• LEGO starts crowdfunding campaign for sets aimed at older fans
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm6nVToh3HU https://www.wired.co.uk/article/lego-forma-launch Here's the campaign if you want a set.
Honestly, this looks cool. I might get one.
Meh, Technic is already LEGO for adults
Seems like a neat concept, I can definitely see this being expanded upon with cool mechanical designs and stuff. Having a mechanically moving thing on your desk and knowing you had to build it by hand sounds fun. Could potentially become like a real life Besieged too if they expand on how modular the parts can be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY4SZLU42iI
i stopped caring about lego when it stopped being an accesible toy and became a luxury with prices that werent worth it anymore. This looks great but i hope they dont go crazy with the money the ask for them.
I mean compared to other smaller sets out there that are like 30 bucks for a small piece - this isn't' bad.
but lego prices have been relatively stable for the last few decades. What Happened with LEGO | Reality Prose sure there are more expensive sets now than there used to be but there are still just as many cheaper more valuable sets you can get for your money
yea, maybe im just speaking for my local prices down here in Chile. Some of the smallest toys start up at $30 and thats kinda nuts
Another thing to remember is how sets that use a license (Star Wars mainly but the Marvel/DC/various movies follow this too) usually have a slight bump on the price when compared to a set with a similar piece count. Makes sense, but people complain more about those ones.
Those just look like Technic sets to me... Am I missing something?
Technic and Lego Mindstorms, when you actually program in a real language like RobotC or lejos compared to LabView, are already adult lego products.
how tf do i put this on my warframe
And really, it's only Disney licenses that are priced gouged to that extent. Disney tax is 100 percent a thing. Look at the prices of the Lego Batman Movie sets in comparison - extremely reasonable in comparision.
Why is there a Indiegogo campaign for a company that already has billions of dollars and can probably manufacture a thousand of these a day is what I'm concerned about.
The sets have already been designed and manufactured, this is a matter of market research.
For sure. The $800 MF shouldn't be $800, but here we are. And it still didn't stop me. They probably know they can get away with it honestly.
As a kid I had a lot of patience to fiddle around with sets, but now I feel as if everytime I have to do something finicky I just get mad with my clumsiness very fast. This isn't a product for me, but I like that Lego is experimenting with sets to attract adults
Why does a multi-billion dollar company need to crowdfund this?
Because they're trying to determine if people will actually pay for it. They're basically covering the overhead of producing the first wave and then if there's actual interest (people buy it through the campaign) they'll do more.
What Narry said AND you have to factor in the making of new moulds (which isnt cheap at all) and more materials to buy.
I dunno, the only sets I ever look at are the Technic sets and they're pricey and I can see why we only ever got small sets as kids. Lego definitely is expensive, but when you've got the pieces in your hand it's hard to argue that they don't feel good quality
I was thinking this at first but if you actually go on the crowdfunding page, whatever version you pick, you get one of these toys included in your pledge, so it's a win win situation really.
just release old bionicle sets once more and we wil lbe fine.
I actually work for a business that sells individual so I'll likely see these in the future, but it seems like a nice idea, I'm just glad they're testing the waters before committing to it just yet. LEGO has been bleeding money in the past few years because they've been creating molds for so many new parts that are likely only to be used in a set or two, so hopefully that isn't the case with this line, but I definitely hope it goes well.
It just reminds me of those "adult" coloring books where it's just a regular coloring book except they put way too many details in.
I would prefer if they would just re release the sets from 90's to early 2000's...
What about USC sets? The Creator car's series, Modular Buildings, Motherfucking Voltron. The bigger Technic sets like the GT3 and Chiron. I feel like all these sets carter more towards adults than children?
Second. Just gimme those Technic Rahi sets.
They've only gotten pricier because they've gotten bigger and more intricate, which is what the adults buying the biggest sets want. I mean, the flagship set this year is 300 dollars, but has over 4000 pieces, which hardcore lego fans know is an insanely good value. (10 pieces per dollar has been the gold standard for ages)
That's a cute fish.
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