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https://i.imgur.com/sKCWVZN.png Hezzy is on the case, we can calm down for now I think
Something similar I'd like to bring up: https://i.imgur.com/bbGKMye.png This is from the "Trannysparent Theme" thread. If I remember right, Orkel is no longer only a moderator but actual FP staff. I didn't wanna bitch about this back then, but if multiple mods/FP staff members are gonna take such a "get over it" attitude about how trans people are treated on the forum, I feel that it's somewhat relevant.
Facepunch moderators are gonna have to be flown out to Walsall for in-person cultural sensitivity training
This is why it hasn't been.
I think instead of just banning the word "trap", why don't we just settle on a definition for it, and then take action against it? Because I feel like multiple people have very different definitions of the word, and I personally don't see it as offensive. To me, a "trap" is someone who effectively passes for the opposite gender, with the intention of luring in the same sex without telling them of their gender orientation.
Honestly if it were up to me, using the term in general or sharing an opinion on its use wouldn't be bannable, but using it to refer to a transgender individual who doesn't use it to refer to themselves would be, whether it be someone on or off the forum. That's my preferential stance on it anyway since you can't really put a blanket ban on a word, otherwise you wouldn't be able to discuss it.
I sent an email to that gender clinic about 2 hours away from me. Hopefully I can get referred to someone and start an email conversation. Scheduling a visit would be pretty difficult, but it is do-able. Hopefully someone responds...
Good luck!
The issue isn't that they used the word trap. In fact, nobody used the word trap to refer to trans people in that thread at all... the issue is that somebody said that essentially all trans people are whiners in response to somebody trying to talk about why they thought a term was harmful, then banning the person that the comment was about in the first place. By the way, I appreciate that you are doing what you can, and that this is out of your hands. But it is extremely frustrating when we all know for a fact that messaging hezzy won't result in anything happening. "Message the community manager" is the weirdest community management scheme I've ever seen on a forum. Again, this isn't your fault, but it's bizarre and frustrating and it makes us feel essentially powerless.
I'm not wanting to jump on the blame train and name names but there is some issues with FP (both mods and community members) when it comes to trans issues, although tbh I do not expect them to be fixed while 'stop caring about ratings' is used to fob off criticism like it has been in the past. That being said, Pascall has a point imo and FP is one of the better non-transgender specific forums in relation to this stuff imo. Always room for improvement however.
can I also point out that when I complained about that thread in forums discussion, garry himself rated my post 'snowflake'
"Complaining about ratings" is pretty disingenuous because they still are reflective of an opinion. "Since this forum is so leftist" wow you're so brave
Thx for your input "tg-killer"
We have covered previously that this problem is a no brainer. If there is a reasonable quantity of people complaining about a term that is effortless to change then fighting to keep it is completely meaningless and only serves for contrarianism while being rude for literally no reason whatsoever. Unfortunately as mentioned earlier we currently do not have the ability to change thread titles.
I only say to message Hezzy because we as moderators literally do not have the power to dole ou any kind of punishment to each other. I can do things about misbehavior from users once I get an okay to if i need to, but since the crux of the issue is that you have an issue with Shendow, that’s something that literally only Hezzy can address.
It is so exhausting how much people lack empathy when it comes to being trans, its so easy for people to just shrug us off as a joke or whatever. So so tired of it.
Yet another reason why negative ratings can be a form of harassment sometimes.
I've noticed it's the same people doing it over and over and have occasionally seen them come into this thread to rate-bomb people and then leave.
Oh wow that is even worse.
hello folx how is your morning going
Good morning. Just finished therapy and now I'm going to eat pizza. So today is good!
Did you type folx to make it sound seem fox because your avatar is animal related? If that is the case then I will undergo hysterical convulsions of laughter for atleast three hours.
Trying Fortnite's Battle Royale mode. So far finding the bunny hop spamming to be fucking annoying.
Recovering from EGX Rezzed, I shouldn't have worn heels! On the bright side, they've certainly been broken in by probably 4 days of standing near constantly!! Was the biggest struggle to get out of bed, my legs didn't want anything to do with me
"x" in place of "ks" because they're phonetically the same when used this way and i'm a dork
I'm very relieved we don't have the child molester rating. I actually have no idea how that was even a thing in the first place.Just super dumb.
I hear "folx" a bunch in super-inclusive safe spaces etc and I don't really get it but whatever
Reminds me the stupid SJWs who use x in place of "gendered languages" like Spanish.
I know this is like a day old now but I just wanted to say to @Pascall that I don't think that we're frustrated with you in particular but rather the mod culture on FP in general. I don't think it's controversial to say that it would be ridiculous to expect you be able to unilaterally demod or otherwise punish Shen, but you have to admit that their behaviour and the lack (or at least slowness) of response on the part of the mod team is disheartening. Especially given the forum's history with not dealing with bigoted mods/popular users. I hardly need you remind you all of Tudd and how long it took the mod team to get rid of him. That said, I would like to reiterate my gratitude towards you for having our back. It's nice to have a member of our little community on the mod team to stick up for us.
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