• Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made a Deal With Her Own Accuser
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113126/3f3d0284-586b-4319-8914-828aa01c8962/thissituation.png this situation:
It's not uncommon for those who have suffered sexual abuse to become abusers themselves. Some of those who are sexually abused perhaps feel they have lost some sort of power and control in their lives, and feel one of the only ways to regain them are to perform the same actions on another. Both sides are fucked up here, meaning the whole Weinstein case and now this case in the background of it.
Hollywood is horrible, I wouldn't trust anyone there at face value, because they're either narcissistic assholes or trapped in a tribe of assholes.
Yes, sexual abuse is a horrible thing and weinstein is a pig but let's not try to paint her as a victim in this situation because of it. She is not accepting this because she got abused, there is nothing pointing to it and there is no evidence towards sexual abuse victims becoming bullies or abusers themselves either.
You need to do quite a bit of reading.
Isn't a huge reason why Bullies and abusers become who they are is because someone else did the same shit to them?
Genuine question but does it apply to adults that were abused as well? I am well aware of sexually abused children turning out to be abusers themselves but I am not sure for the case with regards to abused adults. Did a quick google search and results were about abused children.
It's perfectly possible for someone to be both a victim and a perpetrator in different instances. Let all abusers fall.
Dunno if I'm being pedantic, but the fact that the head line has "#metoo leader" in it really irks me the wrong way. As if it's trying to discredit the movement despite it being a pretty important movement imo. Maybe I'm overthinking it
https://twitter.com/rosemcgowan/status/1031477689947967489 https://twitter.com/rosemcgowan/status/1031535197433602048
IIRC she was one of the people to start going after Weinstein with Rose McGowan But from everything that I've been reading Asia is a complete nut and monster.
Everyone is culpable for their own actions. I'm sure Harvey Weinstein could point to, say, neglectful parents as the reason he was comfortable with sexually abusing women. Still culpable for his actions.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/223136/fc72825e-6576-4d20-b8f3-22c9ded08511/Whatabout.jpg Dunno if relevant tweets are permitted, but the majority of people are ripping Rose apart for this, and then this person is Victim-Blaming with the best of them. Pretty disgusting behaviour.
i hope she gets punishment that will serve others an example - you might be victim once but if you lived long enough to become a villiain yourself, you don't deserve sympathy either.
There is a huge difference between bullies and sexual abusers. I understand that both are manly about power but it's not as clear cut as this holds true in one case so it must be the same in another. that's not how science works.
'Be gentle' Fuuuuuuuuuck you.
Again, this whole situation proves that everything is tribal/identity politics. If a single fucking male, ever defended another male, in the same form or fashion everyone involved would be fucking lynched. But one of their own? Better give her benefit of the doubt.
I’m not sure if the metoo movement is still an active thing but in the case that it is, their best course would be to immediately excommunicate this woman, not defend her.
fucking lol why are these weirdos always armchair anthropological experts
Asia Argento Denies Sexual Assault Claim, Says Anthony Bourdain .. Argento said the assault never happened. However, she did say a payment was made to child actor Jimmy Bennett by her then-boyfriend, the late Anthony Bourdain, so Bennett would stop harassing them.  "I am deeply shocked and hurt having read the news that is absolutely false," she said in a statement obtained by journalist Yashar Ali. "I have never had any sexual relationship with Bennett." Argento says Bennett tried to extort her. And rather than having a long, drawn-out battle in the press amid the Weinstein scandal, it was Bourdain who said a payment would be made in order to make the situation disappear, she said.   So now Argento’s claiming Bennett was trying to extort her and that it was Anthony Bourdain who paid him off.
I'm not going to link to TMZ, because they're trash - but they have photos. It's all true. Asia is 100 percent a liar and needs to go to jail for statutory rape.
Everyone in Hollywood should just be executed and we can start over
Seems like this thing is blowing up, I even heard about it on French radio. It wasn't swept under the rug like I expected, sounds like she's fucked. Hope she does go down for this. The public eye needs to realize this shit isn't okay either and end the bullshit double standards. Then we can move on to denouncing and taking down sexual abusers regardless of orientation and gendes.
Doubtful, there was the NYU professor who harassed a student just weeks ago and every 'feminist' jumped to support her. This is all identity politics and as far as too many are concerned women can do no wrong, all men are rapists, etc.
I was bullied in at least 3 circles of friends in my childhood, being 'the reject'. Lo and behold, I would never do the same abuse to anyone else, well aware of how it affects others.
I mean of course people don't completely become abusers by default. I experienced a lot of sexual abuse during HS and other forms of bullying and what not. I was able to completely figure out that the shit was fucked and avoided it from clouding my head. Though for others, this isn't always the case.
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