• Thousands flock to Build-a-Bear, causing 5+ hour waits and malls to shut down
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https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-44809213 Build-A Bear is having a "Pay Your Age" event where the kid's age is the price of the bear, so thousands of parents are going with the 2 and 3 year olds to grab cheap bears. It's an absolute disaster. It's pretty much all over the world wherever there's a Build-a-Bear, too. Here's some pictures, it's like Black Friday out there: https://i.imgur.com/VvW9Jiq.jpg https://i.imgur.com/mL3wFra.jpg https://i.imgur.com/euNmC7E.jpg
can I borrow someone’s young child for a day? I don’t wanna spend 23 bucks on a bear
Pathetic petty greed.
86 Year Old Man: Fuck.
Oh great, my mall has a build-a-bear, but I have no idea if it's as fucking clogged as these.
yeah you're so superior to these parents looking to buy their 5 year olds a teddy bear
My superiority is irrelevant, standing for five hours in line to buy a teddy bear is retarded.
I wonder why they didn't give up when they saw that the line already hundreds of people long. There's not way you're getting anywhere close to the store at that point
I don't know, I think getting ego stroking from fake woke posts being snide about people trying to save some money doing something for their kids is retarded.
You the authority on teddy to time worth ratio? Given, 5 hours is a bit excessive, but think about people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on frivolities; $3 for a quality teddy bear for an impoverished kid is pretty worth it. The huge lines are an unfortunate inevitably.
My statement had nothing to do with the wore movement or with ego stroking, and I already apologized for my unnecessary bitterness.
Imagine someone giving birth at the register and then putting a penny on the counter
'ma'am come back! you forgot your infant!' I can't imagine being a child and waiting hours for a bear. The article states it got pretty hot in some areas.
I think I would just pay full price rather than wait in a line like that
Someone in marketing must be either getting a raise or a pink slip.
I remember my parents making me hang around for hours for shit like this that I didn't give a fuck about. Like making me wait in line with them and get my book signed by Jacqueline Wilson when I didn't give the faintest shit about her writing and had no idea about her. Hated it.
They are discriminating against a protected group (The elderly), lmao
By this point you either wait in line with your young cousin, son/daughter, or nephew, wait for hours in line to get the cheapest price for a custom bear, or just buy it at regular price on a good day and be on your way. At one point do people consider "I've been sitting in line for four hours for a stuffed bear what am I doing?"
I'm not waiting in line for four hours to buy anything unless they give me a complimentary hand-beezy at the cashier. Fuck that shit. Nothing's worth that much wasted time. I make like £40 in four hours at work.
It's sweet seeing so many parents trying to get their kids a stuffed animal.
I had no idea Build A Bear was still this popular. I remember it being huge back when I was in maybe 1st grade?
Never expect people in the uk to pass up a cheap deal. You take one look at poundland and that's what you get.
If the time/cost investment looks like it's going to take more than what you'd earn in an hour at work I usually flake on the idea. This sounds like an absolute nightmare for retail workers. Screaming kids and upset parents all day.
How could anybody value their time this little? Even making federal minimum wage, the wait would still end up being more expensive than the bear.
this of course assumes you would've been working during those hours anyway
the whole point of build a bear is to build a customized bear tho so I imagine kids 3 and up would absolutely care
...they want it so much because they get to build their own custom teddy bear. That's exciting for a kid. Not sure why that's hard to understand.
they advertise very hard on kids channels
You could have worked for those 5 hours and just paid in full and it'd be no different than this tbh, you might even have gained money too
I just watched my local news channel and they interviewed this family who were there from 11 AM and they were still in line around 6:20 PM. They moved like 30 feet.
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