• Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio during strip club show for touching officer
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https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44804597 US adult film star Stormy Daniels has been arrested in a strip club in Columbus, Ohio. Ms Daniels was arrested for allegedly touching a patron in Sirens, the north Columbus venue where she was performing. She has posted bail. Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said she would deny the charges. Ms Daniels became embroiled in a row with President Donald Trump after saying she had slept with him in 2006, an allegation which he denies. Her lawyer called the arrest "a setup" and "politically motivated". A police charge sheet tweeted by a CBS News reporter says Ms Daniels touched a police officer posing as a patron "in a specified anatomical area". Documents posted on the Franklin County Municipal Court website show Ms Daniels has posted $6,054 (£4,586) in bail, and is scheduled for an arraignment on Friday. Mr Avenatti tweeted that Ms Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, had been performing "the same act she has performed across the nation at nearly 100 strip clubs". Mr Avenatti later said his client would plead not guilty to all three misdemeanour charges, and also posted a statement from Ms Daniels saying she would not be able to go ahead with tonight's show. "I deeply apologise to my fans in Columbus," the statement read. An Ohio law known as the Community Defense Act proscribes anyone touching a nude or semi-nude dancer, unless they are related. The Sirens venue tweeted last month to say Ms Daniels would make two "exclusive appearances" there on the nights of 11 and 12 July.
Well that's not totally suspicious at all. Guess this is the best Trump can do in a democracy; in a real dictatorship she would probably have just disappeared altogether.
of course they’re going to try and throw the book at her in court for no reason in particular
An Ohio law known as the Community Defense Act proscribes anyone touching a nude or semi-nude dancer, unless they are related
I wonder how often this has previously been actually enforced... I'm willing to be that this is a "special" case with the express purpose of dragging her name in the dirt.
Do they have hover lap dances then?
I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have to enforce it because the clubs already enforce it (for their regular employees) so they don't get shut down.
Why didn't they arrest the officer though? Also, I thought it's other people touching the strippers and not strippers touching the patrons
Even the stripper gets in trouble.
Yeah, every fact of this case is completely garbage, riddled with problems.
Also, I've been thinking, what other thing could she "have done" to be painted more untrustworthy to the general public? Child molestation, probably? I mean, she is a pretty high profile person and she's been very vocal against Trump and also wanted to testify against him in court, so it seems a bit suspicious that she'd be involved in human trafficking. It sure is possible, however it does seem slightly unlikely to me. Hopefully we'll get more info about this - no matter what, I am pretty sure the imagine of a human trafficker will stick with her even if she's proven innocent.
I'm thinking this was just a case of an officer who knew who she was, didn't like her lawsuit against Trump, and figured that this was an opportunity to intimidate her.
Classy response, too.
What gets me why did they specifically mention her show name, “Stormy Daniels”, in this official statement? Is this normal, or was this simply a politically motivated move since most of the average population know her as Stormy Daniels. Either way, glad she got off (heh) the charges.
Speaking from family experience, whenever you piss the government or a government agency off, they'll come after you for the smallest most trival shit to discredit you. My family had a lawsuit against the air-force and it happened quite frequently.
Care to detail? I love stories like this
Its pretty disgusting, my half sister fell down the stairs and was injured badly. My dad brought her to an Air Force hospital and the doctor told him to suck it up and she would be fine. He drove hours to a civilian hospital where she was put on life support and fell into a coma she'd never wake from. His then wife at the time was inquring into filing a lawsuit, and then funny stuff started happening like he got arrested caused he accidentally wrote a bad check. They even tried to say he abused her and caused her injuries to leverage criminal charges but it never stuck since their was no evidence it support the claim. Eventually it forced him out of a promising career in the air force. Just in case you wanna be reminded how well this country treats its vets
That man killed your sister I sincerely hope you continued with the lawsuit regardless of what happened.
That’s heartbreaking, my god. What the fuck is wrong with these people.
Nay, I think his lawyer advised them to drop the suit unless he wanted to face the real possibility of serving a life sentence in a federal prison. His marriage also fell apart shortly afterwards and we went on to meet my mother who hes been married with for 24 years. He couldn't sue them directly since he was an enlisted. All of it went away though when the did so that really shows the primary motivation behind all of it. I think 80's cold war policies/antics had a lot to do with how they handled it.
https://twitter.com/MichaelAvenatti/status/1017542455162560514 quite possibly
http://www.dispatch.com/article/20150624/NEWS/306249744 Guy's also been found entrapping people at least once already.
it means enough! in italian apparently. That's about it.
I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but there is a lot of jumping to conclusions about the officer's motive in this thread We cant let ourselves become as bad as the republicans during Obama's presidency.
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTJ6o4QVEAAvBZj.png Everything about this arrest fulfills Points No. 3, 4, 6, and 7.
If that's all it takes to be fascist then the U.S. has been fascist ever since reconstruction with the demonization of immigrants, brown people, red people and Unions with McCarthyism being rampant for decades even before McCarthy ruined it for everybody. There's no suspending the rule of law though that's because you have to bribe the government to change it for you which they're totally willing to do. Oh and we don't have gulags but we do have state leased prisoner slaves with a system that is unfairly biased against brown people so I think that counts. Honestly the U.S. hasn't changed because the system is so heavily favored towards the status quo.
Illegal sexualy oriented activity in a sexually oriented business. wut
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