• Is floor_master dead
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[QUOTE=Dirtydeagle]That's what he gets for not sharing his karaoke plugin.[/QUOTE] That's because it integrates very, very closely into 2f2f's IGA.
This is not a joke. Because it's not funny :tinfoil: [sp]Oh please say this is a joke![/sp]
Well sorry for the long gap in posts. But why make a new topic? I was just watching some youtube videos of "TeamRoomba" and i saw that poem for Floor_Master's death. So i did some research on Google and look what i found [url]https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=768817#post768817[/url] I think they just gave up on making videos.
No, he's running 2fort2furious right now. There was no actual "team".
Mega bump
[QUOTE=wewt!;14799967]Mega bump[/QUOTE] No
[QUOTE=fille87;14799979]No[/QUOTE] Look at the OP date.
I'm pretty sure it's a joke, or FLOOR MASTER would have actually been 12 years old when making TR's video
Sure it wasn't HOUSE_MASTER?
Or you sure it wasn;'t someone with the same name -_- Ive seen many people take that name.. with the wrong avatar
He's not dead
he's about as dead as gabe is skinny
I loved roomba, too bad it died once it switched to 2fort2furious.
[QUOTE=WallettheifV2;14806096]he's about as dead as gabe is skinny[/QUOTE] Sniper Pack release date: 4/23/10
And until then..... [img]http://i39.tinypic.com/2cpss42.jpg[/img]
he got vac banned that is all
:holy::cawg::holy::cawg::holy::cawg::holy::cawg: That's great. Edit: The image.
Gabe's skates make me want to go play Jet Grind Radio again.
[QUOTE=Campin Carl;14803657]Sure it wasn't HOUSE_MASTER?[/QUOTE] House isn't Floor. He doesn't even play on 2f2f anymore.
Floor_master is dead HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH HELL YES!!! Edit: FUCK i bumped it.:(
Nice going, I was even on the server with him like aweek ago.
I hope he's not dead :(
He isn't dead, he got kicked out of team roomba because he didn't give some members of it admin on his 2f2f servers, and so teamroomba removed the website and replaced it with a fake "floor_master is dead" thing basically they hate eachother
So Team Roomba is full of faggots then.
[QUOTE=KmScMT;15997240]So Team Roomba is full of faggots then.[/QUOTE] Not really, they just wanted admin on floor_masters servers. But they didn't trust eachother. Something like this.
Griefer drama? Oh no.
Wow the other Team Roomba members are asscrackers
at least holla patrol don't have internal fights at least ones that we are serious about
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