• AZ man fakes Down syndrome, hires caregivers to bathe him and change diapers
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is this thread rabidly twitching ir is it just me?
It's a bug, I believe. I don't see it but I have seen others complain about it.
Does he have Parkinson's? But seriously, scummy shit.
Otherwords, An literal psychic man baby? that sexual and physical abuses caregivers just to fit his delusions fantasies? Oh wow
This is particulary offensive considering that people who actually have Down Syndrome aren't always as helpless as this guy was pretending to be. Not even close. They can hold jobs, go to college, and even find love and get married.
That actually really depends on the individual. Some are barely able to live around the house by themselves, and some aren't at all. Some have uncontrollable anger, rage, or depression. It's really unfortunate, but not all of them are the happy stereotype that we pretend they are.
This is the reality. I've had conversations with rather intellectual people who happened to have Down's Syndrome, and I've also babysat grown adults who had Down's Syndrome. It really varies.
And all people with Down Syndrome have physical characteristics brought on by the extra chromosome. How this guy even remotely got away with this is mind boggling.
Yeah, I was going to say it's kind of easy to tell if someone has Downs Syndrome. I can understand someone who's never known anyone with Down Syndrom might not know but trained carers should probably be able to tell.
You can make the face, my friend could do it. You'd have to be a master actor to be able to sustain it and the persona for hours on end.
If your friend has both the look and the behavior down pat, have you considered it's perhaps not an act?
tbis should be an offense wtf is wrong with some people
It is an act, he would always do it when we were on the short bus to school
yeah sure buddy
They were probably willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if they were immediately suspicious.
He may not have Down's Syndrome, but he's still retarded.
Charlie Kirk?
If you guys haven't seen it, Edward Norton does an AMAZING impersonation of someone with Downs. It's seriously impressive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkVJ0KvOV60
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