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It not actually reloading passively is a pretty massive problem with it. Once that's actually fixed then it can sit at the table with the Flaregun and Detonator but as it is now it's pretty garbage unless you're hanging back all the time to offset that quirk.
I would suggest not 100% trusting the angry posts of an ex employee. I've seen this before with my company, some things are true, some are exaggerations and some things are likely false. I'm not saying Valve is perfect or anything (because they certainly have issues) but other employees have recently said positive things about Valve on Twitter so the truth is likely not quite what any of us think it is.
The effective range for flamethowers is also the effective range for the shotgun. Afterburn is the perfect bonus after a 65-90 damage shot. And why not the Detonator when you are out of range? Once you learn its timing it feels much more versatile.
for some reason, the scorch shot has a bigger blast radius. i often utilize this for around corner attacks
They're all at least semi-viable, don't know what you're on about. They all have their own unique function that can be beneficial in different situations.
Outside of maybe the Scorch Shot, which I Feel is way too requirements seem way to brain dead for how potentially effective that gun can be. I really don't have too much issues with any of them. Shotguns ( both panic attack and stock ) are fairly good for relibility, solid damage and being hitscan. Flare guns ofter range. Detonator offers mobility and I honestly like the challenge it presents to get actually good with it. It's like the opposite of the Scorch Shot except no annoying knock back. I haven't used the Mannmelter yet honestly, but it seems like a solid took if you want to punish the enemy team if they're relying to heavily on Pyro's. Thermal Thruster I still would like to see some changes. Namely I'd like the fall damage to be normalized ( currently, you seem to take less damage from falls for whatever reason ), but in return I'd like to at least see normalized hulster speed of the thrusters, if not just allowing the pyro to swap back and forth normally in general. Detonator and Shotgun/Panic Attack, with the Thermal Thruster are probably my favorite secondaries currently though. Hell, I like trying to get more kills with just the Detonator then using the flamethrowers at all.
please quit being so snarky and hostile, its getting embarrassing you are referencing things that are ramblings of an ex-employee with more than enough counter-points by other ex-employees floating around - as commodore already mentioned just because someone mentions this doesnt mean that they are 100% pro valve, its fairly retarded hyperbole to assume that, as commodore already mentioned, valve isnt a perfect company and as far as its support for tf2 goes sucks ass but jesus christ if the hateboner isnt over the top as of late
Is the software AA (mat_software_aa_strength 0-1) in TF2 FXAA? After seeing this video I tried to benchmark but couldn't since demos execute graphics configs on their own now.
detonator flare touching a surface doesn't create splash. apples and oranges
Just to add a bit more onto this, I went onto their Steam Community Market hub, and discovered through browsing all 17 pages that the fake Team Fortress items don't show up if you're just browsing the whole thing. You have to search for the item by its name or a term that relates to it, like "Valve" or in this case, "Australium Rocket Launcher", for them to show up, in with the actual items. That means they're trying to hide that they're items for Abstractism as much as they can, by forcing them to only be viewed with the real items next to them on the market. And of course, in the trade UI, they look exactly the same; you can hover over the item and find out that it's an Abstractism item, but you didn't have to do that before, because up until just recently, only TF2 items looked like TF2 items, so people might take that for granted. Both that and the market visibility thing, of course, mean that this is a targeted thing towards people who know the items they're looking for, but aren't careful enough to check and see that that's really what they're getting. As you can see in that shot, they mimic the actual items as closely as they can, down to the correct "attributes" that would normally be on the real items. There are also fake Valve quality items, some of which have missing thumbnails, apparently. In short, be careful if you're trading for high-value items, and check over what you're receiving, even if looks like the real thing.
The game seems to be rilled with dead memes, viruses and they are mining Monero coins? What? Looks like we need to wait until Steam decides to do something.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3W_UVtETcI C'est magnifique. It's a instant classic in my books.
And I guarantee you that the positive reviews are from bots or people they paid, because from the outlook, the game is literally just "jump to the left and right as a cube". This is getting unrelated to TF2, but I really hope somebody like Jim Sterling brings attention to the game because something like this will make progress towards teaching Valve that they can't just give everybody an open platform and go "moderate yourselves". People are losing hundreds of dollars because of this game, maybe even thousands.
Well at least Fluury admits it, that's good enough for me.
did my part. Hope ya'll do too.
honestly, if even a fraction of that twitter thread is true, that just kind of renews my respect for the TF2 team in particular, albeit dramatically lessening my respect for Valve as a whole. assuming Valve actually has the dystopic, Lord of the Flies-esque every-man-for-himself kind of internal culture that's been suggested, that just makes it remarkable that the TF2 team is getting anything done at all, however slowly, under these conditions. hell, since the thread suggested that these sorts of companies incentivize big headline-grabbing work over backend and maintenance stuff, that just makes the fact that we got the Blue Moon update all the more remarkable, considering it was pretty much nothing but maintenance. I'm still keeping a healthy dose of skepticism about how accurate it is, especially considering the dude left Valve in 2014 and admitted that things could have changed since, but assuming any of it's true, I give my props for the team for still sticking with this old jankfest of a game even with all this bullshit surrounding them and the corporate sword of Damocles over their heads the whole time.
"You have switched to team BLU and will receive 500 experience points at the end of the round for changing teams." I only receive like 62xp all the time. So what's the deal?
Guerilla Programming
and we already discussed that there are enough ex-employees that see things differently, almost as if people have different experiences are you only reading what you want to read, or actively being ignorant?
I want this discussion to end because it's pointless and neither side's giving, but I'd like to remind you that people actively working in the company might not be fully aware of the occurrences within, or might not be privy to them until they had time to see from outside eyes. "You don't know what you have until it's gone" can apply. Just because a few people chimed in to say that they personally saw no issues with the company doesn't mean that suddenly the other people are wrong, or simply trying to belittle the company they worked for.
The worst part about this one guy's account is that it's actually a completely believable explanation of the behavior we've seen from Valve, especially concerning actually making games or maintaining titles that aren't Dota. Perhaps it's colored by personal bias, but considering the fact he actually worked there, I'm sure there's some element of truth. Maybe that's how he perceived the work environment, even if that's not actually how it was- but if it could be perceived in such a horrific manner, the reality can't be that dramatically different. Unless he's outright lying and slandering his previous place of employment, which I doubt, his account should at least be considered partially reflective of what Valve was like when he worked there.
https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/portal-2-co-writer-jay-pinkerton-seems-to-be-back-at-valve/ Does this mean comics is return?
And I didn't say that was the case. What I'm saying that is that valve has more than enough different people working on it and they all experience and view the company in a different light, so this incredible confirmation bias going on sometimes where people are seemingly incredibly ignorant of any opposing viewpoints of other ex-employees is rather stupid. I don't doubt that there is truth to what the dude said and it would also explain TF2's situation, both the positives and the negatives. TF2 is a chimera of 500 different systems and menus, and most of them are fairly cool but all die when it comes to actual maintance. Specifically the "Bonus" system the dude described is something I'd imagine to be close to reality, and we can see that ourselves. Replays? Incredibly cool shit. Died after a year or two. MvM? Fantastic gamemode that was groundbreaking for TF2. Hasn't seen new missions for years. Basic shit like Paints, Duels, Decals? All cool, small gimmicks that haven't been used for years. This "forced innovation" if you will that such a system creates comes with positives and negatives and I don't think TF2 would've been such a diverse game without said system. It's just unfortunate that actual maintance of the systems ain't happening. The description of environment is where I personally start to take it with a grain of salt because that 100% is something subjective, so taking this guy's view as the cold, hard truth for such a subjective thing is rather naive
the "marauding hordes" comment was pretty funny to me because it gave me the mental image of a dirty, haggard Jill venturing out alone into the post-apocalyptic wastes of the Valve offices; hurriedly scavenging for food and extra computer parts under cover of night before the Half-Life mutants awake while trying to not leave tracks to avoid drawing the attention of the warring Dota and CS raider clans.
So with the TF2maps 72 hour jam nearly over (3 hours left!) I just wanted to post my entry: European Signs Decal Pack | TF2Maps.net https://tf2maps.net/attachments/promo-png.84461/ we made some euro-signs!
I kinda wish the needle guns each had specific purposes instead of just being syringe gun +/- 1. blutsauger is worthless because it has -regen passively. Given that most of the time, you regen at 3 (ticks go as follows, 7 of 3, 2 of 4, 1 of 5 and then 6 regen thereafter) unless you're not actively fighting, you're losing 66% of your natural regen. That's ridiculously bad given the generally unuseful upside, it's a complete trap weapon for people that don't know how regen works. Only the most new/awful of players equip it outside of for jokes. Why is it still in this state given that valve knows (as shown by the amputator changes) how impactful regen actually is? It's not like the weapon is even particularly good if you didn't have the degen unless it was active Why isn't it just something like 'no regen while active, +5 on hit' instead? Add falloff to the weapons healing a la Every Other On Hit Healing Weapon in the game, so it sucks at running and spamming (cause u get no regen and +1 per hit which isn't good) but is actually cool for straight fights. You could probably do pretty well against scouts with this, and soldiers if they have to reload. The on hit healing is still largely irrelevant if your enemy hits their shots though. This achieves 3 main things- A. you can actually equip this weapon while not just pissing around never putting it away which is already a huge good point B. you get punished for missing and rewarded more for hitting (this is good because it means it is Skill Indexed) C. this becomes the de facto weapon for medics whomst have pockets that jump away all the time and need to actively deal with threats - overdose is +1 because valve has done that annoying balancing thing they do where they add a really good and potentially cool upside and then just slap on some worthless downside because then it's 'totally not an upgrade guys' even though anyone who isn't dumb can plainly see the syringes are completely outclassed. 15% damage on a weapon you ideally never want to be shooting is a terrible downside, and the upside is left unfulfilling because they've made the downside bad. It's obviously supposed to be a good escape weapon but bad if you're being chased (which it isn't, because the weapons downside is not even good) So why not just go the whole hog with it? People will probably react badly to this idea, but why not have it so you start out the gate with 'marked for death while active.' Immediately you've made an actual risk/reward weapon and you're then allowed to go so much harder with the upside. You could double the speed or even more. So say you're running away you might take this out while you've got round the corner to get some fat distance between you, and put it away as they come round so you don't get minicrit to death. You could also use this as a really cool way of doing risky dodges on bombing soldiers, say if you're really low and you just need to make sure you don't take a rocket. This would be really great for when you're running from a fight early, and awful if you still get caught. That's a serious downside with a serious upside that genuinely changes the way you want to be playing. It's the de facto weapon for super safe medics. - The ubersaw should be 50% slower swing rate so that it actively discourages you from swinging more than once. You get punished for missing, which is good because 25% uber is a big deal and the utility of that needs to be offset significantly. utility weapons with insignificant downsides shouldn't exist. The vita saw is bad because it has another passive for a weapon that has an active you generally don't want to use. Sure it has somewhat good upsides, but for every time you use it (maybe once or twice per match) you'll also not live on <10 hp once or twice per match, so it's not really useful. If a weapon actually brings you closer to dying then rewards you for it that's terrible design. It needs a new downside. Also the amputator is fine, little bit of utility in the regen but won't make a difference most of the time. Also, it's actually risky to use, you might use this to try and get a bit of extra health in a fight (10 hp over 3 seconds is not insignificant and absolutely will help you (if you're trying to hold an uber vs a single scout on pistol for instance) and can save your life from a big surf, but a downside in that if you're trying this kind of thing you're not healing and you risk dropping aswell. I think the tiny downside is actually fine in this case. Obviously the healing taunt is still worthless. - Also, the kritzkreig should get a buff. Don't lynch me please, if we are committed to keeping the quick fix in matchmaking we need this. It may not be a good counter in the top levels, but in unorganised games kritz works against the quickfix. We need a true hero to end the horrors of the quickfix vs quickfix meta, which is absolutely going to be what happens if matchmaking ever takes off & let me tell you that will be MISERABLE. The quick fix in its infinite boredom and inability to go through chokes is another hurdle for the matchmaking experience to jump over. Plus kritz kind of sucks anyway and just could generally do with a buff, it's always been worse than the medigun. Only good can come from a resurgence in kritz popularity, especially in 6s, where the demo sticky nerf combined with the scout run speed you have a harder time landing that first stick on the enemy medic and if you do miss you can guarantee he's gonna be out of there at mach 5 speed with his pocket scout. i could write paragraphs on what I would do with the crossbow but this post is already long enough enjoy my stupid rant
The kritzkrieg would be a vastly better weapon if random crits didn’t exist. I mean they all would, but getting beaten at your own game by RNG is pants on head stupid.
the blutsauger is actually really good, what are you talking about?
"I like using it and it doesn't feel weak" =/= "the weapon is designed poorly"
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