• EvE Online Developers acquired by creators of Black Desert Online
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https://www.pcgamesn.com/eve-online/eve-online-black-desert-online CCP, the developers of enormous space MMO Eve Online, has been acquired by the team behind Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss. The announcement came in a press release issued earlier this morning. According to the press release, the deal between the two companies states that “CCP games will continue to operate independently as a developer” in all of its three studios. The intention seems to be that Pearl Abyss will be able to benefit from CCP’s long-term experience in developing MMOs to help expand their game.
uh oh
Was destroying one good mmo not enough, they lust
I don't see why they wouldn't interfere, unfortunately. Those P2W buisness practices and all the other stuff people are worried about are obviously successful in those other games of theirs, buying something to then just decide not to increase profit from it with a method they already know works for them doesn't make much sense.
oh dear
ded gaem
Nervous laughter
I wouldn't be surprised if they're looking to use the EVE team to help reverse the trainwreck that is the NA BDO server. It doesn't take much to figure out that pay2win kills games over here, but they might not be confidant in their ability to monetize a game without it. I can dream at least. BDO was my dream game and largest disappointment.
On the plus side EVE is about to become the prettiest dang space sim out there.
Have you seen the BDO Remaster, it literally is nothing more than "ADD SHIT TON OF BLOOM".
Quickest way for them to kill a game like eve online, tbh. It's a very atypical game compared to other mmo's, and allowing p2w items to hit the market in game would quickly devastate it.
It always starts innocently enough, but in about 2 years time, features that make Pearl Abyss money in their games are going to creep their way into EvE and mess the entire vibe and what makes EvE EvE up
Myself and fellow Eve bitter vets are not happy. Not one bit.
They always say this and it's always proven false.
Not one bit. I've played since 2008 and this is god damn punch in the dick. If true pay-to-win comes to the store I will biomass all my characters, including my '08 char with 120m sp, and billions and billions of isk worth of shit.
Does this mean I can make a very pretty ship?
Wow did CCP ever run themselves into the ground
Dead game for sure this time
It is a bullshit phrase meant to ease minds of the gullible. The acquisition in itself is already a change that contradicts this very statement if you wanted to be very precise about it.
Ho boy, I remember when EA made a similar statement after aquiring Westwood.
Was CCP really doing that bad that they needed to do this? I haven't played in a long time, but I was under the impression they were still successful, even if they had a more niche product.
The gameplay of Eve heavily relies upon long term investment of time, always moving towards a future goal. This acquisition makes the future for players uncertain, especially with the possibility of the alteration of a very traditional, old school MMO business model. Combine that with the fact that Eve Online keeps a certain type of player - one who determined, ruthless and dare I say, intelligent, more mature, and a bit grudgy. Long term games + uncertain future + sense of betrayal = death spiral. CCP has been trying to make other games, but they've failed, really. I guess this is them cashing out their investors and executives so that they can work technical problems for a larger company for reliable funds?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/235863/4beafc02-0c3f-4dc5-a0be-d5fb996bae68/image.png Was it all for nothing????
The western reelase of BDO always pissed me off, its a F2P game originally but they sold it as a P2P game here but kept all the f2p elements. Doesn't bode well for this
what the fuck? how? i was under the impression than BDO devs were measly specs compared to CCP
The Asian MMO market is a strange beast, my dude. I mean look at this. https://infographic.statista.com/normal/chartoftheday_14479_free_2_play_games_highest_grossing_months_n.jpg Sure Fortnite is big but then right below you've got Lineage and Dungeon Fighter Online, games which practically speaking nobody here plays. I wouldn't be surprised if, even with its lackluster reception in the west, BDO grossed far more overseas.
I'm a dungeon fighter online player and have been keeping track of Nexon's financial statements whe they first announced their partnership with tencent. The Korean version was the most popular one and one of their biggest money maker for 4 years. In the FIRST financial quarter of the Chinese release, they made FOUR times the revenue compared to a 4 year report.
I've spent at least 6000 hours playing eve since 2008, and even though I haven't played much at all in the last couple years, this news really makes me sad. I don't want to see one of my favorite games go down the gutter just because Hilmar saw dollar signs flashing before his eyes like he did when we pushed monocles out, and quickly backfired on him. Unless PA keeps completely hands off and gives CCP full autonomy I don't know if the playerbase will stick around. Everyone seems to think PA will make eve P2W, though one could make the argument that Eve already went P2W with skill extractors/injectors, but you still need to know how to play the game to put those skills to use. Even if they let you buy mods outright or let you upgrade them like you upgrade gear in BDO, I don't think eve is the type of game where that will make much of a difference unless the player is skilled in the first place, and even if they are skilled a group can probably still take them out. I don't think they could ever really upset that balance unless they let you pay money to reclaim lost ships, which would destroy the balance and economy that the game is built upon. They might make quick money sure but the game won't last long enough to make all that money from the merger back. Eve is the one game where the players have the power to bring real change. I can see nullsec groups parading through highsec or holding trade hubs in a chokehold to strangle the economy just to make a point, like Burn Jita but on a more massive scale. It would be really interesting to see what would happen if they actually try and make Eve into what BDO is.
The sad fact is that even 15 years after Eve Online's release - there are no other successful games in the category of "fully player driven hard core loss sandbox". It's such social and political experience to have a world built by players and torn apart by players with full-loss, and Eve balanced it a uniquely successful way.
A friend linked me this yesterday, made me kinda laugh https://i.redd.it/pq1bomzbypk11.png
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