• Devil May Cry 5 Lets You Spend Real Money To Upgrade Characters
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Jeez, quick to call me a PR shill. What I said was that as long as they don't skew the game in favour of you buying the stuff, I'd be fine with it as they said "it's for people who don't have the time". But then in a reply to another post, I've realized that if they really cared about that, they would've just let you do that through cheat codes or whatever instead of forcing you to pay. You're already paying full price for the game, they shouldn't be forcing you to pay up more just to be able to fuck around.
lol why do people act like this is a matter of trust or not just wait until the game is out and don't buy it if it isn't good
Exactly this. If they put things like this in the game, and say they're for people who don't have the time to grind stuff out or for people who just want to bypass it entirely, that means one of two things, if not both: The game was designed to be more of a grind than it could've been to encourage or force people to buy MTX to get ahead They're letting you pay money to skip content so that content must not be fun or worth playing. They essentially expect you to pay them more money so you can play their game less, and why would they do that if their game was good in the first place? If the game is fun and engaging, why let players skip ahead? More game for your money is always a good thing, and they're advocating for you spending more money to play less of their game. That just reeks of greed and poor game design.
Ok, so I did not bother to read all the thread, but if I understand correctly this game is like DMC4, offline and single player, what's stopping me to use Cheat Engine like I did in DMC4 and get all the power ups in mission 1?
Though that depends on implementation and whether they decide to specifically protect that value. It also wouldn't make it impossible, just (a lot) more difficult.
Anyone who has played DMC knows the amount of red orbs you get as you play is overly generous and the TGS demo seems to be exactly the same. Not to mention that buying all the moves instantly will not make you better at DMC in any way. The decision to include micro-transactions makes me raise an eyebrow but if you're going to pass on DMC5 just because of this, you'd be doing a pretty stupid decision...
how about an actual news source that tests the red orb rate, as well as the prices on the moves. Devil May Cry 5 tl;dr people need to stop participating in this outrage culture before they have all the information.
One possibility is that the Dev-Teams follows orders enough to put the micro-transaction upgrades in game, but reads between the lines enough to not make them worth anyone's money. Like Assassin's Creed 4 did, where you could buy upgrade materials, but you'd have to suck so bad that the money would be better spent on a psychiatric evaluation.
I'm passing on DMC 5 for the time being because this strikes enough of a red flag that I cannot trust capcom with this game at release. Between this and all the preorder shit, I can't help but worry something else is going to sneak in, which is only made worse by the company's history of pulling fast ones on their consumer base.
Your loss, really. When Capcom added microtransactions to DMC4 with the Special Edition, they actually made red orbs and proud souls drop in higher quantities than standard DMC4 (which had no MTX) and the TGS DMC5 demo with Dante is pointing at a similarly high rate, so comparing this to Battlefront 2 where all the signs of greediness hurting gameplay were there even before the game was announced is a bit much.
It really angers me people get mad over it. It doesn't affect the game, you don't need to buy it at all. Red orbs or proud souls never were any issue anyway, if you REALLY need them go to the bloody palace and you're done. The last 2 games had them as well and no'one got mad?? Just buy the game already. It looks sick, plays sick, I'm hyped AF and can't stand people downtalking it after such a long time since the last dmc for such a dumb reason.
tbh this article isn't any more valid than other claims, as the devs could easily change the earning rate or costs right before launch. iirc there was a game recently that did this exact thing, maybe Mankind Divided or Shadow Of War? The best thing to do is wait until the game launches and see what the prices and earning rates are at that time.
People are really on edge with how many games have been ruined by microtransactions. Even though here, I agree it'd not affect the game at all and it's mostly a knee jerk reaction, to be honest I'd rather people be outraged at nothing than not be outraged at all, and let publishers continue with microtransactions without recourse.
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