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It should be only the Sandvich so people wonder why they suddenly get more health than they're supposed to.
I don't think people would pick a shitty weapon because it has random crits on it since they're shitty most of the time being used, but on top of that weapons like Wrap Assassin and Eviction Notice deals piss poor damage even with crits so it's almost insignificant so a weapon rework would be much better. And shitty weapons are subjective (aside from the obvious ones) so picking weapons to have or not to have the attribute would be a bit difficult.
What if instead of Random Crits you get a random chance to use the Valve Rocket Launcher for a short amount of time ?
I was thinking like, for the booties. you give up a GL for that joke so you deserve something good. This especially makes sense for demo melees.
I may be misunderstanding, but wouldn´t this just encourage winbombing?
Restricting random crits to specific loadouts still leaves you with all the problems random crits have, just on the scale of one weapon. Plus the crits would now feel unfathomably bullshit when they do hit because in a world of no random crits, a random crit stickybomb would be so completely unexpected.
Holiday Punch must always have random crits. The Sharpened Volcano Fragment would still be shit even with random crits in an environment where no other weapon had them.
Just give heavy the 180 radius for backstabs with it.
So you guys want random crits to be gone/disabled, only for them to be latter weapon-specific? lmao what guys First of all, there's nothing fun into being randomly immobilized by a holiday punch Sharpened Volcano Fragment needs a rework but that's a sideline thing Besides, melee's are suppose to be weak by design - they're your last resort once you get cornered and out of ammo for rest of weapons; if you are forced to use one, you are in weak position already, and that means that the other guy has essentially won - suddenly dealing -195 dmg to him is essentially a jail-free card when you didn't even deserve one.
The thing is the moment they remove random crtis everyone will move from the holiday punch to the kgb.
maybe because holiday punch is as much of a gimmick weapon as hot hand and as we know, hot hand isn't a good weapon in first place You need to rebalance the weapon - simple as that. (hot hand too while you're at it)
if you consider a weapon only "good" because it has randomcrits chances are its a shit weapon and needs to be rebalanced
Of the same token, joke weapons can exist, they don't have to be as balanced as other weapons to be considered fun.
The TF2 Classic update's still being worked on. They've said that they have fully functional bots now that are on par with live TF2's bots and the Deathmatch mode is now its own game
I don't think you fully grasp what a grenadelauncher means to the demoman nor the act of giving it up. but yes I suppose. Some competitive videogames use random crits as an attribute and I was hoping for some good food for thought since having it part of what constitutes a specific weapon does make a big difference on the bullshit spectrum.
I don't think I ever implied that getting rid of the grenade launcher isn't a big deal, I'm just saying that making one weapon have random crits while the rest do not is poor design. It's extremely intuitive and on the once-in-a-blue-moon case where you get killed by that crit, it will be extremely frustrating. A loadout where you're gimped 99% of the time but then get a bullshit kill 1% of the time is not my idea of a well-designed weapon. There are more interesting ways of reworking the booties.
well go ahead I am interested in your bootie reworks.
Finaly the mod needs some traction
change booties in a way that doesnt affect demoknight dont touch demoknight
make it so you can't use melee with them on there fixed
the reason why the katanas were so shit to play agaisnt was because they could random crit.
coincidentally also the only reason they were worthwhile
We must demand valve fix the problems in the game, or nothing will happen. For those who haven’t emailed in a while, they updated the mail site- Contact TF Team Ask for hats, updates, an end to random crits, anything. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
valve created a tf2 map in source 2 as a vr demo https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/apps/250820/announcements/assetpacks_update/spytech.webm?v=1
weee more meaningless fUtuRe oF gAmInG at the expense of everyone living in this present
This is such a cock tease because it will never happen
It's like Steam. Valve sees an opportunity to dominate VR, but since they're Valve they're not as timely as Oculus. TF2 now is with Portal in that it lives on in VR tech demos.
tf2 in source 2 looks super good toh, I saw that eagle shadow
Gee, thanks Valve.
imagine they made tf2 in VR- oh wait it was literally their first vr-ready game
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