• Stupid reasons you were kicked/banned from tf2
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Well, the title explains the gist of it, what are some just plain [i]ridonculous'[/i] reasons for being unceremoniously booted from tf2? Mine was not long ago and inspired this thread's creation, it was a hilarious ordeal. I was playing on a server and was just fine, and said fuck. And I got kicked, so I rejoin, not knowing what vulgarity I had uttered, as I had forgotten, the admin then told me I had sworn twice, but I checked the chat box and found nothing more, but I did find "jesus", I asked him and he didn't reply and told me to get back into the game and not to discuss it, I keep asking. eventually I give up and tell him how stupid it is to have a no vulgarity rule in not only an M rated game but in one where the characters swear themselves, and find myself permanently banned for "disrespecting an admin". go go go.
Someone said that the Heavy sucks and that he's an easy target. I quickly disproved him and everybody else who disagreed by getting over 30 kills in a mere 10 minutes. I was banned for 'hacking'. The other team was literally running towards me, and I was mowing them down.
That's a dumb story.
I was at an arena server when one of the admins says "Every day you have a 20 % chance to earn a hat." so i say "No, its not, its completly random starting at regular time intervals." "NUH-UH UR RONG!11, bla bla bla..." Long story short: "You have been banned with the reason: Trolling"
Backstabbed an admin.
I was on a server with this silly 'RED can't go behind the startup gates' rule. Long story short, I got kicked because I was in the little underground tunnel thing where BLU starts on Dustbowl 3. As a Spy. Newsflash: If you get spawncamped by a Spy, you are a retard.
I was just kicked for "Hacking"
I joined. They just kicked and Banned. PUT A FUCKING PASSWORD ON IT, THEN!
What's a [i]ridonculous[/i]? Is it a rick-rolling donkey?
Getting kicked out of a server for having a spray of the red spy saying "I fucked your mother" And the guys must have been like 17-20. They care about bad language...are they like, 12?
[QUOTE=Wolf_Marine;15669219]What's a [i]ridonculous[/i]? Is it a rick-rolling donkey?[/QUOTE] That's just Redonkulous!
I got kicked for "m+w1 pyro" But I was playing as a spy...
Cussing. And it wasn't even a no cussing server.
I was on the ATF server, i said to an admin that he was abusive. "Kicked for: Respek Deh Admanz" I joined and called the admin an illiterate shit. "Banned for: Respek Homes"
I taunt killed an admin with the huntsman after the enemy team won a round and were finishing mopping us up. Then I got banned for "hacking"
Capping intelligence as a Spy when an admin wanted to whore the victory. He was a Heavy.
Votebanned for doing REALLY good. They only needed one more vote so I thought,"Why not?" So I votebanned myself.
I remember playing a server and then some admin just kicked me with high ping and its not even laging people and he says its against the rules to have high ping.
I headshot a cloaked spy while aiming for a scout once, got kicked for cloak cheating with spy. And once with the hunts man i held down the button too long and the arrow flew off behind me and headshot a spy who was about to backstab me, got banned for "aim hacking"
Aimbotting as a Soldier because I airshotted an admin. :3
[QUOTE=Billykins;15671471]Aimbotting as a Soldier because I airshotted an admin. :3[/QUOTE] Because Aimbot can predict for projectiles.
Aimbot with rockets doesn't exactly seem like the best of ideas..
"you've been online on this mariokart 24/7 server 13 hours, play a real map" I would give that admin a box of chocolates, seriously. I'm not even hurt.
[QUOTE=Me0wmix;15668998]Backstabbed an admin.[/QUOTE] this, and, not participating in the match I was too busy having an axe guitar solo with two other pyros standing to my sides shooting their flamethrowers in the air
One time I was kicked for having a pornographic spray. That's dumb.
[QUOTE=CharlesMan;15671620]One time I was kicked for having a pornographic spray. That's dumb.[/QUOTE] Let me guess. Meatspin.
for using fists only as a heavy, i even managed to dominate some soldier on the other team and i was defending the intel
[QUOTE=Lord Ivan;15671656]Let me guess. Meatspin.[/QUOTE] No, something along the lines of engineers, but with a phallic object nowhere in sight.
I got banned once for going civilian as heavy. Some medic was brave enough to uber me so I punched out a Lvl 1 sentry and the engineer who built it. Gooooodd times!
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