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I just act like an absolute idiot and maniac, while asking them about their taste of music. Then I get bored and tell them to fuck off.
https://i.redd.it/2zgf2jdzuv411.png It is from /r/tf2
I like to pretend that im following their scam to send like 30 crates and cases and watch their reactions Usually they just block me but its hilarious when they flip their shit and starts raging on the chat
Only idiotic scammers care about when you try to drag them along. People that didn't just watch a video of it and spend $12 on a fake steam account aren't just sitting actively waiting for you to finally give them an item you never planned on giving them. It's just like how people think taking the piss of a phone scammer actually does anything other than waste their time - experienced scammers know that they can do multiple things at once. Chances are that scammer that you're totally tricking, the one that'll play along until he realizes something is up and will immediately block you, is already looking for more people to try and scam. That's assuming he hasn't already found one. It's not like some anime where you totally tricked this baka and wasted his time instead. Just block them as soon as you realize, report them if necessary, and move on. You're only wasting your time. That's why scamming is so lucrative, and that's why so many scammers exist.
TF2 weapons now in SS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPAVZ0ZPpts
oh man, if melee weapons could hit all enemies in reach goddamn now i want serious sam grade linear progression type mvm mission maps in tf2 with generalized classes and somewhat freeform weapon selection
God, a TF2 campaign mode with Warframe-like gameplay would be hnnnngghh
If total conversion were stilla thing, you could mod the SS enemies into MVM robots and have a proper TF2 singleplayer campaing. with voicelines and everything
I still want an MvM Campaign that pits the TF2 mercs against hells forces from the 2016 version of Doom. Hell, make even the Doom Guy himself to be the final boss armed with the BFG 9000.
Heavy and Doomguy later becomes besties because they like to shoot big guns
Team Fortress 2 Back by popular demand, pan 6s! Official pan 6s 👍
Haven't really played much since jungle inferno, Miss anything? Summer updates still a thing?
TF2's got it's first "major" update in spring since who knows when. Major is in quotations because they didnt specifically announce it as such, however it brought us: new weapon balancing new queue system Glicko-MMR in competitive and Casual Reworked competitive with placements and Glicko(still has issues though) buncha bug fixes n shit Apart from that there is a new report system now, where hackers/cheaters are essentially automatically banned depending on the amount of unique reports and "other factors". As far as the summer update goes, most of us are expecting one in July. All we know about it are tidbits of "leaked" weapons and a "new experimental gamemode"
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132767/3db53697-8ae6-4086-a936-8840fc04949c/tf2.mp4 :C
15:05 and onwards: The VR experience the TF2 community can only dream of.
Speaking of TF2 being seemingly forgotten, you are unable to trade items in CS:GO or Dota 2 if you live in the Netherlands. https://www.pcgamesn.com/counter-strike-global-offensive/csgo-lootbox-netherlands?tw=PCGN1 However - it's totally fine with TF2 :V
Ok, how do you know that it is a scam? Also, I'm pretty sure that some people don't care about that and are just donating for an exclusive medal.
Don't worry, keys alone only trade several million $/year on the marketplace, nothing to worry about
Realistically this problem will be solved very soon, given its likely an oversight by Valve or them sneakily trying to push it under the rug?
Word of advice: forum reports have finally been implemented. If you truly have a beef with anyone derailing the thread, please by all means report it and move on.
rip ASIC then.
Thank you based Netherlands for making everyone go back to TF2.
They were already implemented, but it was sort of a temporary measure. This thread been around for a while already: Forum Reports There was also the discord channel. TF2 has like a one-tenth the players of CS:GO or Dota2. If it was bigger they probably would take action against it.
There are still millions of dollars flying into valve's pockets and generally in the economy, not as much as CS or Dota, but still a sum.
taunts need to not cancel when the player is punted airborne especially important to edibles and such also imagine if all the taunts were made into gestures that would be rad
i can already see it flying tauntkills assisted by a pyro on your team
I want to say that it's useful for non-edibles taunts to be able to react if you get punted, but then again half the point of a taunt is deliberately making yourself vulnerable to, well, taunt the person who you just stomped.
What does your last part mean? Like gesturing you're going to do a high-five by doing one IRL?
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