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I had to read up on what a TERF was and holy shit those people are nuts.
pls where can I subscribe to your photoshop tutorial series
that looks really cool
Its cool but makes me want to look away immediately :P
I havent posted in this thread in around 4 years hi
Been thinking a lot about when I'd come out to my parents. I figure once I'm financially stable and have some therapy/religious consulting under the belt for good measure, that'll probably be a good time. Also thinking about what I'd change my name to and settled on something I really like, so that's cool.
I had a moment today where I *really* wanted to come out to my mom over text, but decided not to. I showed her I was doing Soylent lunches and trying to lose weight, cause I'm 6' and 189. She worried cause I'm skinny already and that I'll always weigh more because of my dad's build, and that I'll be bigger and bulkier. I just wanted to come out then and say "Yea, but that's not what I want, I want to be as skinny as healthily possible. I've got fat I can lose, so I can pull off looking like a girl". Obviously I didn't.
It's hard! You wanna tell them so bad but it never feels like the right moment. I honestly just want to make sure I have a foundation for myself since my parents are religious. If I'm on my own and have talked to people in the religious community about it, then I'd feel better about it even in the worst case scenario. Right now I'm still living with them so it wouldn't be a good idea to do it yet.
Yea, you need to be safe. I've got my own place and am totally independent, but I'm still terrified to. It irks me whenever my brother refers to me as "his brother" or how I'm gonna be the "best man" at his wedding here in a few months. I just... I don't have the nerve to say anything, I can't, and I'm scared to.
I've decided that before I come out to the rest of my family I have to come out to my brother. I'll try to do it tomorrow night, so if anyone has any advice I'd love it (especially considering I'm 21 and i feel kinda late to the game if you know what I mean) not trying to take away any support from you, Nook, I just got that time crunch on me
imagine being stuck as "friends" with some terf that hates ftms while whining about how her "liberal" lifestyle and dressing sense is pissing off her conservative family
I went to my laser consultation today. A medium area equates to my upper lip and chin and a bit of my cheeks. I'm a bit bummed it doesn't cover my upper neck, but whatever, I can't really be mad for $207. I finally get to vaporize these fucks for good.
he brought a girlfriend, plans are suspended for a day or two!! much love for the diamonds, thank you all
I think i am non-binary (on the feminine side p much 95% of the time) but my brain has a big desire to understand it before i make the commitment to the move. I look up stuff on google about it and alot of the people that are listed as non-binary dont really fit my style of fashion or anything because i dont really want to aim for pure androgyny. I think thats my biggest hangup on it. dunno, just random rambles
You can wear any style you want and identify however you want
yeah i agree with that but my overthinking brain goes "no wrong" and im just sitting here going ??? in a feedback loop. i honestly think one of my big issues in life is overthinking things like this.
Is there anything I should know when looking for a college roommate? It's college so people should be more accepting but I'm still hella worried. There's no on campus housing left either, so I can't just tell my college that I'm trans and have them set me up.
I'd say that if you have an ad out, just put "LGBT friendly please" or something similar on there. That's usually all you need to ensure that your roommate is gonna mesh better with you while avoiding the shitty people.
After a very long time waiting and worrying, I've finally started HRT today. As of now I'm just on spironolactone, and it looks like next month I'll be able to start estrogen. I feel like I've finally reached a milestone I've been waiting years for.
Congrats! I'm so happy for you, please make sure to take plenty of progress pictures!
So a couple days ago, I met one of my gf's new friends who is also trans. I met the first all cross-dressed in the same dress I posted in the previous thread. After we went to the mall for a bit, we went back to my place and I got changed into my usual clothes and got rid of my makeup. She told me I was practically night and day and almost asked me if I was the same person. I'm glad at least my cross-dressing is effective in fooling people.
I have a ton of body hair (it's them middle eastern genes) and one of my goals is to finally be able to get rid of all of it through laser hair removal, but I had no idea how expensive it was!!! It's like $500 per session, and I'm going to have to do multiple sessions. I'm broke as all hell, how am I gonna be a cute femboy now
I went shopping with my friend/coworker today! I went well! Got some cute pants, shirt and tanktop. She had me try on a whole bunch of stuff. I still felt weird picking stuff of the racks, but knowing someone had my back the whole time was super nice. I've been shopping with my mom and stuff, but sometimes I feel like a burden around her. Having a friend to come with you is whole new dynamic.
whenever i go perusing i just prepare the defence of "i'm buying stuff for my gf" and then going on my merry way while crying inside but that's besides the point
Ugh. Since I work at a warehouse and I regularly lift heavy stuff, my traps have stayed huge. Like I have an almost femme body, but my shoulders... I hate them so much. Like, its great that I get a lot of exercise, but I really dont want them to be so damn huge. I just want a promotion so I never have to lift shit ever again.
So to continue my saga with NHS Scotland, they have now totally removed me from their service because I am 'not serious about transitioning' Let's disregard the fact that I have lived as a woman for almost a year now, have started HRT privately and am in the process of trying to get a legal name change. I'm not actually that mad because I was leaving to go back to the Netherlands in a year's time anyway, but how badly run it is must be really bad for people who don't have private options.
Still not sure if I can talk my way out of this stupid paper my counselor wants me to write... It's incredibly stupid to begin with, but if I give it to her then it may be the last time I ever have to see her again. I already have an appointment scheduled for the endo in August, but the counselor has to send a letter to them saying to put me on HRT. I don't even know where to begin to write this paper. She wants me to write my "autobiography", because she likes to take snippets of it and send it to the doctor. I'd be less upset about this if I could just email the paper to her, but I have to print it off and drive all the way out to see her. It's fucking stupid. I just want my god damn medicine.
It's not like she can force you to write it, but there might just be some consequences in not doing it. If you think she might not send that letter if you don't then I would at least just try to send it by e-mail and see if she still insists you drive all the way out there.
I still have to call her to make another appointment before the endo visit, but when I do I'll be sure to ask her if I can email or just do something besides write a paper.
I feel like I am stuck in a sort of limbo. I told my mom about being trans awhile ago. And no progress as been made since. She seems to always outright ignore it and I swear she tries to stick male pronouns in everything as often as she can. Even though she "accepts" me. Last night really made me feel like shit cause her sister called to talk about how a cousin of mine came out as lesbian and how her family supports her. And they talked about how we need to live our own lives to make ourselves happy and no one else. So I figured it was a good time to tell her I wanted to start transitioning soon. But nope all I learned is that she thinks I just want to "portray" being a women, that she still thinks of me as being a man and forever being a man. I just want to my room afterwards and tried not to cry. I didn't even tell her I wanted to start soon. Later on she came to my room and said "You know if my boyfriend ever finds out that it's the end of his and I's relationship right? " I don't know if she was trying to guilt trip me or not because she also added "because I would pick you instead of him".
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