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even at lan, one of them will have less latency, but in general blu has the advantage, while the result will be random, when done enough times while switching devices and all, blu should win most of the times, you can not eliminate latency, this is a difference of one tick
Detonator is a huge secondary for Pyro. It's kind of the perfect balanced secondary the class needs, reliable medium-long range damage, utility (but not so much that it becomes overbearing or overshadows another class's advantages), and fits the characterization of the class. I can't really think of another non-stock secondary like that except the Gunboats.
So, if we put a team of 12 bots vs 12 bots in a koth map (or another symmetrical map), BLU would win most of the time?
no, this only applies if 2 players do an action at the exact same tick, both actions will be processed, but if the 2 players are on opposite sides and each action will kill the other person, blu has the advantage
Thanks for the clarification. I misinterpreted what was being told.
bots in tf2 have simulated awareness and can even do accidents at times. bots aren't sentries.
If they executed the exact same movements and commands at the exact same time, then most likely yes. However, it's a hard question to answer without actually trying it out.
why does engineer have no good items that go well with his stock hat the only one is mining light but for some reason it doesn't deserve to have paintability and never will (???)
I love playing demo, too bad I am super terrible at him, need to find good resources to learn.
I've actually been toying around with more minimalist loadouts myself, and this post inspired me to try making some for Engie that are composed of nothing but Miscs. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/241798/dc22a208-a789-45bc-946e-7fd3edd01448/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/241798/25e764f3-590f-40dd-819c-f99dd202e03a/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/241798/3d4aca08-2d19-4567-84b6-a001d4e3abb9/image.png
I'm a broken record on this but the detonator is awesome and too many people brush it off for the shotgun or flare gun. It's definitely a situational thing, but the utility and depth of the movement combined with the depth of the airburst makes it a great weapon to rock as your main, and it lets you trade the medium range consistency of shotguns and flare guns with the long range harassing potential. It's stupid fun to use and, lets you almost constantly here the hitsound playing. Which reminds me, if you tag someone with it, you can locate them through walls through their character's cries of pain 'til they get extinguished. In general it really doesn't need a buff, it's perfectly viable as-is.
it lets you trade the medium range consistency of shotguns and flare guns with the long range harassing potential. and close range one-shots. and any sort of reliable finisher. you can overate det as much as you want, but if you want killing power it's not it. Scorch's a better harrasser, Thermal's a better ambusher.
Secondaries aren't meant for killing power. They're meant to provide a fallback option and give more variety to the Class. There is not a single stock weapon in the secondary category (maybe not even a secondary weapon in general) that has as much killing power as the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Scattergun, Sniper Rifle, Knife, et cetera. And no, it isn't over-rating the weapon to say that it's well-designed, fun to use, and in a good spot balance-wise. Don't even know why you would say that unless you're just trying to be a contrarian asshat. It would've been just as easy to say "I don't think the Detonator is as good as you guys say" and then elaborate with personal experience.
err pyro secondaries have always been about killing power, that's literally part of his design since 2007. really terrific pyros just run flare or shotgun and it's always been like this. det is cool, I main pyro and used it for a couple years. The best det trick is jumping directly ontop of idiots and activating phlog charge - the taunt anim will be canceled because the enemy moves away and immediately allows you to rampage. I'm just telling what's best for the user, or what's the deal when good opponents are involved. apologies if you don't like me challenging stagnant, ~established~ bad opinions.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107222/09510689-a174-4f32-8247-b6d3ed795831/Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.08 - related but I have a similar hud for engie that retains his default helmet, it showed above though because i dont know how this fucking site works
Oh, right, I'm sorry. Completely forgot the the Shotgun, Pistol, Syringe Gun, etc were designed with kill power in mind. So is that why Heavies don't run it? Because if they ran it they'd have too much killing power over-all?
it might be as silly as "team 0" being written first in the code ahead of "team 1". who knows
The shotgun and pistol were designed as finishers, as well as backups, everyone knows that. Thats why they don’t have the raw burst or stream of primaries, yet are meant to be just a switch away from a tap or two to kill, or in the pistol’s case some extra ranged chip to gun down fleeing enemies. You don’t see shotgun heavy because of the sandvich. Also something everybody knows. That, and the minigun can be positioned and played around smartly to not need the shotgun with a lunchbox.
There's a difference between finishers and killing power. Finishers imply complimenting the power of the primaries. Killing power implies that it can do a lot of damage and...Kill. Like the Minigun. And the Rocket Launcher. And the Knife. And the Scattergun. Hence "Killing power". Killing. The ability to end a life. Power. A quantifiable strength. The Shotgun also is clearly given to the Pyro for more (but limited) ranged and neutral (bullet) damage. Pyro was originally meant as a close-range class, so he gets a weaker bullet damage secondary that can be strong in close range. Using the logic that the Shotgun is used for "killing power" in this context (which is the general context of knowledge on terms like "Killing power" and "Finishing powe") is doing the same thing as saying that for the Heavy, which is why I brought it up. Shotgun was designed as a secondary weapon. A panic weapon for when your primary weapon isn't cutting it. A weapon that further expands on a Class's specific niche or role. Back on the main topic of the Detonator, it has that design as well thanks to the mini-critting ignited enemies. No shit it doesn't have the killing or finishing power of the Shotgun or the Flare gun. It wasn't designed as that. Its current design promotes utility, mobility, long-ranged harassment, and finishes off with an "ok" finishing power. No shit it doesn't have killing power. Neither does the stock Flare Gun if you can't hit the second (or third after the nerfs) flare. Neither does the Shotgun from a distance greater than a few feet.
most likely the BLU sentry was created before the RED sentry - there is no such thing as action priority for BLU
the game will always do one action at a time even during the same tick, one action will always happen first, in this case, it could be that the blu sentry shooting was processed first, or when they were first spawned the blu one spawned first, I'm not sure if it has priority or a coincidence but it seems that it does, check the comments on the reddit thread
Ye that's why I was pointing out the utility of it, which is why it's situational. If you're playing pyro more as a support, detonator can be more useful than flare/shotgun in a lot of situations, and if you play a passive flanking playstyle where the flamethrower is the majority of your damage the heckling works great in tandem with that if you position yourself properly. Aggressive playstyles, sure, you'll want the damage output of other secondaries, but that's not the only way you can play pyro.
-> scorch shot heck you don't even need to time mid-air dets with scorch. spam at corners, use it like a rocket, and that's guaranteed 24/7 afterburn
There is. Due to the way how computers work BLU Team is calculated first, which you can see in this video:
it depends on the order you spawn the bots try the following commands on itemtest: https://gist.github.com/zooxy/c3a9365b4db3e18f25190f50fc79cd7c
one last thing about det : the damage penalty is completely uncalled for and a deal breaker, because the minicrit on hit is already a natural damage debuffer compared to flaregun's crit.
The one with higher ping
I'm calling it right now. The next major update is coming out on August 19th to celebrate the original Heavy Update's 10-year anniversary. At first, I was hoping it was gonna be in July, but now that the month has come and gone I'm moving it up to my next optimistic date.
I just want to know if they are working on anything major, that's all.
We must sacrifice an old TF2 FP member to conjure the ghost of Jill to get us answers.
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