• Items for Games/Money Trading Thread! - Cool Duck Edition
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[QUOTE=Markntosh;34099767]Everyone keeps telling me the spreadsheet is shit, but it comes in pretty handy for me.[/QUOTE] I personally try not to use it exclusively or anything, but it's nice to check if an offer is good or fair. It also gives me a better idea of what my items are worth when I set up a trade. Not a bad tool to be used really.
GIFTABLE: AaaaA - SOLD Alien Breed Impact - SOLD Bit Trip Beat - $2.50 or 1 key + 1 ref ***ON HOLD*** CS:S - SOLD Delve Deeper - SOLD Farcry 2 - $4 or 2 key + 1 ref Half Life 2: Episode 2 - $2 or 1 key Orcs Must Die - SOLD Penny Arcade Combo Pack - SOLD Race 07 - SOLD Sanctum - $2.50 or 1 key + 1 ref ***ON HOLD*** Trauma - $1.75 or 1 ref The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - SOLD TRADABLE: AaaaA - SOLD Alien Vs Predator - SOLD Amnesia - SOLD Bad Rats - SOLD Binding of Isaac - SOLD Blocks That Matter - SOLD Day of Defeat: Source - SOLD Defcon - $1 or 1 Ref Droplitz - SOLD Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes - SOLD Half Life 2: - $2 or 1 key Half Life 2: Episode 1 x2 - $2each or 1 key each Half Life 2: Episode 2 - $2 or 1 key Left 4 Dead GOTY - SOLD Overlord Complete Pack - SOLD The Polynomial - Space of the Music - $2 or 1 key Renegade Ops (NO dlcs) - $3.75 or 2 key Renegade Ops (inc dlcs) - $5 or 3 key Renegade Ops Coldstrike dlc - SOLD Serious Sam HD 1st Encounter - SOLD Toki Tori - SOLD Grid - $3.75 or 2 key + 1 ref + 1 rec Jaggered Alliance 2 Gold - $3 or 2 key Shadowgrounds - $1.50 or 2 ref Titan Quest Gold - $3.75 or 2 key + 1 ref + 1 rec Half Life 1 - $2 or 1 key Feel free to add me: [url]http://steamcommunity.com/id/dmtdude/[/url] I am not interested in other games so please don't offer them. I base keys as 2.33 ref, and completely clean and craftable hats as 1 ref (so you may as well just get the ref first before arguing that your hat is worth more than 1 ref). If your worried about the giftable items or dealing with me just look me up on steamrep. :)
Trading: "2x Vintage Blutsauger", "Vintage Kritzkrieg", "Vintage Ubersaw", "Vintage Flare Gun", "Vintage Backburner", "Vintage Axtinguisher", "Vintage Sandvich", "Vintage Natascha", "Vintage Killing Gloves of Boxing". Want: Offers. Preferably games.
You should just go sell those vintage weapons for metal. They're worth like less than $1 total.
[b]Trading[/b] (Gift): [img]http://cdn.steamcommunity.com/economy/image/XjOk7svu4izyZ0LsUJyKj-Z_bl-PnuxiJ6PW5O5s1yCGOpQfl_KydVX_UFJt_NAX9iR7X8XC7DNx-c2ntWHTLJIwkVSP57FkQq0MTirmj0W6Oioc/330x192[/img] Looking for other games, tf2 items.
[QUOTE=dmtdude;34109707] TRADABLE: Half Life 1 - $2 or 1 key Feel free to add me: [url]http://steamcommunity.com/id/dmtdude/[/url][/QUOTE] Added you.
Want: [img]http://i.imgur.com/M8kfH.png[/img] Have: [url]http://www.tf2items.com/id/Silverquark[/url] Add me on Steam
How much rep do i need to get on the trusted traders list? And do the rep's that are added on steam profile count?
[QUOTE=Bora;34146976]How much rep do i need to get on the trusted traders list? And do the rep's that are added on steam profile count?[/QUOTE] the list in the op isn't really a great list, i'll probably end up re-doing it. but if you're a frequent trader and you regularly sell/buy for cash i'll probably add you a link to a sourceop rep thread is always good though
Selling most of my stuff for cash: [url]http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=1053289[/url]
updated OP, changed: - Added Trusted Buyers/Sellers section - Added more information on Paypal trades - Added Shop section for people selling a bunch of items - Fixed various things Read the OP for instructions on how to be added to the Buyers/Sellers section, or PM me with your shop banner so i can add it!
Requested to get on the list.
Looking to sell Portal 2 for white or black bills (or 10keys) Also selling The Oddbox for 4keys.
Have: Gratious space battles complete Looking for offers.
[img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35476992/game_and_coupons.png[/img] Looking for just about anything for the coupons. Delve Deeper is a $5 game, but I'll take like a key and a bit for it. The two copies of Bastion were intended as gifts for friends, but one had it on Xbox and the other bought it for himself before his birthday rolled around :v: So feel free to offer on them. Preferably look for TF2 items.
I pmed not yet about being a trusted seller. When I have more time, I'll list my stuff for sale here.
[b]Vaskie's Game and Coupon Store[/b] [b]- [URL="http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=22274&highlight=vaskie"]REP[/URL][/b] [b]- [URL="http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vaskie"]Contact[/URL][/b] [b]- I will do discounts if you get more than 2 Items[/b] [b]- Accept Paypal (Gift) ONLY[/b] [b]Games:[/b] [b]- Valve Complete 2011 Pack (x4)[/b] (Store $99.99) [b]$39.95[/b] [b]- Portal (Store $9.99)[/b] [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Portal 2 (2x)[/b] (Store $29.99) [b]$13.95[/b] [b]- The Orange Box (x4)[/b] (Store 19.99) [b]$9,95[/b] [b]- Counter-Strike: Source[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Left 4 Dead (2x)[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Left 4 Dead 2 (x2)[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Half-Life (2x)[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Half-Life 2[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Half-Life 2: Episode One (x2)[/b] (Store $7.99) [b]$3.95[/b] [b]- Half-Life 2: Episode Two (x2)[/b] (Store $7.99) [b]$3.95[/b] [b]- Tropico 4[/b] (Store $39.99) [b]$19,95[/b] [b]- Sonic Generations[/b] (Store $29.99) [b]$15,95[/b] [b]- Batman Arkham Asylum: GOTY (x2)[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$10.95[/b] [b]- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion®GOTY (x2)[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$10.95[/b] [b]- Tropico Trilogy[/b] (Store $25.60) [b]$15.95[/b] [b]- X-SuperBox[/b] (Store $39.99) [b]$19.95[/b] [b]- Hacker Evolution: Untold[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]$7.95[/b] [b]- Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Runespell: Overture[/b] (Store $9,99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Dwarfs!?[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Trauma[/b] (Store $6.99) [b]$2.95[/b] [b]- Magnetis[/b] (Store $1.99) [b]$1.00[/b] [b]- Runaway, A Road Adventure[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge (x2)[/b] (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- World Basketball Manager 2010[/b] (x2) (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- BIT.TRIP RUNNER[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Supreme Ruler: Cold War[/b] (Store $29.99) [b]$19.95[/b] [b]- Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Company of Heroes[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- VVVVVV[/b] (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- Defense Grid: The Awakening[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- The Binding of Isaac[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- SEGA Classics: Golden Axe II[/b] (Store $2.99) [b]$1.49[/b] [b]- HOARD[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Vegas: Make It Big[/b] (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- Puzzle Chronicles[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Luxor 5[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Solar 2[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- Costume Quest[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]$7.95[/b] [b]- E.Y.E[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.99[/b] [b]- The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut[/b] (Store $9.99) [b]$4.95[/b] [b]- DUNGEONS - Steam Special Edition[/b] (Store $29.99) [b]$15.95[/b] [b]- Frozen Synapse[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]$7.95[/b] [b]- Quake 4[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Flight control HD[/b] (Store $4.99) [b]$1.95[/b] [b]- Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]7.95[/b] [b]- The Ball[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Race 07[/b] (Store $5.99) [b]$2.95[/b] [b]- Crazy Machines 2[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Frozenbyte Collection[/b] (Store $19.99) [b]$9.95[/b] [b]- Section 8®: Prejudice™[/b] (Store $14.99) [b]$7.95[/b] [b]Developer Coupons:[/b] [b]- 50% Valve (x6) ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Valve (x6) ($1.50)[/b] [b]- 25% Valve (x6) ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Konami ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 10% Konami ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% THQ ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Activision (x3) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% 2K (x2) ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Rockstar Games (x5) ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Sega ($4.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Sega ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Bethesda (x2) ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Ubisoft (x2) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Codemasters ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Konami ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Square Enix. Eidos Interactive ($4.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Square Enix. Eidos Interactive ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Square Enix. Eidos Interactive ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 10% Paradox ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Atari ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% WarnerBros. ($4.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Warner Bros. (x2) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Nordic Games ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Telltale Games ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% GSC Games ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Paradox ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Codemasters ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 10% Codemasters ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% TimeGate ($2.00)[/b] [b]Game Coupons:[/b] [b]- 50% Braid ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Horizon ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 66% Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (x2) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 33% The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (x2)($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Back to the Future ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Valve: Complete Pack ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% L.A. Noire ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Sega: Classics Collection ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Virtua Tennis 4 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Sam and Max: Complete Pack ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 50% SpaceChem ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Brink ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Deep Silver ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Cogs ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Limbo ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Bastion ($1.50)[/b] [b]- 50% Sol Survivor ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Dungeon Defenders ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Football Manager 2012 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Crazy Machines: EVerything Pack ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Nuclear Dawn ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Deep Silver ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Cyan Worlds ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Audio Surf ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Sonic Generations ($3.00)[/b] [b]- 60% Victoriall ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Lightfish ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Red Orchestra 2 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Runespell: Overture ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Sol Survivor ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Silent Hill: Homecoming ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Warhammer 40.000: Space Marine ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Dungeon Defenders ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Portal 2 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Worms Reloaded ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Hacker Evolution: Duality (x2) ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% DemolitionINC. ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Cities XL 2012 ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Dead Island ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Civilization V (Game of the Year) ($2.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Zeno Clash ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Might and Magic Heroes VI ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Meridian 4 ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Rock of Ages ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Monday Night Combat ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Max Payne 2 ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 50% Bit Composer ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 25% Meridian 4 ($1.00)[/b] [b]- 33% Saints Row: The Third ($2.00)[/b]
[QUOTE=gav618;34153654]I pmed not yet about being a trusted seller. When I have more time, I'll list my stuff for sale here.[/QUOTE] added, also vaskie would you like your shop added to the OP?
[url]http://steamcommunity.com/id/CorkscrewTehKilla/inventory/[/url] If anyone wants any of this, just add me and we can trade.
Here's what I have for sale: [B]This are my steam trade games:[/B] 2 x Orangebox Frozen Synapse CSS The ship Bad Rats Monday night combat 2 x HL2 ep 2 L4D goty Risen F1 racing 2011 [b]Games keys[/b] [i]All of the keys I sell are legit. I have used one of these dead island keys 2 months ago and have had zero problems with it. I want to makes sure everyone has a working game before ending our conversation.[/i] Multiple Dead Island keys Payment options Currently I'm not taking paypal. I should open my store back up to paypal soon. I'd like to be payed with bills hat, buds, refined, keys, unusual, strange festive items, etc. The more you buy, the more of a discount you get. I will always be cheaper than store price, often less than half of store price. Make me some offers.
[img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35476992/game_and_coupons.png[/img] Looking mainly for TF2 items
[URL=http://www.directupload.net][IMG]http://s7.directupload.net/images/120111/2xk2zf8d.jpg[/IMG][/URL] add me trade me, make an offer: [url]http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/16835[/url]
[QUOTE=B-Rabbit;34098927][B]Selling[/b] [B]+ Few Valve coupons[/b][/QUOTE] Do you still have that Dungeon Defenders coupon? [editline]11th January 2012[/editline] [B]Anyone have any dungeon defenders 50% off coupons? I don't have enough items for the full game, just the coupon![/B]
[QUOTE=NateDude;34016516][URL="http://www.tf2items.com/id/NateDude-and-BonneFamily"]My Backpack[/URL]. Trading items for Gold Member/A title, please.[/QUOTE]
-snip, done-
[QUOTE=Eeshton;34167018]Do you still have that Dungeon Defenders coupon? [editline]11th January 2012[/editline] [B]Anyone have any dungeon defenders 50% off coupons? I don't have enough items for the full game, just the coupon![/B][/QUOTE] I have 2 dungeon defenders 50% off coupons.
[url]http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=44963[/url] I would like to be added to the trusted buyer list.
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