• A new Lord of the Rings MMO is happening, potentially F2P
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https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180904005839/en/Athlon-Games-Partners-Middle-earth-Enterprises-Publish-Multi-Year LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Athlon Games, a global publisher of console and PC games,announced it has signed a long-term licensing agreement with Middle-earth Enterprises to develop and publish a video game based on The Lord of the Rings. Athlon Games is working with a partner developer to create an online game set in the world of Middle-earth™ at a time long before the events of The Lord of the Rings, exploring lands, people and creatures never seen before by fans of the Tolkien universe. “It’s a singular opportunity to work closely with Middle-earth Enterprises to create a completely new experience for fans of the landmark fantasy work of J.R.R. Tolkien, and we are excited about the resurgence of interest in The Lord of the Rings IP,” said Dave Miller, president, Athlon Games. “This, along with several other major properties Athlon is working with, will help us to further our goal of creating AAA cooperative console and PC experiences that gamers will want to play for years to come.” “We are extremely pleased to work with Athlon Games to create a new, immersive game experience, exploring epic regions in Middle-earth during the years leading to the events of The Lord of the Rings,” said Fredrica Drotos, Chief Brand & Licensing Officer at Middle-earth Enterprises. “Athlon’s game will allow millions of Middle-earth fans throughout the world a unique opportunity for fellowship and epic exploration.” Athlon Games, and its parent company Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited, which also owns Digital Extremes and Splash Damage, is marrying its deep expertise with free-to-play game design and service with Western development and strong IP to create top quality console and PC games that have global appeal. “We believe in Athlon Games’ model to collaborate closely with Western developers to implement incredibly successful live services, while also giving its partners the autonomy they need to develop outstanding game experiences,” said Alex Xu, CEO of Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited. “At Leyou, we’ve seen great success implementing this strategy with other titles, such as Warframe. Now we can expand our footprint in the West with Athlon Games.” Los Angeles-based Athlon Games is a newly formed publisher headed up by industry veteran Dave Miller, formerly of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Codemasters and NBC Universal. For more on Athlon Games, visit www.athlongames.com.
From his resume Drove marketing campaign for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the most successful new IP launch in WBIE’s history Great.
I'd hope they take care of the lore as carefully as Turbine's LOTRO did, but good odds that won't happen.
i will only care about gameplay itself if i can make a healer that requires actual thought otherwise an mmo is useless to me
Honestly the only kind of LotR multiplayer game I'd be interested in would be something akin to planetside 2 but as a red vs blue in Sauron's armies versus the Fellowship armies.
I'll pass. Thanks.
It's F2P my dude, it's going to have microtransactions, that's the way they make their money, and probably some sort of premium subscription like ESO has. As long as it's not Korean MMO levels of microtransactions it shouldn't be too bad.
the real question is, will it be an MMO based on LoTR or a generic fantasy MMO licensed to use the name a good LoTR MMO would make fucking [i]heaps[/i] of money but I have zero faith in this being what we're all looking for.
LOTRO has its flaws but damn if this isn't an epic instance song. https://youtu.be/ldCvXSnW_Gk
The way ESO handles it is rather good, but most F2P stuff sucks, at least on mobile.
As long as the UI isn't a total fucking cluster fuck mess like tons of mmos currently, it'll be better than average already.
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