• Items for Games/Money Trading Thread! - Cool Duck Edition
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[img]http://www.1337upload.net/files/thread.png[/img] [i]This is the trade thread for trading you TF2 Items for cash, or games.[/i] [b]Seems cool, how do i do it?[/b] Post about it here of course! For example; [quote=Trading 001]I'd Like to trade my Bills Beret for Left For Dead 2[/quote] Or [quote=Trading002]I'd like to trade my Bill's Beret for $12 through Paypal please![/quote] [highlight]Note: Just because you have a few items in your inventory because you don't play TF2 doesn't mean it will get you Skyrim, ask what your item(s) are worth before making a post, you can get your items checked [url=http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1152156][b]here[/b][/url]![/highlight] [b]Paypal Trading[/b] Now granted, Paypal trading isn't very safe. Beware you're taking your own risks, for example; - You can be Chargebacked, which means once the person has traded his/her money to you, after a day they refund the payment. You can [b]not[/b] do anything about this, Paypal doesn't care for virtual items. - You can be scammed, meaning if the person wants you to go first and then doesn't trade you the items/cash. - Impersonators/Fake middlemen. Middleman are a great use when doing trades for cash, but be aware of fake middlemen & impersonating trusted ones. Now that may seem scary and put you off, but there are some trusted buyers/sellers out there. To make it as safe as possible, here's what you can do; - Know who you're trading with. Check their URL on SteamRep to see if they have been listed as a scammer. - Ask for a link to a Rep thread, and that the matching URL/Steam ID provided in the thread matches theirs - Use people who are listed as trusted sellers, which you can find on SourceOP For more information on how to make your trading be safe, visit these helpful links via SourceOP [url=http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=35844]"Paypal Trading Best Practices"[/url] [url=http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=38156]"Beginners Guide to Trading/Selling"[/url] [b]Shops![/b] If you're selling a bundle of stuff, make a little banner so i can link your post and add it to the OP! Dimensions should be 388x118, if you would like i can make you some posters but probably not for free! [img]http://www.1337upload.net/files/1hello.png[/img] [b]Help, i got scammed![/b] Now while that is terrible, you probably [b]won't[/b] get your items back. Once they are gone, they are gone. But, you can warn other people of the low-life. Report him/her on SteamRep! [release]1) Screenshots of the whole conversation. 2) Screenshots of their backpack and your backpack before and after the trade to show that the item/s have changed hands. 3) The scammer's UNIQUE Steam ID (which can be gotten from steamrep.com) and will look like this : STEAM_0:1:14849456 OR [url]http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197989964641[/url] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>Any screenshot you can provide is helpful, try not to resize the picture or thumb the picture, because it might become unreadable.<<< --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>Make sure that when you search for someone on SteamRep you get their profile link directly from their Steam profile page and NOT their SteamRep page.<<<[/release]
A thread not made by Constructor? Brilliant.
[b]Offering:[/b] [img]http://www.tf2outpost.com/images/icons/items/key.png[/img][img]http://www.tf2outpost.com/images/icons/items/pile_of_junk3.png[/img][img]http://www.tf2outpost.com/images/icons/items/pile_of_junk3.png[/img] [b]Looking for:[/b] [img]http://cdn.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/65800/header_292x136.jpg?t=1324429003[/img]
Have: SR:TT Genuine TF2 items, Genuine Pip-Boy Want: Deus Ex: Missing Link Add me on steam
Have: Good stuff in my backpack (go to my steam profile and look in my inventory) Want: Morrowind Not trading my Scotch Bonnet for it obviously, but PM or add me, see what you want and we can make a deal.
What are the vintage hats in my backpack worth? Are vintage hats even worth anything any more?
[URL="http://www.tf2items.com/id/NateDude-and-BonneFamily"]My Backpack[/URL]. Trading items for [del]Gold Member[/del]/A title, please.
Have: Counter Strike : Source Want : 2 keys.
I like how you kept my steam profile link in the example of a scammer's link :v:
[QUOTE=iRunner;34018335]I like how you kept my steam profile link in the example of a scammer's link :v:[/QUOTE] you're a big scammer ofc
[QUOTE=iRunner;34018335]I like how you kept my steam profile link in the example of a scammer's link :v:[/QUOTE] you are biggest scammer of all times.
Trading Dirt 3 and HL2EP1 Holiday pack Offer away I guess, everytime I specifically state what I want I get no responses whatsoever.
Trading: "2x Vintage Blutsauger", "Vintage Kritzkrieg", "Vintage Ubersaw", "Vintage Flare Gun", "Vintage Backburner", "Vintage Axtinguisher", "Vintage Sandvich", "Vintage Natascha", "Vintage Killing Gloves of Boxing". Want: Offers. Preferably games.
[img]http://i.imgur.com/KHq5B.png[/img] EDIT: Updated the games.
Trading Dungeon: Steam Special Edition for a bit of metal or keys or something. Add me at BLTincknell
Selling: [img]http://cdn.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/70620/header_292x136.jpg[/img] interested in , metal, keys, secret saxtons
Trading overlord complete, amnesia, and eufloria For bulk tf2 items, and i mean BULK.
Have: [url='http://steamcommunity.com/id/I_choose_to_oscillate/inventory/']Inventory[/url] (Coupons and hats) Want: [img]http://cdn.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/113200/header_292x136.jpg?t=1317759692[/img] (Or a coupon for it, if there is one)
How much is worth my backpack, in terms of cash? [url]http://www.tf2b.com/?id=zannabluke[/url]
[QUOTE=Zannabluke;34044465]How much is worth my backpack, in terms of cash? [url]http://www.tf2b.com/?id=zannabluke[/url][/QUOTE] I'll give you Terraria for some items
[QUOTE=Scrubby;34044776]I'll give you Terraria for some items[/QUOTE] Already have it, sorry.
So, how much would Half Life 2 and Half Life 2 : Episode 2 costs? I want to see how long will it take to gather enough resource to get one.
can i get postal 3 £29.95 from D2D for deus ex HR and nuclear dawn we can use a middleman or you can go first [url]http://steamcommunity.com/id/thestof[/url]
I have roughly 50 keys, looking for money. Add rezOnance
Have DoD:S + L4D2 + Frozen Synapse Want: £10 over Paypal, preferably with a trusted trader or middleman.
Have: Money to buy games Want: Unusual, promo, metal or key offers
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