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The best part of realizing I'm in a dream is that I instantly go from whatever I currently am/doing into a huge monster and going godzilla on everything in the vicinity while looking super adorable.
Most of my dreams just leave me feeling sad and unfulfilled after waking up. Funnily enough in a recent dream i was finally a girl, unlike 90% of my dreams. One dream that left me particularly fucked up was when I dreamt that I was an old man, in a hospital bed. I listened to doctors telling me that I was bleeding out or something because of blood thinners, and there was nothing that could be done. I just laid there until I died, and woke up. Was fucked up for the whole next day.
I once had a dream where I was walking on a road, when I passed two kids they tried to insult me by calling me a lesbian Your joke backfired, kids-from-my-dream, by calling me a lesbian you only improved my mood
I kinda wish I could remember my dreams. Only thing I remember to do at near to no energy to to correct my hair so it doesn't get fucked up.
i still have vivid memories of a dream I had when I was like 7/8 basically I was given a drink that gave you what you really wanted and I turned into a girl I was really confused and never questioned it until I had my first breakdown at 16
My dreams are normally abstract collections of vaguely-related scenes (or at least, their progression feels entirely logical at the time), and often feature settings or characters from the Simpsons, for some bizarre reason. I've always just been 'me' in them and I'm normally an observer, the last time I had a dream where something actually happened was when I was in primary school. I wish I had cool or exciting or validating dreams tbh, but they're all just so boring.
my dreams are basically storytelling has a beginning and it usually dies out in the middle/end. dreams include -dangan ronpa but on a cruise ship -weird versions of disney world etc. in all of them im either genderless or a girl so wop
That's fucking awesome.
I actually tried lipgloss today and I felt mega cute. It even had lil glitter bits that were near impossible to get rid of, but still! Today was good c:
You're allowed to do things or feel things without having to align your gender identity based off of it
I know it wasn't intentional but my mom just said something really dumb and it really fucked me up. She's been really excited about her new haircut and today she said out loud, "wow, I have the shortest hair in a room with three men?!" She's the only person I'm fully out to and it just killed me inside. Like, I know I havent been presenting as female, but she's been supportive this far and even went with me to my appointments. It's not that I don't want to, but I'm only three months into her and boy clothes are what I feel comfortable in right now. He'll, what i wear isn't even super masculine. I wear skinny jeans, v-necks, and no-show socks most of the time. But i feel as if she's under the mentality that since I'm not "trying" she doesn't have to either... Maybe she just honestly forgot and I'm over reacting. idk.
I'm sorry, sweetie. I'd honestly confront her about it and see what she says about it. Maybe she slipped or didn't think about it until after the fact. Maybe something needs to be clarified between the two of you. Who knows. Communication is key!
This honestly sounds to me like a mistake to me, if she was excited about it then that would make it all too easy to speak before thinking, I've said plenty of stuff I regret once the rest of my brain catches up! If you're out to her and everything is cool between you, I can't imagine any situation where she would say something like that without considering your feelings. The one situation is that if she's the only person who knows, then she may have been trying to protect you even by not addressing it amongst people that you haven't told yourself first. If she's going with you to appointments and the like, she must very much care about you. If you can, it might be worth just asking her. Feeling less connected to someone you felt understood can hurt a whole lot, but one's mind can play some mean tricks on you if it's left to figure out information where there isn't any. This is something that's very important to you, and you have a right to understand.
got my ears pierced today, it was about two shitzillion percent less painful than a laser hair removal treatment
I finally came out to everyone about how I really feel.. Honestly it feels amazing. I can finally be me. I ordered some makeup and a wig until my hair grows out. Life is looking good.
if you aren't out to your brother and dad your mum might just be trying to keep up the status quo until you're ready a possible explanation but talking it out with her is the best to do
Excited for you for when your hair grows out! Its turned my life around, honestly
Thank you! This is so exciting! I feel reborn again. Life is exciting and i look forward to tomorrow This is the hair i'll be using while my hair grows out, https://i.imgur.com/bcvH5P2.png
You may have to order more than one wig, sometimes they just dont look, sit or feel right. I used to use one that was very thick and dark and was pretty good for taking pictures in, but i couldnt wear it for more than a few minutes
So yesterday I went out with my mom and sister yesterday and we got me some girl clothes!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 Thankfully the 3X seems to fit me great! Better than most mens clothing, actually!
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/249718112209993729/438034912826884097/IMG_20180423_135238.jpg baby steps, i feel good with how i look, I need to get rid of this hair off my face tho, i shave and shave and it still stays. ugh
Obviously electrolysis is the best option long term, but I am unfortunate enough to have bear-person genetics and pretty thick, coarse and dark facial hair. Personally, I have found depilatory creams a good temporary measure until I've got the cash for electrolysis. Do be careful, though; they can give you wicked sick chemical burns and you will probably need to try a few before you find which one works best for you.
Not to mention smell some of them come with. I really should get waxed but I'm a huge coward
Why the fuck do people have to stare so much? I thought I was passing okay today but now i just want to curl up on the floor
Cut my face real bad with a razor while shaving today. It's proooobably a good time to put more effort into learning how to do makeup.
I got several stares and made someone jump when I went out with my mom on the weekend by my looks alone. Dunno if I'm doing something wrong or if they've never seen someone with long hair like mine before...
I tried staring back but he didn't care and just kept staring. I had to ask my mom to stand between me and him because I was not ok
What if they just wanted to have a harmless staring contest to pass the time
awwwww yiss my elderly aunt is a okay with my dressing up around the house! woo hoo ;-; Im so happy now I have nothing in my way!
you were right, the one I got is probably only going to be used for very special events. I ordered another one to go with it. https://i.imgur.com/MbtSJnW.png This one is shorter so less hassle to put on and maintain Dx
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