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[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCNNID2XpSU[/media] I was surfing around at work while I found this video on YouTube. It includes some interesting concepts for possible class abilities.
I'd take the afterburner as an alt fire the backburner. Even fits the name! :v: And I always thought the adrenaline dash type thing would be cool, but it felt kinda boring sooooo I dunno. Would that be a cool unlock?
Fucking awesome!
Some of the ideas are quite good, and some are completely stupid/useless, for example, the Super Hopper. When would you ever need it?
Whoah. That was cool.
i like some of them, such as the medic self heal, and the uber transfer some were sorta bad (Curving Arrow, Drunken bomb)
I like that sapper, from the 'meet the spy' ?
Curving arrow seems very OP, yes. I'd like to see those Medic abilities in a patch somewhere tho.
The Medic self heal that uses up the uber meter is a great idea. The spy's "Sapper Throw" seemed balanced aswell.
Some were cool, but balancing on these would be horrible.
All but a few suck, and are way Overpowered. Demoman randomly getting a huge bomb that kills everyone? BAD!
Hmmm, I do like the spike shoes. As often as I spend jumping over heavies, it would be nice to have something happen. Not to mention it makes me feel like mario. :D As for the after burner... meeeh... Maybe with the flamethrower out. Otherwise, I feel like it's just a little over powered. It would fit the backburner's style of "ambush," seeing as it would allow the pyro extra mobility, letting him get into position to ambush, at the cost of some of his ammo. The sapper throw I have to admit I like. Throw one of those into a sentry nest, and the whole thing falls, instead of having to run in and die to the spy checking pyro. Not to mention this would make the engineers want to spread out, which is always a good thing in my book. The crouching Heavy would make for a nice addition to his book of tricks. Crit sandvich? YES. A thousand times YES. Self-healing medic would be useful for the medics who insist on going battle medic, or who get ignored by their team. Marking shot would be a god send. It's like telling your enemies "HEY! A sniper hit me, I'm weakened! FINISH ME!" Those are the ideas I "approve" of. :D
I wish knockback was always based on the weight of the character it's hitting. For being a giant man with a huge minigun, he sure gets thrown around a lot. :frown:
[QUOTE=Aska49;16601050]I wish knockback was always based on the weight of the character it's hitting. For being a giant man with a huge minigun, he sure gets thrown around a lot. :frown:[/QUOTE] (FaN is overpowered)
[QUOTE=FlyingAlien;16601150](FaN is overpowered)[/QUOTE] waa waa waa fuck I thought pyro whining was lame but this is something else
These seem interesting, although some abilities seem a little BFH, like the Soldier Dash. But I think the Afterburner would make quite a good Flamer unlock, allowing Pyro to reach hard-to-access areas whilst running the risk of running outta Flamer fuel.
[QUOTE=DementNeo;16601192]waa waa waa fuck I thought pyro whining was lame but this is something else[/QUOTE] the FaN is overpowered Cool video but most of them are pretty OP
These are cool ideas, but some just would either not fit the game or be way too overpowered.
2-way teleporter seems like a good idea, then you can teleport back to spawn and get some metal
Most of these are very overpowered, but there were a good few. A couple of those Medic abilities were cool and I really liked that Sentry sleep mode. That's just a button you push, right? Great way to slowly heal the Sentry from afar if you're certain there aren't any enemies around (or just want to take a chance).
I like the idea of some of these but it would break the balance of TF2 if not tinkered with and tuned to absolute perfection.
My Youtube isn't working, could someone explain what it showcases?
[QUOTE=Leo Leonardo;16605450]My Youtube isn't working, could someone explain what it showcases?[/QUOTE] Various Abilitys, such as the ability to bounce on peoples heads as scout, destroying your dispenser which will propel you in the air, throwing sappers, aimbot arrows, and tranferring ubers for medic.
These are all very interesting ideas, but I wonder how much they change gameplay, we should get this onto the FP server for a day or two to give it a try.
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The Heavy ideas are ones I've thought of before, rewarding KGB heavies after a fight, and giving the quick thinking Heavy a bit of leverage over FaN Scouts. I've also wanted to extinguish people with my flares. 10/10
Have a server. Most of the abilities are severely underpowered and mainly useless, the only useful one I've tried so far is the pyro jetpack.
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