• Disabled rights groups speak out against straw ban
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this is bullshit. disabled people get reusable bendy straws that are much better for them cuz they cant suck them down their throats and choke to death. probably just entitled people bitching about the inconvenience and/or straw lobbyists(lol).
There's metal straws that are made for this purpose, I read that most restaurants that tried them had issues with people stealing them but it's of course no issue to have a few of your own.
You're right, but, the way you worded this is awful, and that's a terrible example. I think the main point is, yeah, disabled people might need straws to drink, but if you're that reliant on straws, you would carry a one with you at all times, and if you aren't, then how is that the fault of the business? You expect to be accommodated to a certain degree, like wheelchair ramps or disabled stalls in the restrooms, but beyond that you should expect to be able to take care of yourself or have someone with you who does. If you're really in the position where you absolutely need a straw to drink, or it's just enough of a problem to where you don't want to deal with the hassle of not using one, then is it really that hard to carry one with you? Reusable ones are extremely cheap and can even come with a carrying case and a cleaning brush.
https://www.amazon.com/Reusable-Stainless-Straws-Colors-Silver/dp/B074W1QTTW/ref=sr_1_12_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1531511223&sr=1-12&keywords=metal+straws Bring metal straws
I still don't get people who whine about paper straws like they're gonna fucking disintegrate, what do you think the fucking cups are made of, ya melons.
Implying it's ridiculous that customers who need them bring their own straws is dumb as hell. Restaurants should have a little stockpile for anyone that really needs them but for the very few who actually require rigid, non-paper/substitute straws, they really could bring their own. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107231/cae6d99d-8221-48d9-9463-d96568e85c2a/image.png Plastic straws don't contribute to the overall world waste that much, but they are still frequently discarded where they are swept directly into waterways. It's yet another piece of junk to be rid of, and every substitute product we need to be developed bolsters the overall world R&D of non-plastic materials. Saying we shouldn't make a small change for a small benefit is exceptionally lazy, small changes add up to significant ones.
I had a small Starbucks frappachino at a zoo that came with an animal friendly paper straw and the straw melted from the ice before my drink was finished
I can definitely see how what I write could be misunderstood, but you hit the nail on the head. To clarify, my main point was that there's no reason to have equipment for your disability be disposable and provided by a business you go to, as products like SKS mentioned exist. My example was supposed to be ridiculous, because I think that the concept of a disposable plastic crutch being necessary is exactly as ridiculous as disposable plastic straws being necessary due to products like the one that SKS mentioned.
So what if plastic straws aren’t the biggest contributor to plastic waste? So what if the west isn’t the biggest contributor? It’s better to make smaller changes that are beneficial rather than just saying “no, it’s not big enough of a change”.
At this point we should do everything we can. Skirting environmental regulations needs to be stopped but we can cause good progress by exploring ways to reduce all waste, which even if doesn't do much of a difference in our own countries, can be applied to those less resourceful countries that do generate waste. Personal waste is still absolutely a problem, just not on an individual level.
Use the same strategy as paper cups then, curl the edges.
"Whoops, looks like you should've thought about bringing a ramp to get up into the mcdonalds, ya gimp"
Yeah, straws and ramps are totally as portable and cheap as one another. Much like any piece of disability-management equipment, there is no reason for straws to be disposable. If you need it to drink fluid, you should have one yourself regardless. Restaurants could even offer reusable straws, as grocery stores are starting to do with reusable bags.
And straws and crutches are as portable and cheap as one another... Oh wait.
If anything, that would be an argument for why restaurants should provide crutches, not why they should provide disposable straws.
Even if you live in an area without great water, often you can filter it and get a reusable container. Most bottled water is filtered tap water anyways. Also, the reusable containers are often better than bottled water in my opinion, because you can get them made in materials that keep the cold in.
Engage your brain before typing
Just buy a reusable bottle.
would it not be infinitely more productive and a lot less discriminatory to go after proper regulations that big businesses bankroll legislators to not pass?
Because it's not really "good intention," but diverting away from the huge waste that companies create by pointing their fingers at individual consumers and saying "actually it's your fault!"
Making the bottle in the first place consumes energy and petroleum. Then you have to fill it with water and ship it to a store, which takes even more energy and fuel. Waste isn't the only problem plaguing our environment now.
I love it when people who want to make a little tiny dent in ecology end up screwing over people who need and rely on these things. Anyone remember this image? (Was found out that you could still use these elevators but the sentiment remains) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/236793/cf0bfecd-edca-41f1-8081-0de5a4f2fd72/image.png
How can you be not disabled enough that you can go to the restaurant, and eat a meal perfectly fine, but the second you take the straw away they're going to die from dehydration? If it's THAT big of a deal they should, and probably already do, carry straws on their person.
Why not do both?
Because one of them involves me actually having to change my lifestyle rather than just complain uselessly on the internet.
I never thought disabled people would be the cause of Earth's environmental destruction... shocking revelations in this timeline
“Discriminatory”. my actual sides right now. If yiu think this is being done to discriminate than you have far larger issues. Besides, there are biodegradable straws that aren’t paper too!!! Making a positive change is a good, no matter how big or small. According to what metric? I’m currently working for a business that is reducing their single use plastics to almost nothing, and it’s never heen about “pointing the finger at individual consumers”. Nor has it been at any other institution that decides to make these changes. You’re living in some odd fantasy world.
that's a camp i fit into. my joint tissue is very fragile and highly flexible, particularly in my fingers. it's not too hard to just fork something and shovel it into my mouth, but picking up a full and heavy glass tires my joints out very quickly, causing a not inconsiderable amount of pain and making me more likely to drop it from my grip getting progressively weaker. i won't die of thirst if i don't have a straw, but it does make my life harder than it needs to be.
yeah it's totally straws that are the problem, not the millions of plastic bags and shit we throw away every year
Ah yes working at tackling the plastic waste problem, totally inconveniencing people when they’re being replace with paper and other kinds of biodegradable straws. get a grip dude. No one thinks that working towards getting rid of straws is the end all be all of plastic waste, but it’s working towards a larger goal.
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