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I need help writing an autoexec config. It's designed to take advantage of those SourceMod servers. [code]alias spam "sm_health ;sm_ammo ;sm_metal ;sm_uber; repeat" alias repeat "wait 2; spam"[/code] I'm looking for a toggle so I can turn it off. I'm pretty much stumped here, I've had no past experience. Help would be appreciated!
wait what exactly are you trying achieve with this script
[QUOTE=Wingedwizard;15993246]wait what exactly are you trying achieve with this script[/QUOTE] On a server that allows sm_health, you can bind it to a key, keep pressing it, and be virtually invincible. I wrote a script that automatically repeats the command so I don't need to worry about pressing a button. Even though I did this, I am looking for a way to turn off the script. (stops spamming the console commands)
Excellent, NAPALM. You have learned much.... What kind of server does this, anyways? [editline]02:39AM[/editline] And while I don't know much myself, possibly hitting it once starts it, hitting it again would stop it. Or bind [i]n[/i] repeat 1, bind [i]n[/i] repeat 0.
None of those work. Problem is, I like being invincible, but I'm tired of a normally stable server crashing, probably because of command spam.
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