• Chinese tourists apologise after being publicly shamed for leaving Japanese Airb
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the whole reason those things are so clean is that people have etiquette when they use it...
They laughed it off and made rude remarks until it went viral. They're apologizing because they're shamed, not because they're sorry.
Am I the only one who cleans the appartment even if I pay for cleaning costs? I've had hosts complain about petty stuff in the past like leaving dishes in the dishwasher etc in the past.
i always try to clean as much as i can when using an airbnb. even shit like picking up hair after i take a shower i remember staying at an airbnb in toronto w/ some friends and we got a little too rowdy the night before checkout so in the morning we frantically cleaned the apartment and we finished just as the host came to check on it. the host gave us a glowing review talking about how clean we left the apartment : )
Japan is so clean that it made me even more annoyed when I saw someone not leaving something the way they found it, especially coming from the UK where seeing people flytip is a daily occurrence
Well I am a messy bastard, not gonna deny it. Probably would have binned the rubbish tho, common sense really I remember a couple years back I rented a room in a hotel down in England and dropped my grinder full of weed on the floor, I had more than enough on me but I thought hell I could be giving the cleaner something nice to look forward to I mean there was at least an 8th ground up but too scattered for me to bother picking every bit up
This was back in 2013, and a couple of Chinese teenagers studying abroad had lived in my last apartment before I moved in, I hadn't checked that exact apartment out before moving in, just an identical one. The landlords assured me that the apartment I was moving into was going to be completely cleaned and in perfect order before I moved in, though. On moving day, as I opened the door and walked in, I was met by dried, brown/blackish sticky goo pretty much all over the kitchen floor and parts of the living room floor (which later turned out to be soy sauce), a clogged sink in the kitchen (which turned out to be due to fats and such), old panties stuffed under the washing machine, and trash being more or less everywhere, among pretty much everything else being really dirty. I couldn't even be angry about it, me and my friends just walked through my new apartment and giggled at how much of a fucking disaster the place was. On my end it was sorted out, although I had to change my plans. I called one of the landlords and asked him to come take a look, he was absolutely shocked and apologized over and over again for the situation, called in a cleaning firm and plumber free of charge, and I got to live there the first three months rent-free as compensation. I've read and heard lots of stories regarding similar situations, and the problem seems to be the really huge wealth gap in China, I.E, the people who can afford to go abroad are really rich, and as such they're used to maids and such cleaning up their messes after them, when they don't have that luxury they're either confused and unsure about how to handle the situation, or they simply just feel that they're "above it"
From what I've read, another part of it is the rise of a Chinese middle class, people who grew up on farms but now have the money and ability to travel abroad, and lack an understanding of Western social norms. The Chinese government actually now has programs to try to educate their people before they go overseas, so as to not reflect badly on China.
I sorta feel like even if you're clueless about Western standards basic hygiene should still be common sense
easy solution to this, just change people's public score outside of China as well. :v:
Dutch people are very hardcore on this. There's a joke that goes that the only way to tell Dutch people have been staying somewhere is to check the miniature bathtub in the dollhouse, which will vaguely smell of soap.
“We paid money to stay here, not to clean it … This isn’t our home so we don’t need to clean it for you.” By and large, I can't help but feel this is the attitude of the majority of Chinese tourists. Although I know it really can't be the case... Personally, even in hotels I try to keep it as clean as possible. My attitude is leave it as good as when I arrived, if not cleaner. [img]https://i1.wp.com/shanghai.ist/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/japan-airbnb3.jpg?w=576&ssl=1[/img] "the owner has said that he cannot accept their apology, calling it fake. It’s not clear if the women actually will compensate the owner." https://shanghai.ist/2018/09/15/chinese-tourists-leave-giant-mess-in-japan-airbnb-apartment-refuse-to-compensate-owner/ my god look at the state of it
reminds me of the guy who rented next to me, I saw him maybe once, his gang of friends would just go there to party every now and then. When the landlord kicked him out for not paying rent at all, it took them like a month to rehab the place because he was just filling it with trash.
common sense actually isn't
On the bright side, the only fecal matter present, was drawn.
common sense is not stable over geography
I think you mean demography but I like the mental image of someone acting more idiotic over certain terrain for some unknown reason haha.
It really is. I went on holiday to Japan for 2 weeks. Barely ever saw any litter, and if I ever did it was right next to the bin (because the bin was overflowing - there's definitely a lack of public bins in Japan!)
The lack of bins is because someone put a bomb in one back in the 90's
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