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[release][img]http://i.imgur.com/ImLCP.png[/img] [h2]TF2 GENERAL CHAT[/h2][/release] [release][h2]General Chat Steam Group![/h2]Want to join in on all the cool kids live discussions?Want to be informed of TF2 events faster than the speed of clocks?Want to be popular? Then this is the group for you! Established purely for the FP TF2 general chat regulars or not so regular! Why don't you come and join us for all of our interesting discussions? Steam group: [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TF2general[/url][/release] [release][h2]Useful Links[/h2] [url=http://www.tf2.com/]TF2 Website[/url] - Updates and News from the TF2 Team. [url=http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Main_Page]TF2 Wiki[/url] - Everything you need to know about TF2 in one place. [url=tf2stats.net]TF2 Stats[/url] - Various statistics on items, maps, or the game in general. [url=tf2r.com]TF2 Raffle House[/url] - Raffle away your spare items.[/release] [release][h2]Backpack Viewers[/h2] [url=http://tf2b.com/]TF2B[/url] - Faster backpack browsing. [url=http://www.tf2items.com/]TF2 Items[/url] - Loadout info, item and backpack history. [url=http://optf2.com/]OPTF2[/url] - One of the fancier backpack viewers, shows almost anything you'd want to know.[/release] [release][h2]Trading Sites[/h2] [url=http://www.tf2outpost.com/]TF2 Outpost[/url] - Better than TF2TP, but still bad. [url=http://tf2tp.com/]TF2TP[/url] - The original trading site, not recommended. [url=http://www.tf2auctions.com/]TF2 Auctions[/url] - A twist on trading, it offers auctions on items. [url=tf2wh.com]TF2WH[/url] - Trade items for credits and credits for other items.[/release] [release][h2]Misc Websites[/h2] [url=tf2ls.com]TF2LS[/url] - See what hats or weapons your missing and much more. [url=tf2toolbox.com]TF2 Toolbox[/url] - Some tools for managing your backpack. [url=tf2tags.com]TF2 Tags[/url] - Post name, descriptions, or paints on hats or weapons. [url=tf2g.com]TF2 Gallery[/url] - See how hats in various effects/paints look in-game. [url=http://fakkelbrigade.eu/chris/configs/]Chris's FPS Config[/url] - Good to make your game run or look better.[/release] [release][h2]"Useful" Commands[/h2]build 0 <number> - Used to quickly choose buildings as engineer. viewmodel_fov <number> - Makes the viewmodels appear farther/closer depending on the number. cl_showbackpackrarities 1/0 - Shows colored borders, like in the trade window, in your backpack. explode/kill - Instantly kills you. Useful if you're stuck. unbindall - Unbinds all keys. retry - Reconnects to current server. Can't find what you need? There's a full list of cvars here: [url]http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=88208[/url][/release]
so when are you going to open a new general chat thread, i can't see one
Party pooper.
Because the thread is always off-topic.
I shall grace this thread with mine presence. Also I missed out on 100 pages last general, whats the haps.
[img] http://db.tt/zSTHttvR[/img]
Dr. Face's Jimmies Have been rustled, [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYqIDHZW0tc&feature=g-all&context=G204c90bFAAAAAAAABAA[/url] read the description and the comments, laugh til the sun comes up
Good enough.
Is the drama still going?
So when is the update gonna come out?
Oh Maruhai, this goes to you too: [QUOTE]Va crever dans un trou à rats pourriture. [/QUOTE]
Just started playing TF2 again, messing around with the different classes. Played with the Sniper and I was getting headshot after headshot, didn't know I was actually decent at sniping.
screw it [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Image Macro" - Seiteki))[/highlight]
Awesome. [editline]2nd March 2012[/editline] Now nothing is offtopic.
where's the drama at
[QUOTE=Cowabanga;34948227]Is the drama still going?[/QUOTE] The drama here never ends
Oh my <3~
Seiteki, deploy some drama in the thread already.
Should probably snip that Citizen.
What's this about STAR?
[QUOTE=Demon!;34948272]Should probably snip that Citizen.[/QUOTE] Its not image macro.
Seiteki, you're my second favorite mod.
[QUOTE=Garbor 0.1;34948280]Its not image macro.[/QUOTE] Reaction images are effectively the same thing.
Well it was, go figure.
[QUOTE=Citizen Insane;34948252] [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Image Macro" - Seiteki))[/highlight][/QUOTE] somebody banned already? wow
[QUOTE=Garbor 0.1;34948280]Its not image macro.[/QUOTE] He still got banned for image macro anyway
Hah, finally a true name for GC.
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