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This would actually be fucking amazing and it's a damn shame Valve doesn't have the management skills to make it happen.
They used the 10th anniversary of TF2 to hint at Jungle Inferno.
In dota's Major. thats for sure.
The 19th is on a Sunday.
Had a bad dream where the heavy update was incredibly mediocre, valve reacted terribly to that happening, and decided to shortly after stop supporting this game with any more updates. Game just continued to stagnate and die out after that. Eventually that will happen, the lack of updates. Maybe not the death of the game in the near future, but definitely possible for valve to just stop supporting it outside of official servers. I really don't look forward to it. It makes me really sad to think about.
The thing that bothers me about support ending is that there won't be a specific moment where they end, we'll likely only realise an update is the last update after a very long period of no updates; a slow fizzle like every other gap between updates, just with no update to restart the fizzle. For a lot of games you can count on the dev saying when support ends or releasing a similar game/sequel, but neither of those situations seem likely with Valve.
Considering that they randomly update (for security reasons mostly) their old games like tfc and cs source you cant really be sure. Expect for dod and hl2 deathmatch.
why the FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK does projectiles not go through teammates anymore
Since when projectiles like jarate and pipes didnt collide with teammates?
There's also the upcoming Nov. 19th, to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary, but that doesn't mean anything's coming out. Either way, my Heavy Update date was an optimistic choice. My realistic date is practically non-existent.
I just hope Scream Fortress X is something special tbh.
yeah we'll get some real special community maps
To be fair, the maps added in Jungle Inferno were excellent. Banana Bay is genuinely a good PLR map, Brazil is super fun, and Lazarus is one of the most visually stunning TF2 maps I've played on.
Yea, it will be the first Scream Fortress that took place in November.
*December. Nightmare before Smissmas.
i was reffering to rockets, rockets not going through teammates has seriously made me like this game a lot less
Entire teams of Snipers and Spies sure are fun to play against.
The positive side is that Tf2's fanbase is large and dedicated enough that, if official support were to end within the next 5 years, the community would do their best to support the game themselves. if CS Source can last for as long as it has even with CS:GO being out for 5 years now, TF2 will be fine. Hell, maybe it'd be better to just let the community take the reins, at least if it meant quickplay was ditched completely.
Expecting anything from valve is setting yourself up for disappointment.
TF2 team has not communicated about their goals and progress on the Heavy Update at all, they wouldn't risk shipping it and then have the community collectively complain about the gameplay changes. I wouldn't expect anything before next year if I'm going to be honest.
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I just wish the dev team would talk to us every once and a while. Maybe a bi-monthly "here's what we're working on" blog post or something. Because, realistically-speaking, they've long since gone above and beyond in terms of supporting the game. This is a 10+ year old shooter that's basically tripled in size since it was first released, and they still keep adding content. If they never updated this again after MvM or Meet the Pyro, no one would really blame them, given the lifespan of games like this nowadays, but TF2 has stuck around due to the combined willpower of both the devs and the community. It's like the relationship Melee players wish they had with Nintendo. There's nothing inherently wrong with shipping only one big update a year (with a few smaller balance/community/seasonal patches scattered about to keep things tidy), especially considering how much they've done for the game as is. I miss new Halloween bosses and comics as much as the next guy, but community maps like Brimstone are a fine replacement, given what they've got to work with nowadays. But would it really be that difficult to just toss out a "hey here's what we're working on" blog post every month or so? Like, when you go away to college, you call your mom every once and a while to let her know you're still alive; devs should do that with their playerbase as well. Because I keep seeing people (not here, so much) who still assume that TF2 is a dead game after MYM killed community servers, and they wouldn't lose that fringe part of the community if they'd just tell us "hey guys, working on a bigass update for the Heavy, might take over a year, but the wheels are turning and it IS coming", or something to that effect. It's frustrating being frustrated at Valve, because considering how much they've put in the game already, we really don't have the right to be. But they don't exactly make it easy for us to just say "ah, they'll come through for us" these days.
So can anyone fill me in why creation club content doesn't show up ? is there a fix for it ?
shit, todd's got his grubby hands in our team fortress now
it's just depressing how quickly this game has seemingly lost support it feels incredibly recent that the bumper car minigames were added, I have to remind myself that was four years ago though even then, four years is a relatively short amount of time to go from bumper cars and consistent holiday and summer updates to wondering if we're even going to get summer content at all
Not getting NEW content doesn't mean the game lost support. I'd rather they fix all the filthy bugs, nuke all the cheaters, do map changes rather than add new content.
i remember someone was trying to pass a rumor that if jungle inferno didnt go as great as they hoped, they may decide to slow support for tf2. I dont know if the lead was at all accurate, but it's starting to feel like there still could have been truth to it now.
"didnt go as great as they hoped" didn't it shoot the game back to the top of steam storefront and stats page, only being beaten by PUBG, CS:GO, and DOTA2, the usual three kings?
i dont know if it did that well. And maybe they had super high expectations. After MYM update i just remember them saying they were going to be more vocal, and after us not having any clue of what's happening, it makes me wonder if they are just gonna keep working on minor things. Honestly im just trying to grab some idea that makes sense, as i have no idea what's going on with the game.
Jungle Inferno was a fucking boon for TF2 to the point that I'm convinced it was a contributing factor in Overwatch's decreased playerbase. Everyone loved it because it was an old-school TF2 update that brought back all those "TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT" feelings. It generated a shit-ton of momentum and of course Valve decided to squander it by going back to their usual strategy of radio silence and a new crate every so often. They had a moment where everyone was looking at TF2, even people who hadn't played the game in years, and they didn't take that opportunity to start teasing what they were working on next in order to keep that casual interest alive. TF2 is doing remarkably well for a game it's age, but it could be doing so much better if Valve's management and resource allotment wasn't so fucked.
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