• TF2TD is back! (just because I asked)
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Hey, guys? Remember that awesome TF2 TD mod for TF2? [video=youtube;C4584kEXkhk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4584kEXkhk[/video] Ignore the overused music, but anyways Yeah, it's BACK! (just because I asked about mapping for it which I never did. I am superior motivator) [quote]The tower defense mod brings the classic tower defense games with a TF2 flavor. [B]What is the goal of a game when playing TF2 tower defense?[/B] Every human player join the blu team as engineer. You have to place sentries and towers to slay the incoming enemies. The enemies are static bots that follow a path. That video should explain a lot [video=youtube;MqkNgMCPk5Y]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqkNgMCPk5Y&feature=player_embedded[/video][/quote] [B] Commands[/B] !amt or !allmetal display the metal amount of all players !mt display your metal amount to you !drop 100 will drop a 100 metal in front of you for your teammates to pick it up, you can set any amount if you have the required metal [B]Tips[/B] you NEED to pick up enemy fallen weapons for metal (100 per weapons) place sentries and towers wisely so they deal more damage buy the repair tower, near the start of the game if waves are getting dangerously close to the end, you need more firepower make sure everyone have even amount of metal so you can buy towers the most experienced player should manage the tower teleporting, taking care of your stuff, buying towers, picking up metal and teleporting towers at the same time can be hard for a beginner place your sentries so the metal don’t fall on the path if the metal fall on the path, the frontier justice rockets can knock them away … and more you’ll discover while playing [B]Servers:[/B] Currently only one, hosted on Visituers or Gran PC's computer (dunno lol) [url=steam://connect/][/url] Click the IP to join. Oh, and the server auto-passwords at 4 players, so bots can be added without over 4 players, since it's designed to be played with a max of that many. [url]tf2td.info[/url]
Where can I download the map?
Off the server - it's really fast.
Yup, downloaded in like, a minute on australian internet
Sounds Awesome!
Where can I get the plugins needed to host a TD server?
It's not public.
Really fun gamemode, I 343N there before I even joined FP.
wish I could play it, its always full
Something to get me to play TF2 again. Wasn't this originally a mod for garrysmod?
I played some yesterday, but It was impossible to go any higher than the second boss because of the stupidity of my team.
we currently need one more player for our team, we're fairly decent
Could we have a quick go-over of the basics in the OP? I tried playing yesterday but had nary a clue as to what I was doing, and whoever else was on was a bit miffed.
That zooming in was annoying ;v I may try this.
[QUOTE=DDoSCat;36392496]Something to get me to play TF2 again. Wasn't this originally a mod for garrysmod?[/QUOTE] Yeah, Pulsar Effects made a Garry's Mod gamemode called "TF2TD" as well - however, it's completely unrelated. In fact, when Visiteur started working on this gamemode, he had no idea (maybe he still doesn't) that this mod existed.
Suggestions: 1. allow me to give people metal, not drop it. There's A LOT of dumb people who have no idea what they're doing and I tell them "GRAB THIS METAL!!!" and they just keep upgrading their sentry which leads me to my 2nd point. 2. Make it so humans can't upgrade their sentries. I can't count the times I've been trying to get the repair tower but this one idiot keeps trying to upgrade his sentry so he never has enough metal. I would love it if you could make these changes, it'd stop the idiots from doing dumb crap.
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