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our big guy Jill has his own branch, lol, haven't seen that one yet; look https://i.imgur.com/HRz3mfT.png https://steamdb.info/app/440/history/
yeah i don't get it. you'd be better off just slapping an 18+ restriction on them, require a credit card or id to buy them or something.
How I have heard it, they're only banning lootboxes of games which have economies. CS:GO, DOTA and TF2 have monetary value in their items, thus technically making this gambling. I still find this really dumb, as there are things like LEGO Minifigures which have 800$ worth items. Just stating their reasoning, not defending them.
Im well aware of their reasoning, but as I and you have mentioned, this "grey zone of gambling" is available in a lot of other areas. The only reason this is happening is because of the loud loud outrage over the Battlefront games - I mean what could go wrong if we let 60+ year olds that have no idea how the gaming industry works control vidya, right?
I'm in Belgium rn, I can still open boxes for some reason. hmm
Having low changes of receiving strange/unusuals might still constitute as gambling, which is why lootboxes are being restricted in the first place in several countries.
I don't know if you also share this observation, but I regularly see players be removed from matches by the system on Valve servers. From my experience, it happens once for every 3-4 matches. I wasn't expecting such widespread impact from the current implementation of matchmaking bans. I'm also surprised that I haven't seen complaints (yet) about false positives on Reddit or here on Facepunch. It seems to be working.
Removed from match by system does not mean they have been banned! If you queue in a match and then find a game, it gives the same message.
Oh, I didn't know that. My mistake.
Similarly, the "player disconnected (timed out)" message can appear even if they disconnect normally, not just from timing out, for some reason.
..You do realize that the point of the ban of lootboxes is related to laws being enforced in affected countries that ban gambling, right? With your suggestion, someone will see a hat they want in Unusual and keep buying it over and over in the hope that they get it. Thus, it'll still be considered gambling and will be banned in affected countries. If Valve wants to bypass this law, they have to give away the items for free; that's how contracts work right now. You pay to do the contracts, the game gives you a virtual currency in exchange for completing the contracts. The virtual currency can be used to purchase virtual items. If it affected more countries they could do that contract-based system to eliminate the traditional crates altogether. They could sell Blood Money on the Mann Co. Store which can be used to exchange for contracts. Those same contracts will have Blood Money rewards, but have different difficulties and costs associated with them. More difficult contracts give more. Blood Money could also be used to exchange for keyless cases for War Paint Cases, the War Paints themselves, Cosmetic Cases, the cosmetics themselves, and other scattered tool items and the like. I think that'd be the only way to do it, but then Mann Co. Keys would be rendered moot, so they'd have to introduce a way to allow crafting those into Blood Money or something. Not that standard keys have any purpose these days anyways; there haven't been normal crate drops since Jungle Inferno.
There's going to be a -lot- of panic and pandemonium if keys suddenly become useless/stop existing. They're the TF economy's closest thing to a "stable" currency
Keys wouldn't become useless. That's like asking a hypothetical situation of "what if suddenly metal could be crafted into unusuals at an insanely low price?". It's nonsensical.
As if the economy isn't already fucked. Pretty much everyone I know stopped trading.
If crates cannot be opened, what use would keys have?
Same thing as earbuds back in the day?
Is your thought process really just "crates will be unopenable and that's it"? You're not gonna think any more beyond that?
Earbuds were originally valued as a way to consolidate the value of keys, due to the trade limits of early TF2/steam trading. Once steam trading was expanded upon, the use, and by extension the value of buds began to decline over time. Everything is linked to keys regarding value. They're the only way to obtain unusuals, which is part of the reason people desire them. If keys die, it's going to be a very hard thing to adjust to, for the economy. Valve's going to have to tread this ground carefully.
While that may be true, the economy desperately needs something as it's been on a constant decline. Most unusuals have been constantly dropping in price due to them being more and more difficult to sell. It's going to need an adjustment, difficult or not, no matter what at this point.
I agree, I'm just saying that if/when the time comes and crates are no more/keys become de-valued/worthless, it's going to be a messy transitionary period for all parties concerned, and Valve has to be on their A game for this, if they want to keep an economy going at all.
alternatively they can just go the road china went with the lootbox law and sell "1 weapon with 50 open crates as a bonus!" for 100€
What is valve's view on the trading community right now?Do they think it would be in their best interest to undermine them so that more people use the community market?
That's not how that works, it's the other way around, they'd sell a miniscule amount of currency (probably metal) with keys included. For example: 1 key and 1 Reclaimed, or 5 keys and 1 refined.
worst thing is that you sign an agreement so you cant talk about the percentages or anything
https://i.redd.it/pyb00zslaz911.jpg s
but what choice do you have valve has plenty of other community members who will sign so they couldn't give less of a shit if you sign or not, same shit with those community updates
oi mate you got a license fo' that crate?
I haven't played in a fair amount of time, so I decided to give it a go and unwind for a while First match: losing team with 1 minute left Second match: losing team at the end of the first round, then destroyed on the second round. Third match: Balanced match. Fourth match: Balanced and almost scrambled to the losing team while playing as Medic with one minute left on the clock. Being sent to a match/scrambled with one minute left must be one of the worst things to happen. I know there's a small chance to try and outperform the enemy team, but when you're playing with 6 against 10, you rely more on the chance of autoscramble, and new people more than anything. The autoscramble is a whole another issue, I think I avoided it while dueling for plat tho. So I need more time to fully experience it.
i'd be interested in valve displaying the global equip rates of weapons, even if they said they don't rely on it anymore.
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