• Major Update Speculation Thread V4: Tonight's the Night For QR Codes
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Timer will hit 24:00:01 and will break, forcing the Engineer to come in and fix it with his [I]super duper new item set(s)![/I] A lady can hope...
1 minute remains. Will things be delivered on the dot, or will it crash from the strain?
45 seconds! It won't be anything.
[QUOTE=Young Lu;36500406]Ehh, too lazy to register for Photobucket. Just wait a few minutes, guys. Das ist real![/QUOTE] or you could just describe the names/descs :)
I woke up at 9:00 and I thought "aw man, why can't I sleep till the update?" Then I woke up 10 till the mark. Yes!
Well, one more day left. It seems to have gone by quite quickly already.
brace yourselves gentlemen
nothing so far
24 hours now, where is my day 2?
wow its fucking NOTHING
Nothing! D;
Mine has passed the 24-hour mark now, and nothing happened
I have a feeling nothing is going to happen until later.
I'm at 23:56 and still nothing
What a letdown
[QUOTE=arara199x;36500399]Yes, your clock is set to the correct time, but is it set to the correct time zone? By default, Windows assume you are at GMT, and that would explain the difference between the timers given that you are probably in another timezone.[/QUOTE] The timer has nothing to do with time-zones. Changing time-zones isn't going to magically make me not have to wait the full 24 hours. Besides, I set my computer to my time-zone when I installed windows anyway.
[QUOTE=Young Lu;36500406]Ehh, too lazy to register for Photobucket. Just wait a few minutes, guys. Das ist real![/QUOTE] [url]http://imgur.com/[/url]
[QUOTE=goluffy;36500425]The funniest would be if the weapons would come out on day 3, now not only would you still look like a liar, which you are, but also you couldn't say "I was so totally not lying".[/QUOTE] The obvious just flew above your head. Do you guys seriously think you have any right to make a Computer Illiterate thread and yet still think I'm being serious over a simple play? You guys need to stay away from Internet for a long time to recover your minds.
Still nothing. GODDAMMIT VALVE!
nothing looks like it gonna be 11:59:59
wow meet the pyro on day 2? maybe we WILL get MvM tomorrow.
"Wow my theory that had no proof or reasoning for it turned out to be bullshit. Fuck you, Valve."
FOOL!! You were a fool to come back! Because I've trapped you again! ...pretty sure I've heard that before.
[img]http://i.imgur.com/BBFyx.jpg[/img] [highlight](User was banned for this post ("image macro" - postal))[/highlight]
Snip, I've been fooled
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