• Amazon now has financing for PC parts with zero interest.
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https://www.destructoid.com/amazon-now-lets-you-finance-gaming-pcs-and-pc-parts-at-zero-interest-514009.phtml Rip in piss newegg.
Once again, a cool thing which is America only.
OH NONONONO Now instead of fucking up my wallet all in one go, I can do it over the course of a year
Bezos be gentle with my wallet
You need to have a credit card linked. That would explain why I didn't get an email.
New egg still has a better selection of parts.
Oh I got an email about this yesterday, holy shit I didn't realize it was zero interest
This is why for a long time I didn't get why people flocked to amazon. Amazon.ca is basically useless
An important anecdote that they later updated the article with; https://i.imgur.com/Fd8zAdb.png So if you're like me and don't have a credit card (purposely in my case) then you can't do financing. Amazon already let you do this with certain Amazon products like Fire tablets and Echos, but you didn't need a credit card on your account, with this you do.
iirc Amazon credit cards come via Chase, who have a bad reputation for fucking over amazon customers
Aw, debit cards don't count? That's pretty much a deal-breaker, credit cards are such a trap...
As much as it is nice to have a brand new computer, no thanks.
I have a credit card through my credit union that I've used to pay off a bunch of large purchases. Car parts, a couple guns, tires, big gifts for my family. They're nice to have as long as you get a good interest rate that you can make payments on, and aren't actively trying to get yourself in trouble.
As i have grown up, you realize how much shit is tied to credit. Buying homes/cars is tied to it, even jobs and insurance companies now look at your credit to judge you. Its bullshit, but as long as you keep tabs on it and purposely pay off things after a month, it won't get you in trouble.
newegg has been crap since they were bought out years ago.
Its so they can mostly guarantee payment with a credit card on file. Debit transactions can only be processed if you have sufficient funds. Its to minimize risk for Amazon, since they aren't issuing a line of credit. They are merely charging you monthly and you make that payment by proxy through your card issuer. If you pay that payment in full, tada, no interest.
I always end up searching for parts through PCPartPicker and Newegg and buying them from Amazon anyway :c I don't feel great about lining Bezos' pockets but fuck me if Amazon's overall service isn't excellent
I'm not getting a credit card just to do this. I prefer to stay away from them as long as possible so as to prevent temptation. Debt is a nasty thing.
I wonder about this sometimes. Is our generation going to force businesses and society at large to put less emphasis on credit? I literally don't know anybody under 30 who owns a credit card.
Credit cards aren't a trap as long as you're responsible with them.
Wouldn't be surprised. I don't see how anyone who grew up around the time we did could not have heard all the horror stories about credit card ownership and decided to steer way clear of that. It feels like such an unnecessary, outdated concept. Much like the stock market.
I certainly don't trust myself to have one, and I know a few people that feel the same.
Very highly doubt it. Credit cards are only one part of credit. Loans are the other big one. So much of our economy (and the world economy) revolves around debt.
"Zero interest" is always a term I never trust. Sure, it may be 0% now, but they sure as shit can up that without telling anyone. I wouldn't touch anything loan-related with a 10-foot pole.
Newegg customer service has fallen through the cracks as of Summer 2017.
Its 0 interest because they bill the credit card when the payment is due. Its like lawaway at walmart or easy payments on HSN. The only thing you'd have to fear is if you don't have the cash in the account right when they charge at the bill cycle.
I appreciate the info. Thanks
Well, that's fair enough, but it's good to at least dip your toes in with something that you know for a fact has a limit and that you can and will pay off; for instance, I primarily use mine for gas, which consistently costs about the same amount per month (plus or minus a few bucks). This makes it a very manageable stream of debt that is easy to predict and pay. Just from that, I'm able to build credit that I can eventually use for a large purchase later down the line if I ever need to.
So what's the point if you need to make the purchase via a credit card, you'll be charged interest on the credit card regardless?
It's quite easy to not ruin your life with Credit. Of course if you have no self control...
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