• Valve week?
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Is it me, or is Valve taking over this week(end)? A major TF2 update, info on Ep3 and Portal... what's next?
How are they "taking over" the week? By updating their games and giving us news about future games they're making? To be honest, I don't like you.
Yeah, Can't wait for more news.
They're going to be asked about EP3 and Portal 2, it doesn't mean they'll tell us about it. Gabe will just say they're not ready to release info on them yet.
Fucking ouch neckbeard. Sorry for sharing my thought you big ass.
Because a 1 sentence thought deserves a thread.
It is just you. Like I said in another thread: [QUOTE=zeldar;16633814]They're just going to reveal a couple of tiny insignificant details about the games and that will be it. And then 5 minutes of L4D 2 footage most of us have already seen and info we have already heard will be shown. Edit: Sure, rate me dumb, it's most likely going to be true.[/QUOTE]
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