• Soldier Update Details Leaked
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[img]http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/8260/tf2blogupdate.png[/img] [url]http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=923774[/url] :aaa:
Ah snap! Nice find. Although I never really doubted Soldier boy was next in line.
o lawdies?
Feel free to point out any mistakes in the picture, because I'm getting frankly skeptic about it as well... :frown:
:whoptc: How can this be reassuringly real?
i call fake
[QUOTE=zeldar;16222216]Feel free to point out any mistakes in the picture, because I'm getting frankly skeptic about it as well... :frown:[/QUOTE] He's using Internet Explorer. :smug: Also, I subscribe to the rss feed. Surely I'd get a message informing me that the feed had been updated?
Great find. Offtopic: I don't understand this emoticon :onlyoption:
It's.... real. :geno:
Well.. Umm... wat
[QUOTE=Red Engineer;16222226]He's using Internet Explorer. :smug:[/QUOTE] Zing!
not that much info really
Holy shit.
I'm hoping this is real.
Different fonts. The post's a Lucida-esque one for the body, Helvetica-esque for the titling with OS X font blurring, the one below uses Segoe/ClearType. Helvetica+Lucida's available by default on OS X - you can tell it's not Arial because the lowercase a doesn't have a pitched bottom, although I believe the Neue variation has the pitched lowercase t "top". Faked. And probably on a Mac, too. Oh, yeah, and EXIF. Someone should really upgrade. [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/3e9e00untitled.png[/img]
It's fake, pfft
I.. Feel... Alive!
Call me skeptic and rate me dumb, but I'm gonna guess fake. Why? They mentioned a game-mode in the first blog post. They would've have want to put it in one of those Day 1, day 2 thingies
Sounds good. Although I don't really care if it's fake, does it even matter who is updated next?
Well, it's just saying, not announcing.
I'm not going to assume it's real until it shows up on the blog or valve addresses it directly.
download it, right click, properties, second tab, last line. @edit HubmaN V2 stealin my idea stolen from steampowered forums
It is le faked, monsieurs
/me hides under a desk " Don't let him fire me, don't let him fire me... " Although, It's safe to say our good friend Robin will go on a firing spree, well, he won't be firing any more of us desk workers.
C'mon, all we need to do is stay [img]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/rating/rainbow.png[/img], and maintain our hopes.
Also why did they act like the soldier was talking, when the soldier speaks nothing like that?
This is 100% bullshit, the font is wrong on the title, the date and everything else, just compare it to the bottom post using segoe UI or something.
it was proven fake hours before you posted it here, good work
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