• Pornhub plans to reward viewers with crypto tokens
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https://www.coindesk.com/pornhub-subsidiary-to-reward-viewers-with-crypto-tokens/ Adult Site Tube8 Wants to Pay You Cryptocurrency to Watch Porn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta41xU-tkFA
finally getting compensated for what im good at
Aw yeah! Get paid useless ebux for watching porn!
Useless? Idk man I made a ton off Etherium before that crash. If they wanna give crypto for watching porn I might have to set up a porno streaming rig. Just run that shit all day
Why would you incentivize something that's already addictive?
to make it far more addictive
Ad revenue.
Because not enough bots were doing it. Now porn is actively courting the robot market.
What if it's a way to reduce porn watching, like only first 30 minutes get you money, anything over that gives nothing or reduces it. Would discourage people from watching over the limit if they wanted their e-monies.
Momma, we made it.
actually very disgusted with pornhub for doing this, pornography addiction isn't a joke.
Watching pornhub a bit every day does not mean you have a pornography addiction - just like having a beer or two does not mean you have an alcohol addiction. Until you get to the point of, say, Terry Crews, where porn is impacting your relationship with your significant other and family, there's nothing to worry about.
so is video game addiction but we don't talk about it here because the implications are uncomfortable we talk about gambling addiction with lootboxes but even ignoring that plenty of games have mechanics designed to hook you in especially ones with long-term progression mechanics
you're a fucking baby
we have a button for this now
i'm not thinking about the people who log in for a wank session, get off, and pop off. i'm thinking about the people who spend hours watching porn, or those on the edge of taking it too far. really don't think we should be incentivizing that kind of behavior. i guess we'll have to see how it works. putting a cap on daily earnings would be a good idea if the system has to be in place at all.
This is how Crypto will come back. Watch it surpass Bitcoin in value in no time.
They should have crates with random site skins, profile pictures, and the ability to unlock the paid videos of a random porn star. I call them Coot Boxes.
Why is Pornhub of all places always doing cool shit?
This probably works because they embedded a bitcoin miner onto the site. These sites get a shitload of users so making all of their computers contribute some processing power would create basically a bitcoin botnet powered by porn. Your rewards are probably just a small comission that comes from the shitload of crypto the site owners are getting.
But what value does this currency add to your relationship with porn? Is it really healthy even only a small part of you is watching porn for the sake of some external reward? (Check this guy out: Tristan Harris)
Well, when you're male and single, odds are you already look at porn most days anyway, so it's less watching porn for bitcoins and more reaping a free reward for doing the same shit you already do. I suppose some people could grow to feel obligated to tune in every day just to get your free coins - but hell, there's already a part of you that petitions you to do it anyway. It's called your sex drive.
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