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Honestly, from what I've seen on workshop, the new Halloween maps look wicked sick. I'd love to get couple of new maps. They should also implement the system where you can queue "Halloween" maps in Matchmaking system when there's Full Moon event. That would also be really neat addition. But y'know, they prolly ain't gonna.
Thing is the community provides valve with so much content that all they've got to do at most is make a blog post and push them live. There is countless mann vs machine maps so why not push a few of them to give the mode a fresh breath of life? Halloween has pretty much already made itself from the community so there genuinely is zero reason for them not to do anything this year.
Probably because they don't have anyone in their team to work on MvM anymore. Do the people who designed MvM still work in TFTeam even? I mean, I'd expect more than new maps out of an MvM update ( Even though I'd be fine just with maps ) if they decide to push such update out at some point. New robots perhaps? That robot on Canteen Crasher poster looks fucking sick, imagine it being in game. But I get your point, all they have to do is pick Community maps/items and push them in-game with tiny tweaks, and they are still unable to do that for some reason. It might be that they just don't want to pay community makers anymore.
I like that as soon as someone leaves they can no longer work on it, like they suddenly lost the ability to figure out the cryptic runes left by an unfinished map or the strange scribbles about a game mode.
It's just a little weird that a top 10 game on Steam charts are unable to hire more people to work on the game. It's like the game is sacred secret to everyone else. Just talking out of my ass and what I know btw, I have no idea about their hiring policy.
"wanted : come work on this 11 year old game that has outdated tech and no future left" this doesn't sound very promising now does it?
Man I loved SMNC, shame Uber killed the game. No way to get the hats now either.
So like a lot of popular MMOs?
Doesn't, but there's tons of people who'd take the job if it pays well, no matter what game or project is it. People love working with games in my IT division, no matter what game is it. I do agree that the engine would probably be a pain in the ass, but It doesn't make it impossible to work around it.
I think the only reason we didn't have any Halloween hats last year is because it was released at the end of October. Valve worked so hard on Jungle Inferno, I doubt they would appreciate people focusing on Scream Fortress instead. You can even tell based on how the main menu looked during Halloween. https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/2/2e/Scream_Fortress_IX.jpg https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/9/9b/Scream_Fortress_2017.png
Last year yeah, I agree there but I was talking about this year. Plus they could have at least done a single crate.
If this year the update won't be in September, then I guess it's a safe call that there won't be a Scream Fortress again. I doubt they'd want people to focus on Halloween stuff instead of big update stuff.
is tf2 a mmo?
TF2 fits in every game category thanks to custom maps : ))))
It isn't an MMO but its content updates and the idea of sticking to one game instead of making new ones is similar to that of an MMO.
TF2 is Second-Life but with better graphics.
That explains the furries then
But that still doesn't explain the lenny face people who spam lenny faces every 8 seconds and think they're hillarious 🤔
everytime I hear someone say tf2 has no future I think back to people saying tf2 be dead like 6 years ago actually dane has a topical tweet https://twitter.com/danekevincook/status/1033768365062467584
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/273775/1821a7b1-4fe5-4645-b808-6ec7e44236eb/Ohreally.jpg I agree sniper plays a role but lets not forget that Heavy has a lot to deal with
TF2 been dead according to people since 2009
ok but I feel some historic context is in order, in the ol' wingadinga year of two-thousand-oh-thir-teen, tf2 was in a sad fuckin state compared to the previous two years (i.e. the year of MvM and the year of F2P) it was the first maintenance mode year, the so-called "year without new weapons" and everybody got fuckin depressed all at once.
yeah but... the epic zinger....
medic, medic, medic, awareness, awareness, medic what flurry meant is keeping heavy/med in check, not 1 random solo heavy.
Heavy has a lot of stuff to deal with, aye, but I'd personally argue that when a Heavy has a medic up their arse at all times alongside of decent team protection, a Sniper is one of the few things that can deal with him.
I can tell you from experience that mindless projectile spam keeps heavy med combos in damn good check without the need to worry about long range undodgeable instadeath hitscan man sitting next a 52 dispensers, 487 sentries, and 34x10^99 pyros. at least with my examples, smart players can mitigate danger and counter things by using their game sense and teamwork (in a team game no less!), sniper throws everything out the window and replaces it with "I hope he misses" That does not engage me or lets me use my game knowledge and skill to avoid him like I could rockets, stickies, etc, not just as heavy but any class.
32man random crits gets heavy/med killed, yes. in smaller, harder games 450 hp heavy with 24hp/sec basically shrugs off 50-70 dmg projectiles (the enemy aren't going to be in his face for max ramp up).
A Heavy Medic combo can just roll on their own, too.
Still can't believe we never got a bread monster boss. Or even a payload map. Or anything besides the reskins.
Anything besides the reskins? Are you forgetting about this bad boy? https://i.imgur.com/AKq2UfO.png
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