Ofc, but is that Apple's market with their high-end desktops? I've seen them far more often on the desks of media producers (music, film, etc).
iMac Pro is definitely meant to appeal to the ultra-high end workstation market since Apple hasn't had anything to fill that niche for a few years now.
I wonder what the hell is going to happen when they drop x86 for ARM then lol
They grabbed the box on the counter with cable adapters
There's no need to be afraid. Just be Brave(tm) like Apple. Its ok to strip away every redeeming factor of your computers when people will buy them anyways.
At first I thought that was a kitchen
if you are doing that level of scientific research, you arent going to be using macs. Hell, I dont think 2/3rds of the software I see in use of labs support anything except a very narrow range of windows releases, and then the rest are linux stuff. the only thing that comes to mind is comsol
I know it's supposed to be poke at their ridiculous prices, but holy shit those specs.128 GB RAM, 4 TB SSD, etc.
I've been in an apple store once. The Kool-aid drinking is very real. This was just a normal regular day, no sale, no event. The Microsoft store next door was empty https://i.imgur.com/SOsU76F.jpg And yeah, everything is just set out on those tables. And everything has at minimum a 130% markup
Transitioning from Intel to ARM will be a super rough transition, but a worthwhile one. x86_64 is a fucking mess both technically and legally.
not really not sure how much you'd get but the market for stolen phones being scrapped for parts it pretty huge
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