• Migrant Children Moved Under Cover Of Darkness to a Texas Tent City
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Late, also Some staff members cried when they learned of the move, the shelter worker said, fearing what was in store for the children who had been in their care. Others tried to protest. But managers explained that tough choices had to be made to deal with the overflowing population. It doesn't have to be like that, they don't have to keep so many goddamn kids, this is because of Stephen MIller and a guy named after Confederates.
Hmmmm... I think there's a term for places like this but I can't quite put my finger on it.
did we ever find out where those disappeared migrant children went to, or are these the ones?
Maybe you need to go to a special camp that would help you work on your concentration
Absolutely DECIMATE the liberals by establishing multiple Concentration camps and moving our large migrant population to these camps! #maga
Can we dismantle ICE already and fix the stupid laws that motivate people to do this sort of shit to children already?
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