• Russia’s "Vostok" Exercise Will Be Largest Since Cold War, with 300 000 troops
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Guess they’re excited for Bob Woodward’s book too
They are still preparing for some ultimatum? What a world these days, run by comprehensive destruction.
Oh great here comes one of Uncle Russia's drunken spouts about how great it was and how everyone was so jealous of their benevolent state by the people for the people that they had to take them down a peg.
Can't really blame them. NATO is doing it too. In fact, they've got an exercise with around 40000 troops in Norway next month, it would be a massive sign of weakness if Russia stopped these exercises.
Except this is nearly 10x bigger, how is this comparable at all lmfao
Something tells me that this isn't an exercise.
better raise bar that high once than reply to each new NATO exercise with just a bit more soldiers.
Well, this is the country that created a nuclear bomb so big they weren't sure if the plane that dropped it would get out of the kill zone in time.
I'm surprised they gave a fuck about the crew lol
The goblin comes out of his cave to tell us how russia stronk and always right etc
Probably more because the plane was expensive rather than the crew.
That was just one of several military exercises held near Russia's border. For example, the US deployed 20000 troops on an exercise in Estonia with Apache's and A-10's. There are several annual exercises that simulate securing the black sea for example, very clear threats to Russia. This is Russia and China's response. If you add up the total amount of troops deployed on all those missions each year, the numbers are a lot more comparable. This is just one large exercise to train mass-deployment/logistics as well.
putin: "these exercises involved a simulated takeover of ukraine. though it may appear that we have invaded ukraine, this was merely war games. we're now pioneering "administration games", which will be used to simulate what it would be like for us to assimilate Ukraine into Russia."
Wonder how many friendly fire incidents there will be this year
Interesting that this is happening at the same time as they're shipping more tanks to their occupation force in eastern Ukraine.
I'd argue it's more likely a Syrian reactionary force. There's alota heat about Ildib right now, sounds like we aren't letting an assault happen without some serious consequences.
ok which ex-soviet country are they planning on invading now news tommorrow: oppressed russian minority in slavokia is being slaughtered- luckily our army was conducting exercises on the border
We have military exercises every year. Very big ones, like one mentioned in article, several times each decade. How many times our exercises were used to invade someone? Zero. And every year people here cry about "Evil Russian invaders". For fucks sake, it's just laughable how people is afraid of everything we do.
Not everything, no. Mostly amassing ridiculous amounts of troops in positions ready to invade.
because NATO/the West never does this sort of shit too
you do realize the point of military posturing or are you just that thick that you dont understand?
Russia wouldn't attack a NATO country. Some frozen wasteland isn't worth getting into a conflict with NATO. It's a different story with Ukraine and Georgia because realistically no one would get in an armed conflict with Russia over them.
NATO and Russia walk into a bar Russia leaves the bar after NATO injects itself with radioactive isotope-Novichok cocktail Russian foreign policy, gents - go high or get fucked.
They seem to be getting desperate. But yea "the sanctions have no effect whatsoever"
In case you guys don't know, its also what they do after the exercise. They could use it as a pretext to store massive military equipment at the border
Yeah, Russia should just disband it's entire military force, it's not like there is something threatening us, besides, you know, biggest military alliance on planet, and a couple other countries, like China, who actully expressed desire to grab some Russian land, and even tried in 1969, but thats irrelevant, there is totaly noone willing to jump at opportunity. Ever heard about word "deterrence"? Yes, we have quite a big army, and yes, we do exercises to keep it in shape. Russia is fucking HUGE, and everyone wants a piece, be it land, resources, or just to make Russia into little obedient dog. NATO also do that. I live 70km from Estonia border. And just couple of months ago there was quite big NATO exercise. Didn't seen anyone flipping their shit about that here, in Russia, like you guys do. This one will be in far east. Who to invade there? China? They actually participate in it. Mongolia? There is something important there, worth to send troops to die for? Korea? Doubt anyone care about NK, and China not let it happen, and our command is not that stupid to attack SK, which protected by US. Japan? Same as SK.
Who said anything about ditching military force? I love that you draw in false accusations to hide how delusional you sound.
All you contributed to this thread is that you called karimatrix a goblin and called me thick and delusional. If you have any proper argument, then i willing to listen. If not, then i don't see any reasons to continue, as it's going nowhere. How about you give some examples? Before NATO means WW2 and before thar. OK, let's go with that: Partition of Europe between Aliied and Soviet Union spheres of influence was result of Yalta conference, which was attended by both American President and British Prime Minister. Both agreed on a deal, so blame is partially on Allied command too. Soviet aggression against Baltic states, Poland and Finland? While all of those was mostly about retaking Russian Empire lands, I can't really support those, as independence of those, and, well, any other regions, who want that, is more important than stupid desires of idiots in governments to be big and powerful, like in good old times. Only Winter war had at least some strategic importance, as Finnish-Soviet borders was dangerously close to Leningrad. And we kinda got our ass kicked, and, what i find highly amusing, that it's one single conflict where we, Russians, are not salty about our ass kicked, mostly, i think, becase Finns weren't such a massive dicks about it, and we kinda deserved that. Before that was Russian Civil war, which wasn't war between Russia and someone else, obviously, besides what is called Polish-Soviet war, where Poland was agressor, taking over lands which currently is western part of Ukraine, former Russian Empire and Austria-Hungary lands (you not gonna say that AU was good guys in WW1, right?). There actually was a lot of Entente forces on White side, which i don't really have anything against, as Russian Empire was member of Entente, and they just helped their ally in a war. Before that? In WW1, as i said, we were member of Entente, so we fought on "good" side, no complaints about that, i hope. Even before that? I don't really see much reasons to talk about earlier dates, as war back then, was acceptable, and sometimes even preferable way to go in foreign diplomacy, even amongst Western nations. Anything else? If you want to refute anything i said, then i hope you will provide sources (preferably historical archives or something like that) to strenghten your arguments, and not lower yourself to insults.
the slow takeover of eastern russia is proceeding already (hopefully you are aware of the act of sellout of everything that stands rich in Siberia to the Chinese, as well as other countless misdeeds), it is more of a dying dog overall what does it matter now for the empire that is long gone by the hand of ruthless usurping power? rhetorical question.
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