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It's like you don't even understand what the conversation has been about dude. Yeah, so stop trying to get in the way of people who can do something about it by whining about how nothing can be done.
Also this looks really fucking fun
Refer to You really have no idea what you're even arguing against
I sincerely hope half the TF2 community isn't getting up to what's been described in the various articles covering this. Hint: we're not talking about your average trash-talking. Stop responding to an argument that isn't being made and read the article yo
You replied to my post, I'm arguing about what was on my post Also all of my friend's achievements just completely reset, stats, play hours, etc. The fuck?
It's not hacking, it's just SAM. Third-party achievement unlocker in case you want 100% of the achievements for 0% of the effort.
She got her stats reset infront of me, sitting next to me. It's not SAM, all she did was play a casual game and then I noticed in Loading screen all the stats were gone. So no, It's not SAM.
Yea well thats all fine and all guys, but i just wanna say i actually like the ticket boy, okay?!
I don't know why you're trying to discuss anything with him, he's the same guy that in the original thread about this issue, constantly told people to just ignore it because it's just guys being guys over serious sexual harassment. He clearly doesn't understand what he's even arguing for, and/or is just being contrarian for god knows what reason
Not everyone are a special snowflake like you that thinks their opinion is the most correct one.
sorry buddy but no but i respect your opinion mainly cause you're cool
calling people snowflakes doesn't hide the fact that you clearly didn't read the article, or else you wouldn't be turning it into a conversation about basic banter/BM. seriously, dude. you're better than this.
it completes the mad milk outfit i have. it's perfect for a milk man outfit hahah
You know what’s funny? Use of the term snowflake in modernity is a cultural implication that you’re at best, an apathetic asshat who doesn’t care about how your objectionable beliefs affect others and at worst, a self righteous bigot who wants to “triggur deh libs” and thrives off being a troll. Please go back to 4chan with that nonsense.
Calling someone a snowflake isn't some huge moral transgression but it sure does make you look dumb
grow up.
How many people were kicked out of ESEA and other orgs?
Anyways Still curious about server hosting. If people are interested, I'll post more ideas for my giant mega-balance fan-patch thing tomorrow (I've been sitting on it mainly because I've been busy playing Quake Champions all weekend). Might actually try getting into contact with people that have worked on AW/the various other weapon modifying serverside scripts to see if I can't work something out. If anybody has any references or people I could talk to, I'd love to discuss in private/in the actual thread. $80 still feels a bit rich for my bones for what would be a single dedicated server, but if I can find something in the range of $20-$40/mo it wouldn't be too bad.
"hahahahaha how is cyber bullying even real hahahahaha just get off the computer hahahaha" - that's basically what you just said. as far as the rest goes, in any other parts if you have some dude being a cunt they get banned from any kind of competitive event, but because of how smol tf2's comp scene is, some organizers feel like those cunts are required to keep the community alive. And yes, it is kinda valve's fault. Most other game's nowadays would ban you from spouting racist shit but TF2 doesn't even have a report option for that. And @Contra what implications does censoring the word "bitch" bring if not that some of those people believe that all kind of banter is bad? Obviously not all of these people are doing it, and it's probably only 2 articles, but still, that's kinda silly.
Dario banned someone for just flailing their mouse around after headshotting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChzU3NsyV7g
I don't see any mention of the word "bitch" in any of the articles linked or discussed here. It's also very clearly not what I'm talking about. Calling someone a bitch isn't a bannable offense. Calling someone this, especially in direct response to them coming out about being sexually assaulted: https://twitter.com/uberchain/status/1026268032887181314/photo/1 Sure as fuck is.
He’s probably talking about my article, found here: Toxic Tangles Within The TF2 Workshop Community – Juniper – Medi.. (sorry for the weird embed, it’s been ages since I’ve used facepunch, don’t know heck about the new site yet) Nowadays I wouldn’t normally step in like this, but I feel I should clear things up a bit. I don’t consider “bitch” something to be banned by through most means. In a flurry of emotions, I mentioned this as a small talking point, but something I didn’t want to get too deep into for the readers’ sake, is how that word was imprinted on me in my abusive relationship that ended in my assault. I didn’t know many people would get high strung over one word. For those who haven’t read my article in-depth, this relationship was mentioned in passing to add onto a bigger issue in one of my other talking points. My abuser, in the midst of his assault against me, stated “you’re not even moving, whiny bitch.” This point was something I should’ve kept to myself, as most people don’t think much of this word as something offensive. I guess it all depends on personal spaces. Even though I am non-binary, most of my experiences of having that word used towards me have been a means of trying to degrade me, because I was born female. Once people hear me on mic in-game, for example, is when they’ll throw that word around to try and hurt. Use that word as much as you want amongst your friends or people you know as you will if they’re okay with it, just keep in mind some people’s experiences with the word will be different from one another. Mine being: my abuser used the word in a time where he had control over me, to toy with my emotions. To make me feel less human. I’ll agree, I probably shouldn’t have brought up “bitch” as a deragatory term amongst my points since most won’t see it as such. Just know that there are players (and community members) who have/will use it to demean a person. One last thing, while I’m here. Please do try and read any stories that have been written within the last week or so. Most people haven’t read most beyond the titles. These problems are deeper than in-game banter.
Can we please talk about the possible upcoming update now please. That's what this thread is for.
It's a general chat thread, we can talk about pertinent issues with the community as well as banal speculation yo
we can't exactly speculate when the only thing we have is a rumor that valve bought a few workshop items out right from VNN's podcast
I would prefer having a general chat about the game and not the drama.
I already mentioned that these stories go deeper than stupid banter in case that was a response to me, and I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable with mentioning it as something Id personally consider silly. Yours isn't the only article/story that censored """common""" words like that, but even just snooping around in discussions surrounding the topic I have even seen people censor the word, well, "idiot" or "fucker". I can't help but raise an eyebrow primarily because in a Server with 24 people, how attentive should one be with banter? Where does tolerance end and start in a game that is about actively killing people? But yeah as Contra said, it was probably wrong to mention it and steer the discussion away given this is about extreme, targeted harassment towards a variety of people which really didn't deserve any of that garbage, and not edurado.minecraft calling someone a pussbag in a koth_harvest To get back on track; The only tidbit of info we've got is these "bought weapons", and for all we know it's gonna be a Jungle Inferno situations where the items were bought months in advance... :V
This community needs to be more tolerant. https://youtu.be/OLpeX4RRo28
I know sympathy is not a widespread thing but come on, seriously? after two pages of consistent trash talking this is the best you can do?
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