• Discord to launch a gaming store
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well shit i might actually use this, then
I wouldn't buy any major games on any other platform than steam if I could avoid it, but if Discord gets a good indie catalogue that sets it apart from Steam and the likes that'd be cool.
I hope this means that games can also be accessed while being offline. At the moment you cannot launch Discord if you have no Internet connection. If offline support never gets implemented then this is going to suck for a lot of people.
Well, Steam copied discord, so discord said fuck it, and copied steam.
i wish you were wrong, but you're really, really not
Yeh, i'm certainly not against another Steam competitor, especially since it's not a walled garden for a specific publisher's games that will thus no longer appear anywhere else; but Discord's pretty bulky as-is for what it does.
Good start, but they'll need to catch up on a lot of functionality. Also, they should really split the chat and shop, at least in terms of UX.
"opt in" it already scans for games with no opt out?
What happens if you buy a game on discord and then get your account banned/disabled? I've seen quite a number of horror stories about people one day waking up to a disabled discord account and no idea why, and staff completely stonewalling them.
it's something I already use, it lets me launch steam games, and more importantly, pirated games, as long as it won't steal more ram from me I might use it
I've been using Ripcord for chatting in Slacks, but it's mostly a 3rd party discord client. It's written in a manner where it's a whole lot more efficient than a desktop Web application You won't have most features the browser will ever get, but if your machine is taking a huge hit from their client, it's one of the reasons the damn thing exists
Finally, a platform for my smut games. Truly this is the future.
They sort of do. If it notices you played something, you can then start it from Discord already. It doesn't import your whole library yet, though.
Oh hey another Store front. Can be in the lines of Twitch Client that I will never really use. Wonder if it runs as crappy as their Voice connections are or how much will be put behind Nitro.
This is a bad way to go about it. If Discord and other companies really want to take on steam they have to band up and cooperate to build a new service that can even remotely compete with it.
I already use Discord, that's the thing. Steam has long lost its value to me as a chat platform in favor of Discord... so all I use Steam for is buying/launching games. If I'm already using Discord, and Discord can launch my games, why not buy from Discord if they have a sale?
hewwo wouf you like to booy some games ^.^
Launch Discord to launch Steam to launch Uplay to play Ubisoft games.
And they still don't have any way to run Discord offline, or to separate chats from the main UI. Personally, I'd rather they improve their core product more before starting to try and make more money from it.
Let's not downgrade Gog. I'd hate to see Gog plagued by the utterly moronic memetrash Discord's already shat up by.
Can't wait for the meme shit loading text and advertisement messages that tailor themselves based on the Discord servers you are in. I could probably see that happening, scrape their joined servers for keywords and just apply accordingly.
That and: You're on Steam, you play a Ubisoft game. Uplay launches just so it can launch the game, you play the game normally and exit the game. God forbid you forget to close Uplay, it's still running. After you play your Rainbow 6, you take a sip of your Monster, you boot up Overwatch from Steam. Now Battle.net is running too. You ragequit out of that and, to cool off a bit before you go and mow the lawn, decide to go play some Fallout 76 and now Bethesda.net is running aswell. Then you try and boot up Forza through Steam and everything just fucking crash and burns because it's a Microsoft Store app and Microsoft apparently only code their games through voice commands on their smartwatch and everything they ever make is extremely broken
Difference between the two is that bethesda.net has no major use for most people outside of games. If discord opens up a game shop, it's not like people will have much of an issue with going through it to buy stuff since almost everybody uses discord for the voice chat anyways.
whats with the fantasy of game store makers to have their client use electron? Literally Origin, Battle.Net, GOG Galaxy, Steam (to some extent, the library is not), and now Discord, etc, all electron. send help, i hate this future
Lmao what the hell are you on about
Discord ejects protective venom as predator known as Steam is about to devour it
I think that's their idea - it's pretty clever
They kind of already do ? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/644/d6620971-d6da-46f3-8e9b-c0b9acc8b452/image.png like I can launch games from the games tab. It's just the X last played games, but they basically have the feature down and would just have to expand it a bit into a nicer menu. Also it doesn't work for everything, like overwatch and heroes of the storm are missing from this. GOG is deliberately somewhat niche and that's what makes it a great storefront. I'd hate to see that ruined.
Mostly wrong Origin and Battlenet both use QT framework, which implements CEF Steam uses VGUI and as well as CEF GOG uses some QT and some POCO (for web applications, so it also implements CEF) Discord? Yeah fully written in javascript with nodejs, of which electron is made for. Every other application is written in c++ at heart If you're just calling anything "Chromium" Electron, that's not exactly right
I get where you're coming from, but lighten up a little dude.
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