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Valve is different from other companies, they would absolutely kill to get such iconic IPs as Half-Life, Portal, and TF, but they don't do shit with them because most devs there don't want to.
its not that they dont want to. its more of they dont need to.
atleast in eu as long as you are queueing under 2 people, I usually find a game in 10~ minutes
Fuck benchmarking with timedemo is impossible now since demos now run the graphics options you had when you made the demo.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZd1TLQTOqc This is amazing.
what are your guy's thoughts on pyro's secondaries? i feel tho only viable one is the scorch shot.
they're all good but scorch's rockets require no effort or aim so the majority of bad players go with that one
i feel the flaregun require a lot of prediction to actually hit. I also feel like it has a pretty slow reload speed. Also i feel the manmelter needs not projectile falloff curve. just make it a projectile like the bison or pomson.
Actually, if that Ex-Valve guy's twitter dump taught us anything, it's that Valve's fucked up dystopian structure coerces employees into not wanting to do things with older franchises. If I recall he mentioned that working on "shiny" new things guaranteed an bonus while working on older less "wow-factor" projects (see: TF, HL etc.) meant not only less chance for a bonus, but a chance to be fired come evaluation time, since in the eyes of valve, old projects and maintenance are less important than new shiny things. It's been less than two weeks since that info dump on Twitter, we can't revert to the old "Valve is lazy and complacent" anymore to explain disinterest in TF2 or older games. Valve isn't just lazy, they are actively malevolent.
flare is like a big concentrated shotgun shell and it even reloads passively and you're like "it needs a buff". No. manmelter is horribly underrated since it gets easy stackable crits, doesn't rely on a puff to crit and also faster projectile = less leading = easier. No problem with it either.
is the flaregun reliable in comp outside of the puff sting tactic? i guess that's my question, as i dont really feel like it is, but i have no clue.
I'm not certain what you're asking but yes you shoot big mean flare after puff + airblast at enemies around short range. Bonus points with degreaser.
lemme rephrase. Does the flaregun help the pyro be effective at longer ranges like the scorch shot does? its not so much the aiming i have a issue with, its the fact you have to be short to medium range to utilize it without it being solely prediction
uhh i guess. the flaregun was originally designed to only be used at long range and was never meant to be a combo-er at all, valve back then being aware of how potent afterburn can be when its triggered from a safe distance. They only added the burning crit thing after alot of community whine saying shotgun was too good to pass up.
i dont anyone to get me wrong. I dont think pyro should excel in all levels of the feild, but i think a class being a one trick pony in close range isnt a good thing. I think pyro should be able to irritate at long to medium range, and i feel the scorch shot suceeds in this, similar to how the spy can with his revolver, or scout with his pistol. I really dont like hearing the pyro still sucks, i really want to see all classes excel to some degree in 6s. Maybe not all gamemodes, but at least some. I could be entirely wrong, and im totally okay with that, i just want to be able to branch out and us talk about maybe taboo things to get discussions going on what we can do to fix things we dont like.
It not actually reloading passively is a pretty massive problem with it. Once that's actually fixed then it can sit at the table with the Flaregun and Detonator but as it is now it's pretty garbage unless you're hanging back all the time to offset that quirk.
I would suggest not 100% trusting the angry posts of an ex employee. I've seen this before with my company, some things are true, some are exaggerations and some things are likely false. I'm not saying Valve is perfect or anything (because they certainly have issues) but other employees have recently said positive things about Valve on Twitter so the truth is likely not quite what any of us think it is.
The effective range for flamethowers is also the effective range for the shotgun. Afterburn is the perfect bonus after a 65-90 damage shot. And why not the Detonator when you are out of range? Once you learn its timing it feels much more versatile.
for some reason, the scorch shot has a bigger blast radius. i often utilize this for around corner attacks
They're all at least semi-viable, don't know what you're on about. They all have their own unique function that can be beneficial in different situations.
Outside of maybe the Scorch Shot, which I Feel is way too requirements seem way to brain dead for how potentially effective that gun can be. I really don't have too much issues with any of them. Shotguns ( both panic attack and stock ) are fairly good for relibility, solid damage and being hitscan. Flare guns ofter range. Detonator offers mobility and I honestly like the challenge it presents to get actually good with it. It's like the opposite of the Scorch Shot except no annoying knock back. I haven't used the Mannmelter yet honestly, but it seems like a solid took if you want to punish the enemy team if they're relying to heavily on Pyro's. Thermal Thruster I still would like to see some changes. Namely I'd like the fall damage to be normalized ( currently, you seem to take less damage from falls for whatever reason ), but in return I'd like to at least see normalized hulster speed of the thrusters, if not just allowing the pyro to swap back and forth normally in general. Detonator and Shotgun/Panic Attack, with the Thermal Thruster are probably my favorite secondaries currently though. Hell, I like trying to get more kills with just the Detonator then using the flamethrowers at all.
please quit being so snarky and hostile, its getting embarrassing you are referencing things that are ramblings of an ex-employee with more than enough counter-points by other ex-employees floating around - as commodore already mentioned just because someone mentions this doesnt mean that they are 100% pro valve, its fairly retarded hyperbole to assume that, as commodore already mentioned, valve isnt a perfect company and as far as its support for tf2 goes sucks ass but jesus christ if the hateboner isnt over the top as of late
Is the software AA (mat_software_aa_strength 0-1) in TF2 FXAA? After seeing this video I tried to benchmark but couldn't since demos execute graphics configs on their own now.
detonator flare touching a surface doesn't create splash. apples and oranges
Just to add a bit more onto this, I went onto their Steam Community Market hub, and discovered through browsing all 17 pages that the fake Team Fortress items don't show up if you're just browsing the whole thing. You have to search for the item by its name or a term that relates to it, like "Valve" or in this case, "Australium Rocket Launcher", for them to show up, in with the actual items. That means they're trying to hide that they're items for Abstractism as much as they can, by forcing them to only be viewed with the real items next to them on the market. And of course, in the trade UI, they look exactly the same; you can hover over the item and find out that it's an Abstractism item, but you didn't have to do that before, because up until just recently, only TF2 items looked like TF2 items, so people might take that for granted. Both that and the market visibility thing, of course, mean that this is a targeted thing towards people who know the items they're looking for, but aren't careful enough to check and see that that's really what they're getting. As you can see in that shot, they mimic the actual items as closely as they can, down to the correct "attributes" that would normally be on the real items. There are also fake Valve quality items, some of which have missing thumbnails, apparently. In short, be careful if you're trading for high-value items, and check over what you're receiving, even if looks like the real thing.
The game seems to be rilled with dead memes, viruses and they are mining Monero coins? What? Looks like we need to wait until Steam decides to do something.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3W_UVtETcI C'est magnifique. It's a instant classic in my books.
And I guarantee you that the positive reviews are from bots or people they paid, because from the outlook, the game is literally just "jump to the left and right as a cube". This is getting unrelated to TF2, but I really hope somebody like Jim Sterling brings attention to the game because something like this will make progress towards teaching Valve that they can't just give everybody an open platform and go "moderate yourselves". People are losing hundreds of dollars because of this game, maybe even thousands.
Well at least Fluury admits it, that's good enough for me.
keeping employees in a constant state of anxiety and culling ones who show an interest contrary to that of the clique bosses transcends poorly managed and enters the realm of abusive
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