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The most important question right now is... How many sets do you think Soldier gets this time?
Well, it seems the ARG had something to do with the update after all. It's relieving to know all that work was for something. New gamemode? Fuck yes. Last gamemode was medieval mode, and it sucked. This might actually be awesome.
[QUOTE=Zannabluke;36483114]The most important question right now is... How many sets do you think Soldier gets this time?[/QUOTE] For every 1 hat that gets in that's 3 soldier weapons.
my nipples are hard as pure platinum right now.
This is probably another fake link that gohgoodlord
[QUOTE=Zannabluke;36483114]The most important question right now is... How many sets do you think Soldier gets this time?[/QUOTE] Not one, NOT three, but two soldier sets. Rate me Zing for The Über Update reference.
I wonder how the garbage items fit in with all this. Maybe the rocket's got a Mr. Fusion and they're fuel for it?
[QUOTE=Eesha;36483129]my nipples are hard as pure platinum right now.[/QUOTE] Not very then. Platinum is "malleable and ductile"
Nuclear missiles, space, rockets, explosions, [b]Monkey cosmonauts[/b], [highlight]COLDWAR[/highlight]. VALVE GIVE ME THIS UPDATE NOW!
Im at a point right now where i'm refreshing Facepunch constantly to relieve my urge to know ANYTHING about the new update!
I'm guessing Doomsday is a 3 stage map where RED must carry a single briefcase to a single CP area per stage. The third stage is the rockets CP. Nothing like scavenge.
[QUOTE=DatHarry;36483077]i hope this gamemode doesn't end up like medieval mode[/QUOTE] or even worse Territory Control
I haven't played TF2 in like a year, but I am really, really looking forward to Meet the Pyro.
[QUOTE=parket;36483075]maybe this update will make the game actually fun hah just kidding[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/8MTXY.gif[/IMG] please [highlight](User was banned for this post (""Get out" meme reply" - Craptasket))[/highlight]
so was tobor a red herring the entire time or are we getting 2 new game modes
Its like waiting for the Portal 2 Perpetual testing Initiative all over again ;_;
I'm mostly looking forward to medic grodbort weapons.
[QUOTE=HyperTails;36483251]THE MONKEYS ARE BEHIND IT ALL[/QUOTE] [IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/thumb/4/4d/12monkeys-logo.svg/212px-12monkeys-logo.svg.png[/IMG]
I'm going to freeze myself in for 50 hours. See you all then.
Not what I was expecting, but definitely interesting. Can't wait to see more.
[img]http://media.steampowered.com/apps/440/icons/banana_peel_large.9e7133dd4d3734a0497a39d8e0120f2c98881d57.png[/img] It all makes sense.
Obligatory creation of this video [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5Qj_e32fA4[/media]
[QUOTE=Goodwell;36482963]This first day seems to be just a gamemode. While i am[B] ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC [/B]about this shit finally happening... I really hope Day Two has weapons. Lots...and lots...of weapons.[/QUOTE] What about hats? I like hats
[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/BYbHi.png[/IMG] Is that a Gurren Lagann reference I spy there
So wait. The Doomsday Mode is technically a pseudo Catch the Courier like Payload is a pseudo Escort the VIP. Right? Finally, some of the Announcers unused courier lines will be used.
Yes please.
I CAN'T WAIT 2 DAYS AND 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[QUOTE=Derp Y. Mail;36482840]Had to make something to calm my nerves a bit [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubIcA8DKZOs[/media][/QUOTE] This might sound weird, but may I know the name of the music? And finally a update coming within the daytime in my timezone, fuck yes, time to get finally one craftnumber.
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